Super Mario Galaxy 3 Across New Dimensions Cover

Super Mario Galaxy 3: Across New Dimensions is the third installment for the Super Mario Galaxy Series for the Wii and Wii U. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi return as playable characters and players will have a chance to play as their Miis as well as SEGA's trademark character, Sonic the Hedgehog. Along the way, the player will encounter some of Sonic's friends to search for the seven Chaos Emeralds. A new transformation-RPG Mario,may appear in some of the Super Mario Galaxy games,but it is not confirmed.


The gameplay from Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 is brought back, so not much has changed. There are new power-ups to work with and new maneuvers. Yoshi is now able to back flip with Mario (Luigi or whoever is riding him) on his back. The Co-Star Luma returns with the same moves as in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and some of the old 2nd Player moves from Super Mario Galaxy.

Whenever you encounter one of Sonic's friends, and you have a friend playing with you, the Co-Star Luma will be switched with whoever you come across. For example, if you come across Tails, you press the A Button and he will lift the character up and fly with him for a little while.


A third attempt at the Star Festival is in plan, only this time, Mario is asked to come and protect Princess Peach in case Bowser invades again. Only when Mario arrives at the castle when Starbits are falling from the skies, a Luma appears in front of him and tells him that Bowser already kidnapped Peach and took her once again to the center of the universe. The Luma tells Mario to follow him to the castle. When they arrive, Mario sees the Comet Observatory and the Starship Mario high in the sky. Mario then absorbs the Luma giving him the spin ability again, and he takes a Launch Star up to the Observatory.

Upon arriving, Mario sees Rosalina and Lubba. Rosalina tells him that Bowser took away all the star power from the Comet Observatory and she needs help to find them. Lubba offers to help Mario by giving him his starship again.

During the search, Mario comes to a galaxy called the Super Mii Galaxy and upon reaching the end of the level, the galaxy's leader (the player is given a choice of choosing a Mii at the start of making his/her profile and the Mii they choose will be the leader of this galaxy) congradulates Mario on making it to his/her galaxy, gives him a Power Star, and offers to help him search.

Another strange galaxy that Mario visists is called Sonic World Galaxy. Here he encounters strange talking animals like a two-tailed fox named Tails, a pink hedgehog named Amy Rose, and a red echidna named Knuckles. They all tell him that they are in a distressing situation. Their enemy Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik has increased in power and is nailing the planet's hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. They ask him to help and he does. He saves Sonic from Eggman and defeats his robot, which acts like Bowser Jr.'s Doomsday Machine from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sonic thanks Mario for the help, but doesn't join him yet. When Mario revisits the galaxy, Sonic challenges him to a race stating that when Mario wins, he will give him a Power Star and help him in the search. When Mario wins, Sonic keeps his word, gives Mario the Star, and joins his team. It is here that the player unlocks Sonic as a playable character. Back on the Starship Mario, Sonic asks Mario a favor: to help him find the seven Chaos Emeralds while searching for Power Stars.

After earning enough stars and collecting all the Emeralds, Mario, Sonic, and the player's Mii will go to the center of the universe to battle Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Dr Eggman. The Mii will battle Bowser Jr. first, Sonic will take on Dr Eggman next, and Mario will battle Bowser across three different planets, the first one being the same as the Bowser Battle Planet of Super Mario Galaxy, the second being of Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the third one being of this game. After defeating them, Mario, Sonic, and the player's Mii will go to get the final Grand Star, but Bowser will suddenly appear and swallow it. Eggman will reappear in his Egg Pod, and Bowser Jr. will reappear in his Mecha Bowser head. The Jr. and Eggman fuse their hovercrafts with Bowser transforming him into a robotic monster, but Mario, Sonic and the Mii will use the Chaos Emeralds to turn super and defeat this robotic monster, and save Peach


Player 1 Playable

Player 2 Playable




In General


Returning Power-Ups
New Power-Ups
  • Propeller Mushroom
  • Metal Cap
  • F.L.U.D.D.
  • Ghost Apple (Yoshi)
  • Squirt Carrot (Yoshi)

Galaxies List

Word 1

Gateway Galaxy

  • This Looks Familiar
  • A New Dino Pirahna
  • Gateway Star Speed Run
  • The Mysterious Moon

Yoshi Star Galaxy

  • Yoshi Rides Again
  • Rise of the Koopalings
  • Koopaling's Daredevil Run
  • Yoshi's Enormous Appetite

Flip N' Scurry Galaxy

  • The Disappearing Panels
  • Flip-Flop Star Scramble
  • Flip-Flop Cosmic Clone Chase
  • The Flipswitch Planet

Freezing Hot Galaxy

  • Freezing and Boiling Water
  • Fast Foes on the Water
  • King Kaliente's Boiling Temper

