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Super Mario Galaxy 3: Star Festival is a upcoming game for the Wii U and 3DS coming out in June 2013


Mario is enjoying a festival when a announcement is made that if someone collects the most stars spread around the festival, they will receive the U Rod. Mario, Bowser, Sonic, and Geno are interested in the U Rod and have all entered in the contest along with a mysterious guy called Cut Man. The race is on!!!

Meanwhile Starton Koopa is starting to steal Grand Stars to try to bring back forth AntiU, a powerful force that once almost destroyed the Beanbean Kingdom. What is his reason, its to get revenge on Bowser for abondaning him and the Universe for hating him.

In World 3 it is shown at the end of the world that Starton Koopa has the Vibe Scepter. Mario now has to head to the second set of worlds to get it back.


  • Mario - All Around
  • Bowser - Breath fireballs with B
  • Geno - Glide by pressing B in the Air
  • Sonic - Light Dash on coins with B
  • Icebird - A ridable character which flies all the time. Press B to spit ice and draw on the Gamepad/Touch screen to guide the Icebird


  • Coin
  • ? Block
  • Slip Block
  • Bomb Block
  • Star Bit
  • Purple Coin
  • HP Increaser(Rare)
  • Icebird Increaser (Rare)


  • Fire Flower(All)
  • Rock Mushroom(All)
  • Wing Cap(Mario and Geno Only)
  • Wind Flower(Mario Only)
  • Blimp Fruit(Bowser Only)
  • Star Shield(Geno Only)
  • Dash Pepper(Sonic Only)


Goomba Grounds Galaxy

  • King toad stuffy

Practical Paintings Galaxy

  • Star 1: Burning Down A Castle - Burn down the fake Castles to get the star

Sling 'n' Stomp Galaxy

  • Star 1: Goomboss Goombadown - Defeat Goomboss by spinning into his back 3 times
  • Star 2 : Rock & Rollercoaster - Get to the Rollercoaster Planet and roll with the Rock Mushroom to get to the Star
  • Comet Star: 100 Purple Coins On The Rollercoaster - Same as Mission 2, but with Purple Coins. Collect 100 Purple Coins to get the star. 5:00 minute time limit

Dig Duggier Galaxy

  • Star 1: Digging The Dug - Follow a path through a Dig Dug inspired Level.
  • Star 2: Planting Foes - Defeat Gardener Guy by shooting Fire at it 5 Times.

Cut Man's Climb

  • Grand Star Challenge: Cut Man's Big Slasher - Defeat Cut Man by ramming Koopa Shells into it and then ground pound him 3 times.

Hot & Cold Galaxy

  • Star 1: Going Up - Climb the spiral up and encounter some cold stuff.
  • Star 2: Big Bully Blazes - Defeat Big Bully at the bottom of the spiral by throwing him in the lava 3 times.

Wild Wet Galaxy

  • Star 1: Wet Wild West - Swim through a wild west flooded by water.
  • Star 2: Splish Splash - Go to the bottom of the water cave to get a star.
  • Comet Star: Wild Wet Daredevil Run - Same as mission 1 but with one HP.

Slipstone Galaxy

  • Star 1: Stone Crash - Defeat Army Hammer Bro by light dashing to his weak spot and hitting it 3 times
  • Star 2: Night of the Were Guy - Defeat 10 Were guys in 5:00.

Starton Koopa's Robot Reactor

  • Grand Star Challenge: Mega-Arms Rampage - Defeat Mega-Arm by ground pounding the robot's back 4 times. Beware of Mega-Arm's arms

Very Veggie Galaxy

  • Star 1: Growing Goombas - Defeat Goomboss by blowing him into the pit with Wind Flower. Mario Only
  • Comet Star: Purple Coins Around The Garden - Collect 100 Purple Coins around the gigantic Garden Planet. 4:00 Time Limit

Open Orchestra Galaxy

  • Star 1: Musical Blowout - Use the Wind Flower from Mario or the Light Dash from Sonic to blow a Star from the bottom of the Saxaphone Planet to the top. Mario and Sonic Only
  • Star 2: Pianomp - Defeat the 12 Whomps on the Piano Planet

Chocolate Chunk Galaxy

  • Star 1: Choclatey Battle - Defeat Mega-Mouth by sending his foul breath back with Genos Star Shield 6 times. Geno Only

Hard Hat Galaxy

  • Star 1: Helmet Howdown - Defeat Miner Guy by burning him with fireballs 10 times.
  • Star 2: Dig Duggiest - Go to another Dig Dug inspired planet and re-defeat Mega-Mouth the same way as before.

