Super Mario Galaxy 3: Return to the Cosmos
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Platform(s) Wii U
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Genre(s) 3D Platformer

Super Mario Galaxy 3 is a game for the Wii U that is releasing in early 2013. This is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010 and the second to Super Mario Galaxy in 2007.


It has been 5-8 months after New Super Mario Bros. U (and 2 years after Super Mario Galaxy 2) Mario was invited to the castle for a starlight party. Suddenly, Bowser and 9 of his koopalings (Larry, Iggy, Wendy, Roy, Morton, Ludwig, Lemmy, Lavora and Bowser Jr.) invaded the party by knocking Mario down. When he got up, the castle begun to rise from the ground. Mario catches up to it in space where he was attacked by Bowser Jr.! Mario crashs into Lavora's Clown Car, knocking her out and destroying it completely! Mario woke up on a distant planet when Luma showed up. Mario was told that Bowser and his army are attacking the galaxies 10 worlds. Later on, Mario catches up with Rosalina again. She told him about what have happen and it's up to Mario and his brother Luigi (who came with Mario to the party at the start) to stop this. And now the quest begins.

Playable Characters

  • Mario: Playable from the Start
  • Luigi: Playable from the Start
  • Wario: Beat Larry in World 1
  • Yoshi: Beat Iggy in World 2
  • Toad: Beat Wendy in World 3
  • Waluigi: Beat Roy in World 4
  • Mii: Beat Morton in World 5
  • Toadette: Beat Ludwig in World 6
  • Blue Toad: Beat Lemmy in World 7
  • Yellow Toad: Beat Lavora in World 8
  • Peach: Beat Bowser Jr. #4 in World 9
  • Rosalina: Beat Bowser in World 10