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These are the Power-Ups that appear on Super Mario Galaxy: Ultimate Quest of Mario/Luigi/Mii and Yoshi. There you can find also the abilities of Mario/Luigi/Mii and Yoshi.

Mario Power-Ups and Abilities


Mario and co. have all the abilities of Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 and from all the 3D Mario games. The abilities used in Super Mario 64 (like punching and kicking) and Super Mario Sunshine that have not appeared in SMG1/2 return in SMGUQ.

Old to SMG series Power-Ups

Image Power-Up Function First Appearence
1upSMG 1-Up Mushroom Gives Mario an extra life. Green Plains Galaxy
Life Mushroom SMG Life Mushroom A mushroom that gives Mario's Health Meter an additional three sections, bringing the total to six. When get twice, gives Mario's Health Meter more additional three sections, bringing the total to nine. Green Plains Galaxy
P&amp;DSMBE OrbPurple-Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom A mushroom that makes Mario dizzy and confused, starting to seeing illusions, as well as hurting him in one section of his life metter. Green Plains Galaxy
Image Form Power-Up Image Power-Up Name Effect
BooMario Boo Mario Boo Mushroom SMG Boo Mushroom A mushroom that gives Mario the power of intangibility, and also allows him to float in the air like a Boo. The player now can also charge at some enemies to defeat them.
Full Bee Mario SMG Bee Mario Bee Mushroom SMG Bee Mushroom Allows Mario to fly for a short time like a bee. Also allows Mario to stick to Honeycomb Walls, and gives him the ability to walk on flowers and clouds.
SpringMario Spring Mario Spring Mushroom SMG Spring Mushroom A power-up that transforms Mario into Spring Mario, allowing Mario to bounce extremely high.
Cloudm Cloud Mario CloudFlower Cloud Flower Allows Mario to make 4 cloud platforms. Also allows Mario to walk on other Clouds.
RockMario Rock Mario RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom Allows Mario to turn into a rock, knocking out enemies and boulders along the way, knocking down bridges and destroying Red Crystals. In this game also allows Mario to throw small rocks like Octoombas that are very powerful and allows to defeat strong enemies.
Fire Mario. Fire Mario FireFlowerSM3DL Fire Flower A power-up that allows Mario to throw fireballs at his enemies and gives Mario Ice immunity.
Ice Mario. Ice Mario Ice Flower SM3DW Ice Flower A power-up that allows Mario to throw iceballs at his enemies and gives Mario Fire immunity. And any water or lava he touches freezes solid in the form of a hexagonal platform (which melts after a period of time if left unoccupied).
Rainbow Mario Rainbow Mario SMG RainbowStar Rainbow Star A power-up that turns Mario into Rainbow Mario, thereby making him completely invincible for a short time.
Flying Mario Flying Mario RedStar2 Red Star In that form, Mario can fly by doing a spin. Also, he can stop in mid-air and also attracts Star Bits and meteors.


  • Mario uses the powers of both variations of Ice Mario appeared in Super Mario series. However, the appearence of Ice Mario is from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and other games, rather than turning into a living being of ice, like in SMG1.

New to SMG series Power-Ups

Image Form Power-Up Image Power-Up Name Effect
SuperballMarioYF97 *Superball Mario SuperFlower3DWorld Super Flower Allows Mario to throw gravity defying superballs at his enemies and break open weak walls. Mario can also throw Giant Cannonballs if spins 5 times repeatedly without launching other superballs.
Boomerang Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World *Boomerang Mario Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower Allows Mario to throw a boomerang, to defeat enemies, or catch items, far from him.
MetalMarioSMSJ *Metal Mario MetalMushroom Metal Mushroom Allows Mario be invincible for a short period of time. He can also run into enemies and defeat them without taking any damage (except Metal enemies) and also can grab or destroy heavy objects. Mario is also so heavy that it will sink in water, and can not go by its flow. Mario can also walk on lava without being damaged.
Double Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World *Double Mario DoubleCherry Double Cherry It creates a duplicate of the current character that will copy the exact same movements as the original character. It is only possible to create six duplicates and a clone will disintegrate if harmed or the Star is reached.


  • It's the first time that the Metal Mushroom appears at the Mario series (even with the appearence of Metal Mushroom Orb in MP6/7), working like the Metal Cap from SM64, otherwise Metal Mario is considered a new Power-Up only for the SMG series.

