Super Mario Galaxy 3: Shining Stars (or SMG3:SS) is the third Super Mario Galaxy game to be released on Wii, Wii U, and 3DS in November 2013. This time, Colored Yoshis appear along with new playable characters.


Mario and Luigi are invited by Peach and Daisy to see a constellation called "Supe Rmari Ogalaxy" (referencing the first game's title) in it's casual 100 year appearance. When they arrive in Toad Town , the Koopalings have caused trouble, wrecking havoc on Toad Town. After defeating the squad of Boomerang Bros , Mario and Luigi run to Peach's castle, only to find Bowser Jr. having placed a huge Warp Pipe underneath. Peach and Daisy scream out "MARIO!! LUIGI!!! HELP!!!" before being warped to the final Galaxy. When the airships leave, Rosalina arrives to see Mario and Luigi. She tells them that the legendary Shine Stars have been stolen by the Koopalings and Bowser will destroy the galaxy if he gains all of them. The bros. head back to the Comet Observatory to meet up with Luma, Lubba, and Mailitoad again. 

After defeating Larry Koopa ,Mario/Luigi meets Banktoad  at the Comet Observatory with 5000 Star Bits in tow. Rosalina tells Mario that Prankster Comets have started appearing in Honeybee Tree Galaxy. Mailitoad gives Mario a letter sent from Haunted Nightmare Galaxy. It's from Yellow Toad and it reads:"Mario (or Luigi)! Help me! That nasty King Boo kidnapped me and locked me in his haunted house fortress! Sincerely, Yellow Toad" Luigi tells Rosalina that he needs a Boo Mushroom to enter the galaxy and Mario should go first.  

When Mario defeats King Boo , Yellow Toad gives him a 3-UP Moon and tells him Blue Toadis stuck in vines in Plant Kingdom Galaxy. (Note: Blue Toad can only be rescued by using a Vine Star)



  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yellow Toad - After saving him from King Boo in Haunted Nightmare Galaxy.
  • Blue Toad - After rescuing him from Plant Kingdom Galaxy.
  • Peach - After beating the game as Mario.
  • Daisy - After beating the game as Luigi.
  • Yoshi - After finishing all stars in Egg Island Galaxy.



These are the galaxies from the beginning to the end by world.

World 1

Cloudy Isle Galaxy


There are 3 new power-ups and the rest are returning.


  • Mole Suit - Allows Mario (or any other character) to dig underground.
  • Saw Flower- Allows player to launch saws at enemies.
  • Vine Star- Allows player to attach onto vines and climb them.



  • If you press L or R before choosing a galaxy mission, that galaxy will be day/night depending on the setting.
  • The Shiverburn Galaxy figures appear as the "Sky Tree Trio", a group of Whittles who became taller by a Mega Mushroom .
  • In Plant Kingdom, go to Piranha Overload and head over to the overgrown honeycomb tree. 3 characters who resemble Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog, Rayman , and Megaman are stuck in the honeycombs. The fox says "If only my friend the hedgehog was here, I wouldn't be in this situation!", referencing Sonic.