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Super Mario Galaxy is a film based on the Mario game of the same name.


Every hundred years, a comet passes over the Mushroom Kingdom and causes magical stars and stardust to fall to the planet below. This century, Star Bits rain down from the sky and form a giant Power Star. The Toad Brigade finds it and delivers it to the castle. Luma has also fallen, and Princess Peach decides to give him to Mario. She sends a letter to Mario, inviting him to her castle to join in the festivities and receive him as a gift. With invitation in hand, Mario runs to the Castle Gardens. As the citizens of the kingdom are celebrating the centennial event, Bowser suddenly attacks the Toads with his airships and freezes them in crystals. He "invites" Peach to the creation of his brand new galaxy, and when Peach (holding Luma tight) doesn't respond, he uses a UFO carry Center to the center of the universe. Before Mario can reach Peach, Kamek casts a spell at Mario, sending him into a small planetoid and knocking him out. When Mario later wakes up on a small grassy planet he meets three Star Bunnies, who promise to tell him where he is if he can catch them. When he does so, they transform back into Lumas and take him to meet Rosalina, who tells Mario that he is at the "Gateway To The Starry Sky" and that the universe is in great peril, Bowser having attacked her ship — the Comet Observatory — and stolen the Power Stars, including six Grand Stars (along with the final one at Peach's Castle). Without these, the Comet Observatory is doomed as they cannot move through space. Rosalina asks him to rescue the Grand Stars in order to defeat Bowser, who took Peach to the center of the universe. Mario then starts his journey across the galaxies, freeing Power Stars and Grand Stars. Once all of the five Grand Stars and Power Stars are collected, the Comet Observatory becomes a starship and takes Mario to the center of the universe. Here, he defeats Bowser in his brand new galaxy, retrieves the last Grand Star, and rescues Princess Peach as she's falling from Bowser Jr.'s airship. The two share a carefree moment in the skies, but their reunion is cut short when the Sun of Bowser's near-complete galaxy undergoes a supernova and becomes a supermassive Black Hole. Mario and Peach are seen walking together and holding hands, once the bridge leading to the castle then breaks apart, separating them both. After that, everything in the universe begins to be pulled into it. The Lumas from the Comet Observatory, including the Luma who had faithfully accompanied Mario through his journey, throw themselves into the Black Hole in order to neutralize it. The Lumas attack the Black Hole's singularity, and it soon disintegrates in a massive explosion. Mario appears in front of Rosalina, who had supposedly saved him from the cataclysm. She tells him that this is not the end, but a new beginning for the universe, and that the universe is an endless cycle, one that never repeats itself in exactly the same way. Mario later awakens in the Mushroom Kingdom near Peach's Castle. He sees everyone he's met throughout his adventure (friend and foe alike) celebrating the recreation of the universe, while Bowser and Peach lie next to him confused. When he looks in the air, he notices the reconstructed galaxy, and exclaims "Welcome! Welcome new galaxy!" as the camera zooms out into space, revealing that the universe has been reconstituted.


ElectricMayhem is working on a sequel, titled "Super Mario Galaxy: The Lost Planet", which will combine elements from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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