Super Mario Galaxy 2 (And a Half) is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Smg2.5logo

The game is published by Nintendo and is for the Wii just like the first two, but is also for the 3DS, except it is called Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 3D.


The game goes back to the end of Super Mario Galaxy 2, where Luma takes Mario's hat. Except this time, Mario puts on a backup hat. Then, Lubba gives Mario a Shooting Star. Mario spins without the Luma, and goes back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

1 year later. Strangely enough, the star bits fall 99 years early. All the Toads look up and so does Luigi. Then, the star bits keep hitting all of them. The star bits all turn red and gather around everyone, freezing them in red cubes. Mario eventually comes and picks up one of them and notices these are Lumas. He puts one in his hat and spins and breaks the Luigi block, the Toad block, and the Shy Guy block.

You can now play as Luigi, Toad, or Shy Guy in the Wii version for 4 players. Bowser comes out and gets stuck in a block too, and Mario leaves him there. Lots of yellow lumas come and make a giant star platform that brings them to Starship Mario and Lubba. The Starship brings them to Rosalina's space station. You can travel from Galaxy to Galaxy with the Starship but some will be at the station.




Each Yoshi has a special power. Some are different than in SMG2.


Instead of mushrooms and flowers and suits in this game, Mario can put a special Luma inside of his hat!
Luma Wallpaper by Nayru Scholar

Yellow Luma gives you Lightning Mario.

Peach Luma gives you Sand Mario.

Green Luma gives you Enemy Mario. (NEW)

Cyan Luma gives you Shark Mario.

Brown Luma gives you Robo Mario.

Red Luma gives you Shine Mario. (NEW)

Orange Luma gives you Fire Mario.

Blue Luma gives you Surfer Mario. (NEW)

White Luma gives you Freeze Mario.

Tail Luma gives you Tanooki Mario.

Bucktooth Luma gives you Squirrel Mario.

Segment Luma gives you Wiggler Mario. (NEW)

Baby Luma gives you Baby Mario.

Grey Luma gives you Dry Mario.

Rainbow Luma gives you Invincible Mario. (Die lots of times in 1 level)

Tounge Luma gives you Yoshi.

Hungry Luma gives you a Powered-Up Yoshi.

Lubba Jr. gives you Luma Mario. (NEW)

? Luma gives you a random power. (NEW)

Purple Luma gives you Wind Mario.

Evilumas are enemies.


  1. Bashful Bakery: Boss: Dry Bowser Jr.'s Cookie Robot
  2. Terrifying Towers: Boss: Dry Bowser's Brick Launcher
  3. Fairy Fortress: Boss: Kamek's Giant Chain-Chomp
  4. Doom Deserts: Boss: Kamella's Brainwashed Rosalina
  5. Giant Gorge: Boss: Giant Bowser Jr.'s Humongous Thwomp
  6. Scary Shelter: Boss: King Boo's Haunted Ghostship
  7. Lava Lands: Boss: Giant Lava Bowser
  8. Shadow World: Boss: Giant Dark Bowser
  9. Luma Galaxy: Boss: Giant Eviluma King (The real main enemy)