Super Mario Galaxy 2: Remastered Edition
Developer(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) RiiVolution Ultima
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (Fantasy Violence)
Genre(s) Platforming
Series Super Mario
 Super Mario Galaxy 2: Remastered Edition (or "Super Mario Galaxy 2 64" as it was called in development) is a total remastering of the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, designed to be the complete version of the Mario Galaxy games, having content from both, but the overall level schematic of Super Mario 64 of the Nintendo 64.



Another adventure unfolds as Mario and friends are sent into space once more to save Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser. However, Peach isn't the only thing that Bowser took. Along with Peach, Bowser took the Power Stars with him, scattering them across the galaxy. Now it is up to you to collect all 151 Power Stars, and save the Princess.

Main Story

The day starts with Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi going to Peach's Castle to celebrate the comet festival and have some of Peach's delicious cake; however, as they near the princess's dwelling, an explosion rocks the land. Bowser has once again used a fleet of airships to kidnap Peach, pulling the castle up into space with them. After noticing their prescense, however, Bowser panics and decides to take just Peach with him to his kingdom in the center of the universe.

(More Coming Soon)


Playable Characters

Unlike past Galaxy games, this one features more characters playable than just a choice between the two Mario Bros.: you can now choose among 4, count 'em, 4 different basic characters. And once you obtain 120 stars, a 5th one will show up.

Character Data Abilities Stats
200px-Mario Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
The overalled, red-capped plumber hops into action in this new game. After being invited to Peach's castle to have some of her well-known, incredibly sweet cake, Mario must quickly leap into action to help bring back Peach after Bowser kidnaps her so he can have both her and the cake to himself.
  • Wall-Jumping (Mario's jumps are pretty famous, but only he can do this kind of jump)
  • Yoshi Riding (Mario and Yoshi have been the best of friends for some time, so it's no suprise that Yoshi won't let anyone else on his back)
  • Speed: 3/4
  • Jump: 3/4
  • Strength: 3/4
260px-Luigi MP9
Daisy's been kinda moody lately, so Greenstache here will be glad to help Mario on his adventure. With most levels, he'll occasionally step in for his somehow-older twin brother to help collect the Power Stars.
  • Scuttle (Luigi's lightweight frame lets him descend slower than his brother when he jumps)
  • Luigi Cyclone (Luigi, unlike Mario, can spin up to five times before Baby Luma needs to recollect)
  • Speed3/4
  • Jump4/4
  • Strength2/4
220px-Wario MPIT
When he's not rustling up stars or munching on garlic, the ever-lazy Wario will be found ready to take on already-done missions.
  • Wario Waft (When crouching, Wario can fart so hard that all enemies within range are stunned for  a short time; the longer he holds it, the more range it has)
  • Block Buster (Most characters have the strength to break brick blocks, but Wario's got enough muscle to lift the whole thing and throw it with no effort!)
  • Speed1/4
  • Jump1/4
  • Strength4/4
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez
Ol' Purple Cap's been left out of the spotlight for far too long! Not it's his turn to shine! He'll often be holding Power Stars that he'll give out if you complete the challenge he issues. Complete ALL of them, and he'll actually join your team.
  • Rapid Dash Spin (Waluigi has a lot of speed to him, so ending prolonged periods of dashing with a spin is only somthing he can do, especially considering it compensates for his low strength)
  • Mid-air Jumping (The spins all characters do aren't the only thing that can boost Waluigi's jump height; he has the rare ability to jump really high by jumping in midair)
  • Speed4/4
  • Jump3/4
  • Strength1/4
The lovable dinosaur joins Mario and the gang on this cosmic romp, acting as a steed to be ridden on in this game; however he refuses to be ridden by anyone but Mario.
  • Flutter Jump (Yoshi's powerful legs can keep Mario afloat if things seem to difficult to reach)
  • Tongue (This handy licker lets Yoshi gobble up pretty much any enemy. Handy, isn't it?)
  • Speed3/4
  • Jump3/4
  • Strength1/4
Donkey Kong

Guess who the bonus character is this time? Not Luigi! Mario's gorilla rival seems to want to rejoin the main series (I don't blame him), and with those fists of fury, nothing would stand in your way.

