Super Mario Galaxy: Travels with Toads is a new installment of the Super Mario Galaxy series. It is for both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. It is the first SMG game for the DS. On the Wii, it plays just like the original SMG.


Mario recieves a letter from Princess Peach:

Dear Mario,

Please come to the castle to celebrate Mushroom Day. I've baked a cake just for you and Luigi, so bring him along.

-Princess Peach

Mario goes to the castle, only to find that a HUGE airship is coming out of the clouds. Bowser is seen in it yelling that Mario is a goner. Massive cannonballs come out of the airship. One hits Mario. All of a sudden, he is surrounded by a white light. This is too much for Mario, and he faints.

When he comes to, he sees a red Toad looking down at him. The Toad says that he is on the Starshroom, the ship of the Toad Brigade. If you have played the original SMG, you should know the Toad Brigade. They are in space. The Captain explains that he used the Starshroom's tractor beam to grab Mario and got into space before the ship could be destroyed. The Captain says they need Power Stars to go very far, but they have enough power to go to a galaxy near Mario's planet. This galaxy has Power Stars that they can use to get to other Stars, until they reach the spot where Bowser is building a weapon strong enough to annhilate entire planets instantly. The good Captain also mentions that he lost his hat in the launch and doesn't know where it is. You will find the hat (you know the one) in a certain galaxy as you progress through the game. You now enter the inside of the Starshroom via porthole, and press A when prompted by going near the front control panel (the Captain will be facing that direction). The Starshroom is exactly the way it was in SMG1, and as a result is very cramped and there isn't much to explore. So go, man, go!

List of Stars

Galaxy 1: Grassland Galaxy

1. Romp through the fields

2. Bouncin' on the Springs

3. Lick the Lakitu King

Galaxy 2: Mechanized Galaxy

1. Gears, gears, everywhere

2. Follow the Robot

3. Gearron Goes Down

Galaxy 3: Waterhole Galaxy

1. Through the Flooded Forest

2. Under the Tree

3. Monkey Race

Galaxy 4: Deserted Desert Galaxy

1. Find the Fire Flower

2. Red Coin Rising

3. Sand Piranha

Bonus Galaxy: Discoloration Station Galaxy

1. Find the Captain's Hat

2. Painting the Planet

Galaxy 5: Fishy Pool Galaxy

1. Swimmin' Down the Lane

2. Let's go Fishing

3. The Monster Fish Mangled

Galaxy 6: Dinosaur Galaxy

1. Find the Three Yoshis

2. A Yolky Souvenier

3. Eloshi Attacks!

Galaxy 7: Rocky Comet Galaxy

1. Race a Dastardly Doppleganger

2. Find Petey Piranha

3. Giant Rock Monsters

Bonus Galaxy: The Haunted Galaxy

1. Save Luigi!

2. King Boo's Revenge

Galaxy 8: Burning Hot Galaxy

1. Lava Tag

2. Jump into the Volcano

3: Encounter With a Podaboo

Galaxy 9: Snow Cone Galaxy

1. Climb the Cold Mountain

2. A Snow Storm Waiting to Happen

3. Blizz is Bashed

Galaxy 10: Bowser's Bad Galaxy

1. A Universal Showdown


After defeating Bowser, the Toad Brigade will return home. Peach comes along for the ride, getting kidnapped at the beginning of the game and all. She thanks Mario and the Toads, and the festival continues. Then the credits roll.

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