Super Mario Galaxy 3: Fall of the Universe
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Super Mario Galaxy 3: Fall of the Universe is a video game for the Wii U made by Nintendo.


When Mario and Captain Toad go to the Star Festival 100 years after Super Mario Galaxy 2, they discover that no Star Bits are falling from the sky. Rosalina and Lubba come to warn them about an ancient evil that has returned. Suddenly, an evil holographic figure appears, threatening to end the universe. While this is happening, he notices Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach, and he invites Bowser to join an alliance with him. Bowser jumps into a portal which soon closes. They all then get in Rosalina's new ship to look for Bowser and the ancient evil before the universe ends.


Image Name Advantage Disdvantage
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-1- Mario All-around
CaptainToadMinecart Captain Toad Runs faster, lights up caves Weaker and jumps lower
189px-Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Jumps higher and can fly Runs slower and loses health while flying
180px-Lubba Lubba Jump sends shockwaves that stun enemies and stronger Jumps lower and runs slower
Luigi Luigi (unlocked in World 9: Star Festival) Jumps higher Less traction


Image Item Description Form
N/A N/A Small Mario is smaller and more vulnerable to enemies than Super Mario. This is Mario's standard form. Loses a life when he loses 2 health (1 health for Captain Toad, 4 health for Lubba). Small Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
200px-SuperMushroomK&K Super Mushroom Super Mario can break blocks and can get power-ups, unlike Small Mario. He is less vulnerable to enemies. Turns back into Small Mario when he loses 4 health (2 health for Captain Toad, 6 health for Lubba). Mario Popstar Crossover
FireFlowerSM3DW Fire Flower Fire Mario has the ability to throw fireballs. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). FireMarioitself
N/A Hypnotic Mushroom Hypnotist Mario can hypnotize enemies to work for him. However, he can only hypnotize one enemy at a time. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). N/A
N/A Timer Flower Timer Mario can temporarily freeze time. Turns back into Super Mario after 10 seconds or when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). N/A
N/A Scuba Diving Suit Scuba Diver Mario allows Mario to breathe underwater for a longer time and is invincible to Bloopers. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). N/A
N/A Super Magnet Magnetic Mario can attract coins and metallic objects for more health, but it takes a while to attract things. He can also climb metallic walls and destroy metallic enemies. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba) plus 2 health for each metallic object. N/A
N/A Electric Flower Electric Mario can attack up to three enemies at once by shooting electricity. He can also run faster than usual. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). N/A
SuperLeaf3D2 Super Leaf Tanooki Mario has the ability to fly. He can also attack zombies with his tail. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). Tanooki Mario SM3DW
IceFlower LTL Ice Flower Ice Mario can through ice balls to freeze zombies as a counterpart to Fire Mario.

Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba).

RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom Rock Mario is a giant rocky ball that can roll around. When not in ball form, it turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health (4 health for Lubba). RockMario
N/A Power Flower The Power Flower has different effects on each character.

Power Mario has an ability from each character. He can run faster, his jumps send shockwaves, he can fly, and he can jump higher when Luigi is unlocked. The only disadvantage to this is that he loses health while flying. Turns back into Super Mario when he loses 2 health.

Metal Captain Toad can walk underwater and has 10 extra health. In Multi-Player Mode, he can be attracted to a different player if they are using the Super Magnet. Turns back into Super Captain Toad when he loses 10 health.

Speedy Rosalina can run extremely fast, even faster than Captain Toad. She can also fly faster, so she loses less health while doing so. Turns back into Super Rosalina after losing 2 health unless the 2 health is lost from flying.

Earthquake Lubba gives Lubba the ability to jump very high, sending stronger shockwaves that have a longer range. He can also defeat enemies in a short range. Sometimes, earthquakes appear that allow Lubba to run faster. Turns back into Super Lubba after losing 4 health.



Yoshi returns from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Image Name Ability Power-Up
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi Standard Yoshi that can be ridden on and eats enemies N/A
DashYoshi Dash Yoshi Runs faster than a normal Yoshi. Dash Pepper
BlimpYoshi Blimp Yoshi Allows Mario to float. Blimp Fruit
BulbYoshi. Bulb Yoshi Lights up dark areas. Bulb Berry


This game has partners which are similar to the partners in the Paper Mario series. However, there is a new feature known as the "Switch Button" which is not only a palette swap but also gives them a new ability.

Image Name Species Ability Switch Button
N/A Spike Bob-Omb Explodes into spikes. Tannenbomb
N/A Nep-Tune Nep-Enut/Kounbaba Allows Mario to go faster on water. Blargg-Enut
N/A Chainless Steel Chain Chomp Rapidly eats random enemies and deals more damage, but cannot be controlled and can try to eat Mario. Chase the Chomper
N/A Tannenbomb Bob-Omb Can be thrown in a far range and explodes when thrown. Spike
N/A Blargg-Enut Kounbaba Allows Mario to ride on lava at a fast speed. Nep-Tune
N/A Chase the Chomper Chain Chomp Can be controlled, but eats enemies slower and can shoot the enemies at other enemies. Chainless Steel


Each world is accessed through a portal.

World 1: Bowser's Escape

Main Features

Bowser is trying to escape to the ancient evil. He is seen at the end of every level of this world, and he battles you briefly at the end of those levels, but then quickly escapes. At the end, the evil ends up taking him away through a portal.


World 2: Bad Timing

Main Features

In this world, there are occasionally portals that lead to the past or future. In order to continue through a level, you will sometimes need to go through those portals because there is usually something different between times.


World 3: Upgraded Weapons

Main Features

This world introduces enemies that occasionally have strong armor and weapons to attack from a far distance. The Super Magnet can help in this situation.


World 4: Flight Frenzy

Main Features

In this world, you will have to fly from planet to planet rather than using a star spin because there are no star spins.


World 5: Electric Power

Main Features

A lot of things in this world are electric, so you can get shocked. However, there is a lot of technology that can help you.


World 6: Rock Stars

Main Features

Some levels have actual stars in them, meaning the character could burn if they don't escape the star quickly. The introduction of Rock Mario is in this world.


World 7: Quest for the Titanium Power Key

Main Features

At the end of each level is a short battle with Bowser, like in the first world, but you need to get a key from Bowser to enter the next world. If you defeat Bowser quickly enough, he will drop a part of the key. Once you have all parts of the key, the entire key can be created.


World 8: Doomsday Central

Main Features

A key is required to enter this world. The levels in this world are extremely hard and also include every feature from past worlds except for Bowser drops different key pieces. On the last ordinary level, you battle Bowser at the end on a star with metallic enemies and electricity with portals and flying. The final boss is in this world.


World 9: Star Festival

Main Features

This is the only world allows you to play as Bowser. You also unlock Luigi in this world. This world is basically a special world, each level with a different feature and occasionally no features at all. You need the key from World 8 to access this world. This also allows you to play the first level of the game, or the Tutorial Level, upon getting all other stars in the game.


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