  • Ground Pound (Crouching down in the enemies' face seems cowardly, but that's what you want to do when facing off with a horde of Goombas or such; Donkey can beat them into the dirt by pounding the ground with his massive mitts)
  • Power-Ups denied (Sadly, only held items will work for Donkey Kong. He hasn't been around in the mainstream series long enough to use a Fire Flower)
  • Rolling Thunder (Thankfully, his incapability of using power-ups doesn't stop him from rolling out with this form that makes up for the inability of using a Rock Mushroom)
  • Speed: 2/4
  • Jump: 2/4
  • Strength5/4

Non-Playable Characters

Image Data Helpful Features
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Kidnapped once again by Bowser, Peach waits at the center of the universe for Mario to come to her aid. She occasionally sends 5-9 one ups, via Mailtoad.
Daisy acts as the assist character in this game; if the Mario Bros. lose too many lives on a certain star, she will show them how it's done!

Same as the Cosmic Spirit in Galaxy 2.

Rosalina Model SSB4
Queen of the Cosmos, Rosalina assists Mario and the Gang in finding Peach by converting the castle into a starship. Guides the crew on their adventure; later unlocks Grandmaster Mountain Galaxy.
Polari SMG
Polari, Rosalina's right-hand Luma, acts as the guide in this intercosmic trip. Shows the map.
The former captain of a starship, Lubba is wise to the ways of the Lumas, and will gladly give advice to those who need it. Gives various tips on Hungry Lumas and and the 6 types of Prankster Comets.
Captain Toad TT artwork0555
Captain Toad
One day, the red-capped Toad found a nifty headlight, and as a rule, became the new Toad Brigade Captain. Leads the Toad Brigade in certain missions.
Mailtoad by Tom
One day, the purple Toad decided to add some "zest" to his life, so he became the local Mailtoad. Stores and delivers letters that are obtained over time.
Banktoad by Toad'ShyGuy
Deciding to take up a hobby, this green Toad decided to start carrying around deposited Star Bits that the others used. Carries excess Star Bits to be used for later; sometimes finds a 1-up Mushroom.
E101 (MKII)
E-101 MKII
A Robotnik-designed E-series robot, who serves as a boss AND makes a cameo in the engine room after beating the game. Appears as a cameo character after beating the game.


Image Data
250px-Bowser SSB4
After gaining immense power from the Power Stars, Bowser sent the princess away to his fortress in the center of the universe.
Bowser Jr NSMBU
Bowser Jr. w/ Koopa Puncher
Helping Bowser to capture his so-called  "Mommy", Bowser Jr. holds the Grand Star needed to warp to the center of the universe, where the princess is being held.
The Koopalings (with their own Jr. Clown Car)

Bowser's multi-colored, multi-personified adopted kids, each of the Koopalings have their own Junior Clown Car, powered with a special gemstone (which act as a harness for the energy of the Power Star); though each of the Koopalings has an identical Car, each of them have a distinguishing weapon that wreck foes:

  • Iggy has a set of flip-in wheels to run down foes,
  • Morton has a massive pair of drills, which won't being the only thing spinning in-battle,
  • Lemmy has a pair of ping-pong paddles, which he thus uses to launch his signature ball-bombs,
  • Ludvig has a pair of wrecking balls, with which he can ground the Bros. down,
  • Roy has two side cannons added to his, which launch cannonballs, Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs,
  • Although Wendy does throw her signature candy rings, she also deploys Mecha-Koopas to help her in the fight,
  • And Larry has a pair of pinchers, with which he can pluck and throw stuff.

Each of the Junior Clown Cars have 1 of the 7 gemstones needed to activate the starship's hyperdrive capability; so therefore, you need to defeat all 7. 

A nosy Magikoopa who sticks his unwanted nose into the final fight, Kamek also has a somewhat sweet side to him to, due to the fact that if you beat the Final boss for the 15th time, he will give you 100 lives. (similar to how Yoshi does in the original Mario 64)