Scissor Sea

  • Grand Star Challange: Crazy Cutdown - Defeat Cut Man by making him land into the Sea Lava and then ramming a shell in him 3 times.
  • Comet Star: Bigger Cut - Same as first mission but with 1 HP

Buzz Blast Galaxy

  • Star 1: Fly High Mario - Defeat Goomboss by flying to grab a shell and dropping it at him 3 times.
  • Star 2: Buzzdown - Defeat Buzzaboom by blocking his bombs back at him 5 times. Geno Only

Blizzard Bash Galaxy

  • Star 1: Ice See You - Walk around a gigantic Mr I 3 times.
  • Star 2: Low Blizzards, High Mario - Use a Icebird to fly to the Snowball Planet to flip a switch to reveal the star.
  • Star 3: Drooba's Big Cameo - Use this Icebird to get to the Drooba Planet and defeat all the enemies there.

Matter Disaster Galaxy

  • Star 1: Back And Black - Defeat Army Hammer Bro. by freezing it with the Icebird.

Pharoh Palace Galaxy

  • Star 1: Sand In Your Shell - Fly to the top of the level with the Blimp Fruit. Bowser only
  • Star 2: Pyramid Planet Panic - Defeat Eyerok by rolling into it with the Rock Mushroom.

Rush Row Galaxy

  • Star 1: Icy Rush - Win a Icebird Race against a Firebird with Prince Pinkate as the passenger.
  • Star 2: Icy Pineapples - Go through a ice cave made by a Pooka named Sammy. Find Sammy to get the star.

Starton's Refrigerator Freezer

  • Grand Star Challenge: Freeze Fraze - Defeat Mega-Fridge by firing fire boosted by Bowser's Breath 5 times. Bowser only

Air Mayhem Battlefield

  • Battle Star: Freeze The Rage - Defeat all the enemies while riding a Icebird. Mario and Geno only
  • Star 1: Hot Haze - Win a Icebird Race against Prince Pinkate and Cut Man.

Dark Cosmos

  • Star 1: Starless - Defeat Cosmoomba by throwing fire at it 11 times.

Pipe Panic Galaxy

  • Star 1: Pipe You Later - Complete a puzzling Warp Pipe maze before Naval Piranha does.
  • Star 2: Pipeworking - Defeat King Chomp by hitting its stool with shells 5 times.
  • Star 3: Clogged Pipes - Destroy the ten barricades before the pipe freezes. 3:00 time limit

Solar Panel System

  • Star 1: Charged Up - Jump from solar panel to solar panel to reach the star.
  • Star 2: Sattilighted - Use the Icebird to fly around a giant sattilight.

Artificial Galaxy A

  • Star 1: Robotic Race - Race against Shadow Mario without using the Icebird. Mario only
  • Star 2: Artificial Sun - Defeat Sun Kaliente by freezing its tentacles and then ground pounding it 3 times.


  • Goomba
  • Paragoomba
  • Koopa
  • Paratroopa
  • Octogoomba
  • Octoparagoomba
  • Chain Chomp
  • Boo
  • Spike
  • Para-Spike
  • Shy Guy
  • Fly Guy
  • Dry Guy
  • Painter Guy
  • 100℅ Percent Painter Guy
  • Podogoomba
  • Banderio
  • Hammer Bro.
  • Fire Bro.
  • Ice Bro.
  • Shuriken Bro.
  • Wereguy
  • Kuribos Shoe Goomba
  • Boodeiro
  • Dry Bones
  • Parabones
  • Antice
  • Sumo Bro.
  • Blaze Bro.
  • Frost Bro.
  • Ninga Bro.
  • Mini-Leg
  • Sand Bro.
  • Jump Blockhopper
  • Goomleafy
  • Grinder
  • Rootobooga
  • Heracross
  • Whomp
  • Mini-Eye
  • Heligoomba
  • Mini-Tooth
  • Goombe
  • Antblaze
  • Pokey
  • Teehee Butterfly
  • Sandstone Whimp
  • Frybyer
  • Glad Antice
  • Naval Piranha Vine
  • Huckit Crab
  • Mad Huckit Crab
  • Glad Huckit Crab
  • Sad Huckit Crab
  • Calm Teehee Butterfly
  • Chapp-Chapp
  • Cheep-Cheep
  • Cheep-Chomp
  • Calm Cheep-Chomp
  • Undead Goombe
  • Undead Paragoombe
  • Nabbit
  • Mad Nabbit
  • Satalighteio
  • Blazing Mad Chapp-Chapp
  • Satalite Goomba
  • Dino Torch
  • Draglet
  • Calm Draglet

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