Super Mario Galaxy 3-D is a Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game planned to be released in 2015 at Christmas.


It is a tradition that once every hundred years numerous planets connect to the Mushroom Kingdom and the Star Bit Festival begins. Asleep on her throne, Peach has no idea of the events when...


She's been locked in a cage and is being pulled into space by something... no doubt about it! This must be the work of Bowser and his Koopa Kids! And that's when our adventure begins...


Heroes and Allies

Mario: Player 1

Luigi: Player 2 outside Co-Star Mode

Yoshi: Transport in some stages.

Lumas: Friendly characters.

Rosalina: Your guide.

Polari: Has the map.


Baby Dry Dino


Bugadoom Bot




Major Burrows

Undergrunt Gunner

Baron Brrr

Baron Cinder

Mid-Boss Circus (Dry Dino Piranha, King Frioante, Indigo the Phantom and Thundergeist)



Koopa Kids' Airship Armada

Adult Dry Dino




Rainbow Wood

Dusty Desert

Fly High



Bowser Jr's Mechanic Reactor

Aqua Alley

Snowy Slope

Sling Pod

Rolling Green

Bowser's Star Reactor

Toy Track


Drip Drop

Hurry Scurry

Bowser Jr's Sky Reactor

Haunted Home

Melting Molten

Sand Spiral

Buoy Base

Bowser's Darkness Reactor

Bubble Breeze

Deep Dark

Snow Cap

Mid-Boss Mania

Bowser Jr's Relic Reactor


Far Future

Boo's Boneyard

Treasure Treat

Racetrack Madness

Trial (Bubble Blast, Rolling Gizmo, Blitz Boneyard (Hidden stars required))

Dry Bowser's Peach-Sapping Galaxy Reactor (I. E. The Fate of the Universe!)

Star Types

150 Stars are in the game, split into these types.

Yellow 'Typical' Stars: Beat the stage.

White 'Daredevil' Stars: Daredevil Challenge - Beat a mid-boss with only one health, sometimes with limited time.

Blue 'Cosmic' Stars: Cosmic Challenge - Beat your ghost to the end.

Red 'Speedy' Stars: Speedy Challenge - Beat the stage in limited time.

Orange 'Fast-Foe' Stars: Fast-Foe Challenge - Beat the stage with double speed obstacles and enemies.

Purple Stars: Collect every of 100 Purple Coins in the stage.

Green 'Hidden' Stars: Collect all three to unlock the Trial Trio of Galaxies.

Grand Stars: Beat a boss to get this and unlock the next world!

The Super Star: Collect 100 Stars, then defeat Dry Bowser.


Coin: Restores health.

Star Bit: Feeds Hungry Lumas. Shoot with Touch Screen, get 50 for a 1-UP.

1-UP: A good old extra life.

Life Mushroom: Restores health and increases its maximum to 6.

Power Ups

Bumble-Mushroom: Flight and climbing on honey. Lost on contact with water.

Fire Flower: Grants fire power until hit.

Cloud Mushroom: Can make temporary moving platforms for a few seconds.

Ghost Mushroom: Can go through metal grating. Lost on contact with light.

Water Mushroom: Allows water shooting to work plumbing until hit.

Snow Flower: Allows running on water for a few seconds.

Spring Mushroom: Allows much higher bouncing until hit.

Gear Flower: Allows you to scale walls until contact with water.

Rainbow Star: Makes you invincible!