Super Mario Galaxy 3: Universal Chaos is a 3d platformer game made for the Nintendo NX. It is the third installment in the Super Mario Galaxy series.
Super Mario Galaxy 3: Universal Chaos
Developer(s) Ivan Ivan Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Director(s) Ivan
Producer(s) The I crew
Designer(s) The I crew


The Star Festival has arrived once again. Everyone is celebrating and gathering Star Bits. Princess Peach has invited Mario again to have a cake at her castle, while watching the Star Bits shoot down from the sky. Suddenly, Bowser appears in his ship, and kidnapps Princess Peach once more. Then, he absorbs the enregy of all the Star Bits, galaxies and Power Stars. Suddenly, a bunch of Lumas appear and one of them says: "Mario! This is terrible! Bowser has kidnapped your special one and is absorbing the energy of all the cosmos, including our ship! Quick! Come to our ship!". Then, the smallest Luma goes into Mario's hat and gives Mario the ability to Spin Jump. Then, one of the Lumas turns into a Launch Star, and Mario spins in it and goes to the ship.

When Mario arrives to the ship, Princess Galaxia (a new character), says: "Hello! Your name is Mario, right? Well, we have a little bit of a problem. A giant turtle thing has absorbed all our ship's energy! He is also currently absorbing energy in other places too! You know what happens when the all of the universe's energy gets absorbed. Everything in the universe gets destroyed. No life, no planets. Everything dissapears, except for the one who absorbed the energy. And then, the giant turtle thing will have the power to conquer the universe and make it his own! You have to stop him! We can get the energy back by getting Power Stars, and eventually, we'll get enough energy to go where ever the evil-doer is!".
Princess Galaxia

Princess Galaxia

Playable characters

Each time you turn on the game you'll be told to chose a character, and you can always change it while playing (in the pause menu, there's an option called "Change Character"). Each character has an advantage and a disadvantage.

Image Name Advantage Disadvantage
Smg mario
Mario None None
Luigi again
Luigi Jumps higher and further Runs slower
Blue Toad Runs faster Not a very good jumper
Princess Galaxia
Pincess Galaxia Can Spin Jump twice in one jump Runs slower


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There are 8 worlds in this game and a secret world to be unlocked when you defeat Bowser.

The ones marked with a star (*), are galaxies that Hungry Lumas created.

World 1

Here are the galaxies of the first world:



Mario Hat Galaxy

Star 1: What's under Mario's hat?

Star 2: Para-Pirhana's flying anger

Star 3: Lunch time!

Star 4 (Purple Comet): Mario's

Purple Coins

Star 5 (Daredevil Comet): Para-Pirhana's

daredevil run

Star 6 (Hidden Star): Luigi's Poisonous secret

Yoshi Woods Galaxy

Star 1: Yoshi's first ride

Star 2: The great Eggegg invasion

Star 3: Climbing the Great Tree

Star 4 (Romp Comet): Yoshi, master of romping

Star 5 (Cosmic Comet): Cosmic Mario's

Greeny race

Star 6 (Hidden Star): The Great Tree's secret

Giga Egg

Cuckoo Clock


Star 1: Hickory Dickory Dock

Star 2: Timing problem

Star 3: Silver Stars in the Big Clock

Star 4 (Fast-Foe Comet): Speedy Cluckooies

Star 5 (Purple Comet): The Clock's 

Purple Coins

Star 6 (Hidden star): Cluckooies down!

King Cluckooie
Downside up Galaxy

Star 1: Messing up the Gravity

Star 2 (Speedy Comet); Gravitational

speed run

Star 3 (Hidden Star): Gravitational basement

Boing-Boing Galaxy*

Star 1: Hoppin' around

Star 2 (Purple Comet): Bouncy Purple Coins

Star 3 (Hidden Star): A little higher


Bowser Jr's Sky

High Fort

Star 1: Bowser Jr's High fight

Star 2 (Daredevil Comet): Plane-Bot 9000's Daredevil run

Star 3 (Hidden Star): The big stormy cloud

Plane-Bot 9000

World 2

Name Stars Boss/es
Dangerous Desert Galaxy

Star 1: Desertic travels

Star 2: Silver Stars in the big


Star 3: Lord Dig-Dig's subterranean


Star 4 (Fast-Foe comet): The temple's

Speedy trials

Star 5 (Purple comet): Lord Dig-Dig's Purple coins

Star 6 (Hidden star): Secret of the dunes

Lord Dig-Dig
Excavated Grasslands Galaxy

Star 1: Dig time!

Star 2: Cavern Exploration

Star 3: Climbing the Pirhana Plant


Star 4 (Daredevil comet): Petey Pirhana's daredevil run

Star 5 (Purple comet): Purple Coins on Pirhana Plant mountain

Petey Pirhana
Big Haunt Galaxy

Star 1: Welcome to the Boonstein mansion!

Star 2: Silver Stars on the Sinister Moon

Star 3: Bouldergeist returns

Star 4 (Speedy Comet): Boonstein Mansion Speedrun

Star 5 (Daredevil Comet): Bouldergeist's daredevil run

Star 6 (Hidden Star): One creepy attic

Ray Bay Galaxy

Star 1: Time to Ray Surf!

Star 2 (Purple comet): Purple coins in the ocean

Star 3 (Hidden star): Secret of Ray Bay

Mazy Maze Galaxy*

Star 1: The Star in the Maze

Star 2 (Speedy Comet): Mazy Speedrun

Star 3 (Hidden Star): The Secret Maze

Bowser's Planet Destroyer

Star 1: Destroying the Destroyer

Star 2 (Daredvil Comet): Bowser's Daredevil Run

Star 3 (Hidden Star): The Destroyed Planet

Bowser (1st time)

World 3

Name Stars Boss/es
Coral Coast Galaxy

Star 1: Deep down in the abyss

Star 2: Underwater Silver Stars

Star 3: Blizzard at the beach

Star 4 (Cosmic comet): Cosmic Mario's Water Race

Star 5 (Speedy Comet): Abyss Speed Run

Star 6 (Hidden Star): Star bits overload

Lethal Thorn Galaxy


Star 2: Entering Spowser's terrirory

Star 3: Super-Spike fort

Star 4 (Purple Comet): Spowser's Purple Coins

Star 5 (Fast-Foe Comet): Very Speedy Spikes

Star 6 (Hidden Star): Mega-Spike Beachside

Roll-a-Rama Galaxy

Star 1: Rocky Roll

Star 2: Bowling Time!

Star 3: Pretty hard Flipswitch panels

Star 4 (Speedy Comet): Rocky and Speedy Roll

Star 5 (Romp Comet): Rocky Romp

Star 6 (Hidden Star): Rolling Secret

Cloudy Hill Galaxy

Star 1: Filling the sky with clouds

Star 2 (Daredevil Comet): Hawker's darevil run

Star 3 (Hidden Star): A foggy secret

Pull Star Path Galaxy*

Star 1: Space full of Pull-Stars

Star 2 (Speedy Comet): Pull-Star Speedrun

Star 3 (Hidden Star): Beyond the Pathway

Bowser Jr's Underground Base

Star 1: Lord Dig-Dug returns

Star 2 (Purple Comet): Underground Purple Coins

Star 3 (Hidden Star): Digging deeper

Lord Dig-Dug

World 4

Name Stars Boss/es
Chilly-Willy Galaxy

Star 1: A very cool place

Star 2: Treasure of the ice cave

Star 3: Freezeflame collision

Star 4 (Fast-Foe comet): Fast foes on the frosty mechanism

Star 5 (Romp Comet): Coolest Romp ever

Star 6 (Hidden Star): Inside the volcano


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