Normal Enemies

Image Name Description

This little dude chases

you around when he 

sees you! Kill it by

stomping on it's head.

Mega Goomba Woah! This guy sure is big! Much bigger than a normal Goomba! One stomp won't be enough. Groundpound it to kill it.
Galoomba This guy, when stomped on, can be used as a weapon! To kill it, stomp on him twice.
Microgoomba This guy is very weak, and by spinning next to it or stomping it, it just dies.
Pumpkinhead goomba
Pumpkinhead Goomba They are just Goombas, but they have pumpkins on they're heads! It leaves flames in it's trail sometimes. Kill it by stomping on it twice or groundpounding it.
Eggegg A new enemy species! It's a little naughty creature that works for Bowser. You can kill it the same way you kill a Pumpkinhead Goomba.
Oggogg An Eggegg subspecies. It's an angry Eggegg that chases you around! And you need to stomp on it 3 times or groundpound it twice to kill it!

This guy, when sees you, shoots rocks at you! It's believed to be a Goomba and Octopus hibrid. Kill it by stomping on it. 

Elite Octoomba It's similar to a normal Octoomba, but this guy shoots 2 rocks at a time! Stomp on it's head to kill it.

More normal enemies

Image Name Description

This is an odd Octoomba subspecies. It retreats or follows you when it sees you. Kill it by stomping on it's head.

Koopa 2
Koopa Troopa

One of Bowser's most comon minions. When you stomp on it, it dies, and you can use it's shell to kill other enemies, open chests and break other objects!

Dry Bones
Dry Bones You can't kill a Dry Bones. When you kill it, after a while it'll revive!
Pirhana Plant These vicious plants like to chomp you to little bits! Kill it by stomping on it's head.
Prickly Piranha Plant Galaxy
Prickly Pirhana Plant

These dudes are bigger Pirhana Plants that attack by smashing their heads on you! When it does that, dodge the attack, and he'll stay with his head down. That will be your chance to ground pound it on it's head to kill it!

Venus fire trap
Venus Fire Trap These fella's are just Pirhana Plants, but they shoot fire at you! Kill it by stomping on it's head.
Venus ice trap
Venus Ice Trap They are just like Venus Fire Traps, but instead of shooting fire, they shoot ice that can freeze you! Kill it by stomping on it's head.

They are just like Goombas, but are wearing helmets! Spin it and then stomp on it to kill it.