Bowser Jr.'s Sandy Seas

  • Squizzard's Quicksand Pit
  • Squizzard's Daredevil Run
  • Silver Stars of the Sandy Seas

World 2

Super Mii Galaxy

  • May the Stars shine down on You
  • Big Bob-omb Trouble
  • Big Bob-omb Speed Run
  • That Luma's Famished

Sea Slide Galaxy

  • Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device
  • Fires in the Sea Slide
  • Return of the Cosmic Races
  • Ray Surfing comes to Sea Slide

Tall Trunk Galaxy

  • To the Top
  • Woody's Pointy Splinters
  • Woody's Daredevil Run
  • The Whittle Village

Space Junk Galaxy

  • Pull Star Path Advanced
  • Pull Star Double Time
  • Yoshi sees his Planet

Bowser's Evil Forcefields

  • Deactivating the Forcefields
  • Forcefields Speed Run
  • Bowser's Laser Statues

World 3

Sonic World Galaxy

  • Trouble with Dr Eggman
  • Sonic's Speed Challenge
  • Eggman's Daredevil Run
  • Emerald Search with Tails

Cloud Court Galaxy

  • Music in the Sky
  • Jumping through the Clouds
  • Cosmic Cloud Race
  • The Brass Section

Gusty Garden Galaxy

  • Riding the Wind (Again)
  • Gusty Garden's Silver Stars
  • Purple Coins in the Wind
  • The Return of Major Burrows

Rolling Rail Galaxy

  • Luigi in the Ball
  • Rolling Rail Speed Run
  • Silver Chomp Revenge

Bowser Jr.'s Robo Rumpus

  • Mecha-Bowser Reappears
  • Robo Rumpus Speed Run
  • Emerald Search with Knuckles

World 4

Battlerock Galaxy

  • Farthest Reaches
  • Walking on the Battlerock
  • Fast Foes on the Battlerock
  • Topmaniac Advanced

Haunty House Galaxy

  • The White Ghost Apple
  • Ghost Apple and Boo Mushroom Unite
  • Octo-Boo Rainbow Romp
  • Emerald Search with Amy

Starshine Beach Galaxy

  • Working with F.L.U.D.D.
  • Petey Pirahna's Revenge
  • Petey Pirahna's Daredevil Run
  • Emerald Search with Rouge

Super Massive Galaxy

  • Small Mario/Big Galaxy
  • Small Mario vs Cosmic Clone
  • Beware of Wigglers

Bowser's Black Hole Zone

  • Fighting Against the WInd
  • Black Hole Zone Speed Run
  • The Ice Statues

World 5

Honeyhive Galaxy

  • Return to the Honeyhive Kingdom
  • Bugbum's Palace
  • Honeyhive Cosmic Cone Chase
  • Emerald Search with Blaze

Honeybloom Galaxy

  • Making Flowers Bloom
  • Flying Upward
  • Fast Foes of Honeybloom
  • The Hidden Platforms

Honeycomb Galaxy

  • The Hovering Chopper Shroom
  • Metal Sonic Warning!
  • Honeycomb's Purple Coins
  • Sticky Silver Stars

Deep Dark Galaxy

  • Gooper Blooper Bloops
  • Gooper Blooper Daredevil Run
  • Emerald Search with Shadow

Bowser Jr.'s Battle Arena

  • Bowser Jr. Fights for Himself
  • Battle Arena Daredevil Run
  • The Golden Koopa

World 6

Sea Spiral Galaxy

  • The Juicy Squirt Carrot
  • Eggman's Revenge
  • Purple Coins on the Spiral
  • Siver Stars Underwater

Melty Molten Galaxy

  • The Unmelting Metal Cap
  • The Lava Mobster
  • Lava Mobster Daredevil Run
  • Red Star's Return

Boss Blitz Galaxy

  • Super Mario Galaxy 1 Bosses
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bosses
  • Boss Blitz Speed Run
  • Emerald Search with Cream

Milky Way Galaxy

  • It's Not What You Think
  • Chocolate Milk Cosmic Clone Chase
  • The Candy Isle

Bowser's Galaxy Hideout

  • A Different Super Mario
  • Galaxy Hideout Speed Run
  • Bowser's Celebration Area

Bonus World

Big Bloomers Galaxy

  • Choose Your Flower
  • Bloomer's Purple Coins
  • After That Rabbit!

Shiverburn Galaxy

  • Fire, Ice, and Everything Nice
  • Fast Foes on Shiverburn
  • Inside the Volcano

Boulder Bowl Galaxy

  • Rock Mushroom or Spin Dash
  • Rock n' Spin Speed Run
  • Bowling Lanes

Good Egg Galaxy

  • Return to Good Egg
  • Good Egg Cosmic Clone Chase
  • Regathering the Chaos Emeralds

Super Final Galaxy

  • The Memory Test
  • The Final Run