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Each world have 8 galaxies, being one the Grand Star Galaxy (except the world 7, with 10 galaxies). Every normal galaxy have 4 normal stars, 3 comet missions and 3 green stars. Every Grand Star galaxy have one Grand Star, one comet mission and two green stars.

Prankster Comets

Once again, comets return in this game, working like they did in Super Mario Galaxy 1/2. To a Prankster Comet appear at the Galaxy, it's necessary Collect the Comet Medal.

Comet Name Icon Comet Color Informations Time Limit
Speedy Comet Smg icon speedycomet Red Mario must complete a level with a time limit, sometines collecting Timers. Ranges between 0:30-6:45
Daredevil Comet Smg icon daredevilcomet White Mario must complete a task with only one wedge of health. None
Purple Comet Smg icon purplecomet Purple Mario must collect 100 Purple Coins in a course. Ranges between 1:30-5:25
Fast Foe Comet Smg icon fastfoecomet Yellow Makes the course hazards move faster. None
Romp Comet Smg icon rompcomet Orange Mario must defeat enemies in a set time limit. Ranges between 1:00-2:00
Cosmic Comet Smg icon cosmiccomet Blue Mario must race against Cosmic Mario in a course with a star at the end. None
Clone Comet Smg icon clonecomet Maroon Mario must complet a task while there are Multiple Cosmic Clones. None
Backwards Comet Smg icon rompcomet2 Brown Mario has to beat a mission done earlier backwards, from where he gets the Power Star to where he starts the normal mission. None
Illusion Comet Smg icon gamecomet1 Pink Strange effects are happening at the galaxy, including waving ground, false enemies moving at random speed, screen that create random things that block the player's view a bit, different enemies. None
Dash Comet Multicomet Black Mario needs to do some mission, but he can't stop running at maximum speed. None
Retro Comet Smg icon powershotcomet Scarlet Mario needs to rescue the Baby Luma trapped next to the Star (that is inside a Crystal) doing the mission again without the use of the Star Spin ability. None


Like in Super Mario 3D World, the map can be freely roamed with full control of the character, who controls the Galaxial Spaceship.

World 1

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Green Plains Galaxy A simple galaxy that introduces the main concept of the game. This is great for starters and includes many Launch Stars from players to blast their way though the galaxy. Easy enemies like Goombas, Galoombas, Pianha Plants and Hammer Bro.s appear. Pipsqueak Piranha is the boss of the Galaxy. Smg icon powerstarPipsqueak Piranha's Pipes

Smg icon powerstarTraveling over Space
Smg icon powerstarGet the 8 red Coins!
Smg icon powerstarStar Bunny Garden
Smg icon speedycometPipsqueak Piranha's Speed Run
Smg icon rompcometPiranha Plant Romp Run
Smg icon rompcomet2Travelling from the Finish
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 1
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 2
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 3

Pipsqueak Piranha

Masterful Egg Galaxy Smg icon powerstarMeeting Yoshi

Smg icon powerstarThe Golden Berry
Smg icon powerstarGoomboss Fortress
Smg icon powerstarSecret Wooly Planet
Smg icon daredevilcometYoshi's Daredevil Run
Smg icon gamecomet1This is a illusion, isn't it Goomboss?
Smg icon purplecometSecret Wooly Planet Purple Conis
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 1
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 2
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 3

Gravital Factory Galaxy Bosshopper
Shining Savanna Galaxy None
Cloud Plaza Galaxy Lakithunder
Paint Splash Galaxy None
Central Circus Galaxy None
Bowser Jr.'s Airship Base

Pom Pom

Boom Boom

World 2

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Dusty Sand Galaxy Smg icon powerstarIt's a Wind E. Sorm

Smg icon powerstarExploring the Sand Pyramid
Smg icon powerstarThe Pokey from the Quicksand
Smg icon powerstarThe Secret Oasis
Smg icon speedycometTower Power Pokey Speedy Run
Smg icon rompcometFire Snake Romp Run
Smg icon rompcomet2From the top of the Pyramid
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 1
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 2
Smg icon greenstarGreen Star 3

King Wind E.

Tower Power Pokey

Crystal Nebula Galaxy Supersonic Swooper
Choco Mountain Galaxy None
Poison Forest Galaxy Chopposs
Rolling River Galaxy

Lord Cheep-Chomp

Optic Savanna Galaxy None
Cosmic Shoals Galaxy None
Bowser's Volcanic Citadel


World 3

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Freeze Blitz Galaxy Mizzter Blizzard
Bulletworks Galaxy Royal Bill
Honeyhang Galaxy None
Roll 'n' Rock Galaxy None
Sunshine Beach Galaxy Petey Piranha
Smash Spike Galaxy Queen Spike
Elemental Waves Galaxy None
Bowser Jr.'s Robotic Tower

Mecha-Bowser Jr.

World 4

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Haunted Mansion Galaxy

King Boo

Flytime Jungle Galaxy None
Metal City Galaxy Metal Bowser
Skybound Clouds Galaxy Angry B. Flaptack
Supermassive Palace Galaxy


Gravity Battlefield Galaxy General Guy
Casino Cards Galaxy None
Bowser's Gravity Base


World 5

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Moss Cavern Galaxy

King T. Mole

Bob-Omb Battlefield Galaxy Big Bob-omb
Atomic Clock Galaxy King-Amp
Sky Storm Galaxy None
Dark Matter Galaxy

King Bones

Music Melody Galaxy None
Ancient Stoneruins Galaxy None
Bowser Jr.'s Forterss of Illusion

Bowser Jr.

World 6

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Humongus Fungus Galaxy


Magma Inferno Galaxy


Aquatic Grotto Galaxy

King Snoodleller

Master Jellybeam

Riddle Ruins Galaxy None
Cannon Fortress Galaxy


Koopa Park Galaxy None
Final Frontier Galaxy Eviluma
Bowser's Universal Stronghold


World 7

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Shadow Road Galaxy


Paper Caper Galaxy None
Fiery-Icy Galaxy The Fiery-Icy Dudes
Sand Land Galaxy None
Fast Food Galaxy


Digital Circuit Galaxy None
Old Times Galaxy None
Dry Bowser's Bone Hideout

Dry Bowser Jr.

​Dry Bowser

Boss Colosseum Galaxy All Bosses from SMG series
Super Mario Galaxy None

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