Super Mario Galaxy: Universal Expedition is a game made by Popple Co., It takes place after Super Mario Galaxy 2.



Galaxies and Worlds

World 1

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss
Mario NES Galaxy A very basic galaxy with easy enemies like Goombas and Shellcreepers. Smg icon powerstar Goomboss's Challenge
Smg icon powerstar Luigis Super Wall Kick
Smg icon speedycometGoomboss 's Speed Run
Smg icon daredevilcometCyborg Bro.'s Daredevil Run
Smg icon powerstar A Switch Star Aried
Night Jungle Galaxy A galaxy that indroduces Harder Enemies such as Piranha Plants and Chain Chomps. Smg icon powerstarClimbing in the Treetops
Smg icon powerstarEvil Kong's Jungle Obstacle Course
Smg icon cosmiccomet Weegee
Evil Kong
Glide Canyon Galaxy A galaxy that introduces Fluzzard and the controls for him. Smg icon powerstarTaking Off with Fluzzard None
Pianta Beach Galaxy A galaxy that introduces Yoshi and Whomp, Lakitus, and Spinies Smg icon powerstarGiddy Up Yoshi!
Smg icon powerstar Whomp Kings Challnge
Smg icon speedycometQuick Crabbers
Smg icon powerstarBeneath the Waterfall
Whomp King
Mostly Ghostly Galaxy A galaxy that introduces enemies such as Boos and Electroboos. The Boo Mushroom appears here. Smg icon powerstarBoo Mushroom's Spooky Show
Smg icon powerstarWhittle in the Tower
Smg icon speedycometA Quick Performance
Smg icon daredevilcometWhittle's Tower Daredevil Run
Smg icon powerstarTaking a Trail of Ghosts
Big Koopa
Romp-N-Stomp Galaxy A galaxy that is inhabite by Large Enemies like Whomps and Mega Wigglers. Smg icon powerstarMegastomper's Stomping Race
Smg icon powerstarMeeting The Chimp
Smg icon speedycometMegastomper's Speedy Bash
Smg icon fastfoecometQuick Stompin Foes
Smg icon powerstarSwitchin the Thwomps
Bowser Jr.'s Robot Ramble A galaxy inhabited by mechanical enemies such as Topmen and Bullet Bills. Smg icon grandstarBangaleg's Fleet Bangaleg

World 2

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss
Bomb Galaxy A galaxy where Bob Bombs have taken over. Smg icon powerstar Liyn The Dino
Smg icon powerstar Koopa The Quick Returns
Smg icon speedycomet 3 Sliver Stars
Smg icon daredevilcomet Revnge Of Big Bob Bomb
Smg icon powerstar Wario In The Cage

Big Bob Bomb

Liyin The Dino

Snow Lake Galaxy A galaxy where various species of Peguins live, Chief Chilly and Bullies appear too. ( Triva The Music Was The Remix Of Cool Cool Mountain & Snowmans Land From Super Mario 64 ( 1996 ) ) Smg icon powerstar Chief Chilly Returns
Smg icon powerstarSinging Whomps
Smg icon speedycomet Chief Chillys Speed Run
Smg icon cosmiccometCosmic Clones of Shadow Wario
Chief Chilly

Clock-out Galaxy

Universe 4

Universe 5

Universe 6

Universe 7

Universe 8

Universe 9

Bowser's Realm

Universe S


Power Stars

  • Cyborg Bro. - A robot like Hammer Bro. (X2)
  • Goomboss - The king of Goombas reappears from second Mario RPG and first game of Paper Mario series (X1)
  • Evil Kong - Donkey Kong's twin brother. He's evil (X1)
  • Big Koopa - Kamek transformed a Simply Koopa in a Giant Koopa. It's similar to Gargantua Koopa, but it's bigger than Gargantua Koopa (X1)
  • Whomp King - The king of Whomp reappears from Super Mario 64 (X1)
  • Flodge - A chameleon like boss. (X1)
  • Megastomper - A version of Megahammer with huge feet. (X1)
  • Chain Champ - A giant green chain chomp who is responsible for Dog Bog's Lava Flood. (X2)
  • Deep Space Wiggler - A magenta footless Wiggler that circles a small planet. (X1)
  • Gargantuan Piranha - A giant version of Dino Piranha with green lips and a blue body. (X1)
  • Giga Lakitu - The king of lakitus reappears from last game. (X1)
  • Queen Peprika - An electrogoomba-like boss. (X2)0
  • Big Bob-omb
  • Liyin the Dino - A yellow tyrannosaur that throwns thunder balls
  • Chief Chilly
  • Hippo Harry - A hippo-like boss. (X2)
  • Pin Overlord - A Pinhead-like boss. (X1)
  • Blurgg - A poisonous blargg who is insiide the volcano in Fluzzard Frenzy Galaxy. (X1)
  • Mandibee - A mandibug/bee hybrid. (X1)
  • Bubblegut - A water version of Gobblegut. (X1)
  • Gooper Blooper - The leader of the Blooper clan. (X1)
  • Kingfin - A skeletal shark who inhabits lakes. (X1)
  • Bandinero Baddie - A giant Bandinero. (X2)

Grand Stars







Concept Art

Character Art

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