Super Mario Galaxy: Third Time Lucky is the third game in the Super Mario Galaxy series, released for the FlexiCon and Nintendo NX in 2021. The gameplay mechanics, similar to the previous two games, revolve around 3D platforming, with gravity as a key aspect. This game also focuses on exploration.

New Features

  • 4-Player Multiplayer
  • An all-new multiplayer campaign
  • Differing gravity on planets
  • Parallel Timelines: After certain levels are completed, Mario can explore a Parallel Timeline of that Galaxy, exploring every area of the galaxy (but altered) while searching for a Time Star. Time Stars count as regular Power Stars and can also unlock new galaxies.
  • New Power-ups including Grapple Mario (has a grappling hook), Time Mario (can speed up and slow down certain objects), Magnet Mario (can attract and repel certain objects) and, exclusive to Parallel Timelines, Switch Mario (can switch between the alternate timeline and the real world to solve puzzles)
  • Fourth Dimension: A procedurally generated super-level accessible from the Starship. This level is infinite so Mario can spend all the time in the world exploring it for fun!
  • Yoshi's back with all-new power-ups, including Stretch Yoshi and Glide Yoshi!


It's the Lucky Charm Festival and everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, including Bowser, is invited. Rosalina also mysteriously turns up, to witness the magic of the Six Lucky Stars. When Peach, who did not invite her, asks why she came, Rosalina explains that in the future, a comet hits the Mushroom Kingdom at this very festival, destroying the kingdom and all its inhabitants. Bowser and Mario also overhear this. Peach can't see a comet anywhere, until the Six Lucky Stars begin to glow, ensuring luck in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is at that moment that a sparkle in the sky appears...

Bowser becomes scared and steals the Lucky Stars, to protect himself only. The Lucky Stars form a suit of armour around him, and the other citizens run around frantically, knowing the asteroid will destroy them. Mario tries to pry the armour off him, to use the Stars to protect everyone, but Bowser, still blessed with their power, swats him away. The two continue to wrestle and Bowser squashes Mario under his stomach, just as the comet hits...

When Mario wakes up, he discovers the ruins of the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as a note from Princess Peach, saying she escaped into space with Rosalina. As a failsafe, her inhabitants also turned themselves into bricks and plants.

Mario explores the ruins and eventually discovers the portal Rosalina and Peach used. Jumping in, he finds himself aboard the Starship, a ship run by Lumas. They tell Mario that Rosalina and Peach, as well as a strange monster (Bowser), had gone to the Time Temple to try to reverse time. However, they had not been heard from.

Mario resolves to journey to the Time Temple to rescue Peach, Rosalina and Bowser, and to reverse time to save the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the ship is out of Power Stars, its fuel source and the Lumas' prized possessions. Mario must first recover the Power Stars.

After some time, Mario reaches the last level of World 1, Hyper's Cosmic Carnival. There, Mario meets Hyper, a constantly hyperactive Red Luma who guards the Time Temple. Mario and the Leader of the Starship ask him to let them through, but Hyper refuses, saying he doesn't work for the Lumas anymore and can do whatever he wants. he wants to keep the power of the Time Temple to himself, and traps Mario, his potential competitor, in a deadly carnival. Mario breaks out and fights Tinman, a giant animatronic with hammers for hands.

After the battle, Mario uses a Vision Crystal found at the carnival (stolen from the Lumas) to see Peach, Rosalina and Bowser being held hostage by Hyper at the Time Temple. He also sees that the Six Lucky Stars were scattered across the universe when Bowser fled, and earns one for beating Tinman.

Soon, Mario reaches World 2's final level, Bowser's Roaring Return. In this level, it is revealed that Bowser accepted Hyper's offer to be his partner, guarding the Time temple and using its power. Bowser, who has gone mad, explains that there is so much universe out there that the Mushroom Kingdom doesn't matter anymore, and offers for Mario to join them.

Mario refuses and defeats Bowser in a fight, earning the second Lucky Star. Bowser, enraged, returns to the Time Temple via portal.

Soon after, Mario gets to World 3's final level, Hyper and Bowser Inc., a factory producing robotic enemies. Mario will eventually have to fight Tinman again, this time with Hyper controlling him from the inside.

Mario defeats Tinman, earning another Lucky Star, and journeys through World 4. Soon he reaches the last level of the world, Robo-Bowser's Flying Fortress. After defeating the newly created Robo-Bowser, he earns the next Lucky Star.

World 5's last level is Hyper's Fantasy Hijinks, a world created with the power of the Time Temple based on Hyper's imagination. It contains a fantasy setting, and Mario soon climbs a beanstalk and raids Hyper's giant castle in the clouds. Throughout the castle, Mario must sneak past Giga Bowser, by hiding underneath giant furniture. Finally, Mario gets to the Lucky Star BEFORE fighting Giga Bowser. The star makes Mario gigantic, allowing him to take down Giga Bowser.

Finally, Mario journeys through the 6th World. Throughout the world, holes and cracks in the fabric of time are appearing, growing more and more common. Finally, Mario reaches the Time Temple, which is collapsing in on itself. It is revealed that Bowser, mad with power and anger at Mario, tried to use the Time Temple to restart the entire universe, which is causing time to fall apart. Hyper tries to stop Bowser, but Bowser uses some of the Time Temple's power to make the Six Lucky Stars instantly appear in his hand. Bowser uses them to cause all kinds of havoc, while Hyper teams up with Mario to take him down. After a long boss battle, Bowser falls into a hole in time to become Time Eater Bowser- this time, Rosalina and Peach take him down, and he reverts back to normal.

The Time Temple begins to split open, and Hyper sacrifices himself to keep it together and save time. Mourning his death, the other Lumas help Rosalina, Peach and Mario to revert the Mushroom Kingdom back to the way it was. With everything back to normal, Mario, Peach and Rosalina finish the Festival.