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These are the Music that are played in Super Mario Galaxy: Ultimate Quest.

Prankster Comet Soundtracks

Comet Icon Comet Name Soundtrack
Smg icon daredevilcomet Daredevil Comet The galaxy's fast soundtrack.
Smg icon speedycomet Speedy Comet
Smg icon purplecomet Purple Comet
Smg icon fastfoecomet Fast Foe Comet
Smg icon rompcomet Romp Comet
Smg icon cosmiccomet Cosmic Comet
Smg icon clonecomet Clone Comet
Smg icon rompcomet2 Backwards Comet Coming Soon...
Smg icon gamecomet1 Illusion Comet Coming Soon...

Boss Soundtracks

OBS: The bosses from SMG1/2 that appear at Boss Mode Galaxy have the same soundtrack from their games.

Level Soundtracks

Coming Soon...

Other Soundtracks

Coming Soon...

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