Power-Up Use
Fire Flower
Pretty much what you'd expect from the classic power-up, it lets the wielder sling fireballs at foes (the fireballs being the main color of the character throwing them); these destroy crates, several different enemies, and much more stuff. This isn't a permanent power-up, so renew when you can.
IceFlower LTL
Ice Flower
Like the Fire Flower, the Ice Flower isn't permanent, but it allows the user to create a trail of ice across whatever they skate over, be it water, lava or poison water; again since it isn't permanent, you should probably renew when available.
Boo Mushroom
Grabbing one of these spectral mushrooms instantly removes the spirit from a player, letting them become a Boo all their own; when in Boo form, it allows a hapless plumber to phase through walls, float upwards almost endlessly and (unfortunately) attract the attention of occasional lovesick Boos. However, you can't touch light when in Boo form, otherwise the spirit returns to the form, and you lose the Boo form.
Spring Mushroom SMG
Spring Mushroom
Grabbing ahold of this coiled fungus instantaneously puts the player inside a giant, coiling, body-sized spring; while it does remove advanced jump techniques, it allows players to jump continuously to move. Though it's laggy at times, it can let players bounce up certain slopes, max out their jump height, and all players can auto wall-jump thanks to the springy design.
SMG2 Cloudflower
Cloud Flower
This puffy piece of botany instantly gives the player a cloudy costume that lets them enhance their aerial capabilities: by spinning, a character can generate a cloudy platform to keep them in the air for a longer duration; with the small supply of clouds following you, you can create up to 3 cloudy platforms in the air, but after you create 3, you'll have to pick up another Cloud Flower to replenish your supply. On the upside you can stand on pre-existing clouds; but on the downside, you can't touch water without losing the Cloud form.
Rock Mushroom
This stony mushroom allows the user to roll up into a giant boulder and go crashing through ever obstacle (like other boulders, crystals, enemies and even Chomps!); touch a Launch Star, you lose it.
Stormfront Bolt
This is probably the first time in Mario history that a Power-Up gets an Mid-level upgrade; the Stormfront Bolt can supercharge the Cloud Flower Form to allow several new abilities with usage:
  • Instead of creating cloud platforms, by pressing the jump button, you can create and hover on a cloud, like a Lakitu can.
  • When spinning, you can throw giant raindrops that trap most medium-sized enemies (Goombas, Octoguys and the like), but consume the static meter of the ThunderCloud form.
  • Instead of consumable Star Bits, you use the pointer to shoot hailstones instead, which are the same, but don't consume the Star Bit supply and can be used for the duration of the ThunderCloud Form.
  • When hovering on a cloud, you can press the crouch button to drop a lightning bolt on foes beneath the cloud. This instantly defeats any enemy, but is difficult to land.

Though this form is primarily offensive-based, it does have a restriction: a static meter (mentioned above); this meter has to refilled by getting shocked by enemies (you take no damage from the shock, though), getting hit with electric hazards, or grabbing another Stormfront bolt. However, the static meter also has a flaw; if it gets overcharged, the ThunderCloud Form will unleash hailstones, raindrops and a few lightning bolts, before exploding and powering down the player, removing both the Thunder and the Clouds.

Rainbow Star
Pretty much the Starman of the game: grab it, and become invincible for a short time.

Power-Up Use
Yoshi Fruit
Blimp Fruit
Dash Pepper
Bulb Berry

Shell Use
Koopa Shell
These green-colored shells are the standard in Koopa Armor; you can either throw them, or hold them underwater and let them do the swimming for you.
Red Shell
The red shells are significantly better than the standard green; if you throw them they actually home in on the enemy, and they go at a slightly faster pace in the water.
Blue Spiny Shell
The rare blue shells are excellent examples of Koopa Armor; not only do they go at twice the speed of the red shell in water, but when they hit enemies they have homed in on, they unleash a powerful explosion!

Item Use
Bob-omb (MKWii)
Piranha Plant Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Potted Piranha Plant
These friendly snappers will actually help you in game: if you pick them up, they will munch up nearby enemies!


For more information on the stage missions, see Super Mario Galaxy 2: Remastered Edition/Level Guide (coming soon).


