Super Mario Galaxy 3.5 (occasionally shortened to SMG3.5) is the sequel to 2.5. It is for the 3DS and will be released in 2013. It will be published and developed by Fantendo (no one in particular). Like other Mario Galaxy games, Mario must collect power stars and save the universe. This game can have four players play at once.


The controls are just like the other Mario games. To use an item, you spin.


Like most Mario games, Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser. However, Bowser has set his sights on other characters too, including Wario, Luigi, and even Rosalina.

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The story begins with Rosalina and Polari lying on a large field, relaxing. Rosalina tells Polari, "With Mario out in the universe, everything is safe." She then dozes off to sleep. Polari looks up at the clouds. Suddenly, an airship arrives—Bowser's airship! Polari panics, pacing around on the field. Suddenly, Bowser Jr. appears from the airship and tosses a cage onto Polari. "Dad, I don't have a big enough cage for Rosalina," Jr. calls into the airship. Bowser cries, "Tie her up!" Bowser Jr. does so and tosses the two onto the ship. "Now the secrets of the universe is ours, Juniour!" Bowser says, and laughs maniacally. He then takes them inside with a gigantic ray labeled Seperationizer 2000. He points it at Polari and activates it. Polari transforms into a thousand little Polaris. Bowser switches it to the Hypnotizer 5000. Three Polaris managed to escape, but the rest are hypnotized to obey Bowser. The three little Polaris try to wake up Rosalina, but can't manage to. Before Bowser can see them, the good Polaris managed to escape.

Meanwhile, Peach and Daisy sent a letter to Mario and Luigi to visit her at the Star Festival. They accept and head to Peach's Castle. Toadette had invited Toad to come, so he tagged along with the Mario Bros.. When they get there, the three Polaris find Mario and inform him on what happened. The Polaris decide to head with Mario to the festival. When they get there, Bowser appears from behind the castle. He charges up to Mario. The red plumber braces himself for a fight. But before Bowser gets to Mario, he hits a ? Block and grabs a mega mushroom. Then he's about to stomp on Mario. But before he can, the Polaris star spin to knock the giant foot away. Then, Mario saw a glimmer in the grass. It was a baby luma! The luma likes Mario and climbs into his hat. Mario can now star spin momentarily. But he was so focused on the luma that he didn't realize Peach was being kidnapped—Daisy escaped from his grasp—until she called out "Mario!" Mario and co. then charge into the castle to grab a grand star to reach Bowser later. Daisy leads everyone around the castle. When they reach the roof, Toadette congratulated them and gave them a grand star. However, before Daisy, Luigi, and Toadette could come with them, Bowser's minions had kidnapped them.

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In order to switch characters, first you must obviously unlock them. Then there's a pole in the ground with thier pictures on it called the Tag-Pole. Hit the Z button to switch to that character. Also, every character can star spin.


Damsels in Distress



Playable Character Power-ups

There is a total of 23 power-ups in this game, 19 for playable characters, and four for Yoshis. It should be noted that Diddy Kong can use the playable character ones as well.

Yoshi Power-ups

Worlds, their galaxies, and the bosses for a galaxy mission

In this game, Lubba gives you access to both Starship Mario and the Comet Observatory. You have to complete world 1 in both ships to advance (i. e.: the Terrace plus world 1)

Mushroom Overworld

This is the first level you play. It is the most basic galaxy. After earning 60 Power Stars, the Mushroom Overworld is reopened, and you can play the first purple coin level here.

Galaxy Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Mushroom Overworld Galaxy Playing for the first time This galaxy is similar to the first level of Super Mario Galaxy. there isn't a lot of enemies, only a few Goombas and Koopas. PowerStarSMSJ Toadette on the Rooftop Mario, Luigi, three Polaris, and Toad all go to Peach's Castle. They see Toadette on the roof with a Grand Star. They find Princess Daisy, and she leads them through the castle. Goombas and Koopas are patrolling the castle. When you reach the top floor, Grander Goomba faces you as a boss. You have to keep spinning on him, until he flips, then make your way up to him to stomp him. On the roof, Toadette gives you the Grand Star. Grander Goomba
SpecialStarSMSJ Purple Coins in the Overworld The level is similar to Toadette on the Rooftop, except 100 Purple Coins are scattered around. 50 are in the sky, 25 are on the ground, and 25 are in the castle. You get the Flight Star for the first time here. You can fly to get the coins, then go in the castle. You can't get to the roof with the flight star, so you have to go in the castle. You don't have to fight Grander Goomba, so take the stairway to get your Red Power Star from Toadette. None


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