Super Mario Gakaxy: Ultra is the sequel from Super Mario Galaxy for Wii U. Is also have two handheled versions called Super Mario Galaxy: Treta for Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Galaxy: Circus for Circus Handheld


After that Events of Super Mario 3D World, Bowser is has to be sleeping into in the intro of Super Mario Galaxy 2, when suddenly... ¡is wake up by the koopalings, bowser jr. and kamek!. Bowser is very angry, but Kamek calm to Bowser and tells his plan of no only obtain all the grand star o the Super Stars, but this time Catch to Rosalina to Tell The Secret of The Colored Power Stars (that discover in the observatory of Ludwig O. Koopa) and after to Lubba for control his mind and destroy the starship Mario for that mario never Catch to Bowser in the Universal Travel and for last Catch To Peach. Bowser accept the plan and after in the starship mario, lubba and rosalina is sleeping here, when suddenly... ¡Bowser catch to Lubba and hypnotizes to them and destroy the Starship Mario and after Bowser eat at a one Power Meat that transform to bowser to Ice Bowser and after catch to Rosalina! Then, Mario Going to the Peach Castle, when, suddenly... ¡Bowser catch another time to Peach! But now the lumas is frozen including the Little Master Luma... ¡All is losed, or no!? Suddenly Polari appeared with... ¡The Comet Observatory! Now Polari free to Little Master Luma and Obtaining from this way... ¡The Star Spin! Now, Releasing to a Luma that transform to a Launch Star, Mario finally reach to the Comet Observatory, But... ¡All the Lumas From SMG and Rosalina isn't here! Polari explain that Bowser catch to Rosalina for the Most Powerful of All The Power Stars... ¡The Colored Power Star! and above hypnotizes to Lubba for destroy the Starship Mario, Now Polari helps to Mario to Save the Universe one More Time but this time from the Greatest Threat from all th Universal History... More To Come.

Playable Characters

Amiibo Only:

Power Ups


Bosses & Mid-Bosses:

Fantendo Bosses:


Amiibo is also for Super Mario Galaxy: Ultra for unlock characters. Also is has to be exclusive amiibos from new character for future mario games. Here is the exclusive amiibos names:

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