New Power-Ups

Image Form Power-Up Image Power-Up Name Effect
SandMario Sand Mario SandMushroom Sand Mushroom It turns Mario into Sand Mario, where he can turn into a sand tornado by spinning and turn back by spinning again and melt into a pile of sand by ducking. He can also walk on quick sand and throw sand balls to hit enemies (mainly spiked enemies).
CrystalMario2 Diamond Mario Super Diamond Power Diamond In that form, the player shoots diamond shards when it spins to attack enemies. Alongside from that, the diamond form allows the player to jump on spiky surfaces and enemies, reflects lasers and create dimamond shields. But Mario is damaged if exposed to strong sonic vibrations (without being protected by a crystal sheild) or being damaged by strong enemies. In consequence, Mario lose the diamond power and lose a part of the life.
Leaf Mario 2 Leaf Mario Tree Flower NSMBVR Tree Flower It that form, Mario can shoot leaves that works on 2 ways: when it is launch at specific plants, it creates vines which player can use to reach and swing freely; when the leaf hit an enemie, it create spiky vines that trap and smash the enemie, transforming it into Star Bits (this thecnique is good against spiky enemies, like Spinies and Chopphas). The player can also jump and, then, spin to create a giant leaf that can be used to float with air vents like a hoverboard for a few seconds. But you need to watch out for poison and lava, otherwise both the power and Mario will be blundered
Water Mario Water Mario WaterFlowerA Water Flower Allows Mario to launch and control the water (Like F.L.U.D.D. in SMS), so, the player can spray water at objects or enemies, can hover in the air for a short period of time and can blast upwards on a stream of pressurized water after charging up for a brief period of time. Mario is able to roam freely on water without having to follow the stream. It also allows Mario to cross solid structures underwater like the Vanish Cap in SM64. If hit by fire, electicity or Posioned Water, returns to normal.
ThunderMario Thunder Mario ThunderFlowerA Thunder Flower Allows Mario to shoot thunder volts and thunder balls at nearby foes. They can kill normal enemies in one hit and can paralyze stronger enemies that take multiple hits to kill, giving him an advantage over some enemies and more time to kill them. It's good against machines that have electrical powers, Amps, Bowser Amps, and Mechakoopas, however, the player needs to launch lots of thunderballs to destroy it: the enemie acquires (or intensifies) electric powers (like the player with this power-up), however, if the enemie receives lots of electric balls, it will overcharge and explode.
NSMBG-GravityMario Gravity Mario NSMBG-GravityFlower Gravity Flower Allows Mario to switch the gravity of an area. It has the same effect as the switches in the other Super Mario Galaxy games. Altought when Mario switch the gravity of an area, some objects can be moved because of the gravity, some others can't, helping the player to defeat some enemies and move at some places. Gravity Mario can also walk on walls during a long time without being affected by the gravity.

Support Items

Image Power-Up Image Power-Up Name Effect
Drill Mario SpinDrill Spin Drill It allowed Mario to drill drill through planets and dirt. When standing on a spherical planet, the player can use the Drill to go through the surface to the other side. The Spin Drill can also uncover hidden inside areas of planets that are otherwise unaccessible. It cannot drill through hard/metallic/un-drillable surfaces. It can also defeat enemies.
Mario Cannon Head Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World Cannon Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and it can fire cannonballs from a cannon on the front of the box; the projectiles can also be charged before being fired.

Yoshi Power-Ups

All the power-ups used on Yoshi in SMG2 returns in SMGU, as well as some new ones.

Image Form Power-Up Image Power-Up Name Effect
Balloon Yoshi Blimp Yoshi BlimpBerry Blimp Fruit Give to Yoshi the ability to float in midair.
Light Yoshi Bulb Yoshi BulbBerry Bulb Berry Give to Yoshi the ability to see invisible passageways and illuminate dark areas.
Marioyoshireed Dash Yoshi DashPepper Dash Pepper Give to Yoshi the ability to walk up walls and run on water and land at high speeds.
SupersonicYoshiMario Supersonic Yoshi SupersonicPeach Supersonic Peach Give to Yoshi the ability to launch strong sonic vibrations by his mouth, that can destroy even giant crystals, defeat small enemies and makes big enemies dizzy.
MarioSpikedYoshi Spiked Yoshi SpikedKiwi Spikeed Kiwi Gives Yoshi the ability to walk on walls, but not because of the speed, but because of the spikes on his body. It can also extend spikes when shaking, to defeat enemies or stick on walls. Not only that, he can also shoot spikes from it's body, creating another ones afer a few seconds. 
Mega yoshi smgav Mega Yoshi Mega Mango Mega Mango Give to Yoshi the ability to increasily grow, destroying enemies and objects for a limited time.
  • I would like to thank all the original developers that created images and ideas used in this page.

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