Galaxy Name Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3 Mission 4 Mission 5 Mission 6 Hidden Star Comet Mission Stage Boss
Yoshi Star Galaxy
Yoshi's Spiny Spit The Treasure of Yoshi Falls Floating through the Trees Bulbing in the Nighttime Hot-Steppin' It Volcanic Descent Notes to Goombas Spiny Rainbow Romp (Romper Comet) 200px-GigaLakitu
King Lakitu
Throwback Galaxy
Whomp King's Smashing Return Silver Stars on the Fortress Tiny Hompers on the Fortress Huge Mashers in the Throwback Top O' the Tower The Caged Island Rollin' on a Rhomp Whomp Silver Star Speed Run (Speedy Comet) Whomp KingNSMBAS
Whomp King
Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Twin Falls Hideaway Blue Shell in the Deep Water Cosmic Cavern under the Ice Kingfin's Back Luigi in the Cavern Catch that Star Bunny! Launch to the Igloo Kingfin's Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) Kingfin
Freezy Flake Galaxy
Bowser on Ice Chomps on the Chilly Peak Home-Cooked Goombas Sorbetti's Chilly Reception Icy Slide to the Bottom Melting to Nothing Waluigi's Skating Challenge Icy Cosmic Mario Race (Cosmic Comet) Sorbetti
Haunty Halls Galaxy
Beware of Bouldergeist A Very Spooky Slide Luigi in the Basement A Glimmer of Berries Go on a Ghost Hunt Racing the Spooky Speedster King Boo's Planetoid Balcony Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) Bouldergeist
Spin-Dig Galaxy
Digging In ??? An Underground Cyclone ??? Megahammer's Underwater Wreck The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows The Secret Undersea Cavern Fast Foes on the Stone Cyclone (Fast Foe Comet) Major Burrows
Major Burrows
Melty Monster Galaxy
Pull Star Path Follow the Black Brick Road The Sinking Lava Spire A Stroll Down Rolling Lane Scorched Logs A Volcanic Nest Burning Tides Fiery Dino Piranha Speed Run (Speedy Comet) 200px-Firey Dino Piranha
Fiery Dino Piranha
Slipsand Galaxy
Squizzard's Sandy Sinkhole Crossing the Quicksand Sea ??? Sliding on Sands Invasion of the Chompurples ??? Waluigi's Slide Race Purple Coins on the Sand Slide (Purple Coin Comet) Squizzard SMG2 °-°
Starshine Beach Galaxy
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? The Doomstriker Carrier ??? E101 (MKII)
E-101 MKII
Shiverburn Galaxy
King Kaliente's Spicy Splashback ??? Boiling Heat of the Volcano Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood From Fire to Ice and Back ??? Frozen Volcano's Shivering Star Icy Octo Army Romp (Romper Comet) KingKalienteProfilePrince Pikante
King Kaliente & Prince Pikante
Space Storm Galaxy
The Mini Fleet Breaking into the Battlerock Gearmo's Cleaning Job To the Top of Topman's Tower Topmaniac Spins Back Infiltrating the Dreadnought [again] Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser Topmaniac's Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) Topmaniac
Fluffy Buff Galaxy
Scaling the Cloudy Mountain ??? ??? Cavern behind the Waterfall When It Rains... ??? Waluigi's Score Challenge ??? Ice Major Burrows
General Burrows
Supermassive Galaxy
Mario in a Massive World The Dino of Doom ??? Wiggler's Massive Racetrack Wrecking and Rolling Fly to  the Pipe over the Void Waluigi's Massive Race ??? 200px-DinoPiranha
Dino Piranha
Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
Crossing the Cogs in the Clockworks The Clock's Internal Network Bouncing Down Clockwork Hall Revenge of the Chompurples The Collapsing Clockworks The Wrecked Clockwork Interior C'mere Goomba Collapsing Clockworks Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) None
Rainbow Skies Galaxy
A Cruiser Crossing the Rainbows The Fastest Feathers over teh Rainbows Wario on the Rainbow Cruiser Rolling a Star Ball ??? ??? Sliding down Rainbow Road ??? None

Secret Switch Levels

Name Switch Color Mission Koopaling Boss
Beat Block Galaxy Green Step to the Beep Iggywoo
Flash Black Galaxy Red Jumping Around in the Dark Royas
Flip-Flop Galaxy Blue Tricked-out Flipping LudwigSSB4
Chompworks Galaxy Yellow Where the Chomps are made of Gold LemmySSB4
Gear Grind Galaxy Purple Unstable Ground WendySSB4
Drench Cave Galaxy Orange Gravity Troubles LarrySSB4
Boo Moon Galaxy Brown The Swamps of Spooks MortonSSB4

Other Levels

Name Accessed by way of Description Boss(es)
The Airship Fleet Bowser Jr. - Mario Party Star Rush artwork
Bowser Jr.
Bowser's Super Galaxy BowserSSBSSsbpc dry bowser by machriderz-d86h86mGiga Bowser SSBR
Grandmaster Mountain Galaxy Talking to Rosalina This galaxy was rumored to exist since Mario first set out on his journey to save Peach; this place is so remote, even Rosalina herself didn't know about it. With the Legendary Superstar said to be hidden here, this massive spatial mountain asks the almost-impossible request: all five characters must work together to unlock the way to the mountain's heart! Sumobrofist593px-BoomBoomSM3DL147px-SledgebrosNSMBWPomPomSM3DL
The Koopa Bros.




  • This is the first 3D non-Super Mario Bros. game to contain the Koopalings.
  • There is a radio in Peach's room that plays K.K. Slider songs.
  • There are 151 stars total in game, 120 making up the regular Power Stars, 10 made up by Green Stars, 10 by Red Stars, 10 others by the new Blue Stars, and finally the last 1 star being the Legendary Superstar and the ultimate symbol of accomplishment.
  • A subpage for Amiibo and DLC can be found here: DLC and Amiibo Content
  • This game is based of a pre-existing hack of Super Mario 64
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 64!!!10:21

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 64!!!

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