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World Name Planet
Dry Bowser jr....

Dry Bowser Jr.

World 1 Dry Bowser jr. Skeleton Cave
Shroob Koopa
World 1 Shroob Koopa Shroob Planet
N/A World 1 Sumo Luma Rainbow Door
N/A World 2 Lakitu Mashine Mega Cloud
File:Yin Yang Goombas.png
World 2 Yin Yang Goombas Yin Yang Planet
Cyber Kritter
World 2 Cyber Kritter Mecha World
World 3 Prince Boo Ghost House
World 3 King Boo Ghost Castle
The True King Boo by evilwaluigi
World 3 The True King Boo Mansion Castle
N/A World 4 Giga Shy guy Hyper Planet
N/A World 4 ????
N/A World 4 ????
N/A World 4 ????
N/A World 4 ????
Fire bowser jr.
World 5 Fire Bowser jr. Fire Arena
Ice bowser jr.
World 5 Ice Bowser jr. Ice Arena
Fire and Ice Bowser jr.
World 5 Fire and Ice Bowser jr. Yin Yang Planet 2
Rainbow Bowser Jr
World 5 Rainbow Bowser jr. Rainbow Tower
King Koopaleon
World 6 King Koopaleon Chameleon Planet
Thunder Dino Piranha
World 6 Thunder Dino Piranha Thunder Planet
Thunder Lakithunder
World 6 Thunder Lakithunder

Thunder Asteroid

Rainbow Goomba
World 7 Rainbow Goomba Rainbow Planet
World 8 Topmaniac FutureTech
N/A World 8 Baron Burn Inside the fiery volcano
N/A World 9 Queen Boo Haunted starship Mario
N/A World 9 Queen Kaliente Fiery Peak
N/A World X King Chomp Metallic Planet
N/A World X Ice Tarantox Giant Ice Cube
N/A World X Bowser Bowser's Castle

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