Super Mario Galaxy: The Third is a game by Jet, Inc.. Please make no edits unless given permission by Peanutjon (tbc) or Micool26 (tbc). It'll be released on Sept. 4th 2010 everywhere.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . .(insert Star Wars music here)

A ship of Lumas, Toads, and Mario Bros. flies through the universe, discovering new things and new items. All is peaceful on this ship, usually. . .

But this time a giant monster is attacking the spaceship! The ship flies out of control, losing it's power-source; the Power Stars. It's captain, Lumbana, begs Mario, Luigi, Red and Green Toad to help. Eight Lumas agree to help them. They all blast off into a new adventure! (end music)


World 1

Name | Levels | Bosses
Space Star Galaxy

Smg icon powerstarPeppy Piranha's Peppy Moves
Smg icon powerstarGiddy up, Dino!
Smg icon speedycometPeppy Piranha's Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coin Collectors
Smg icon greenstarPepper Piranha's Temper Trouble

Peppy Piranha
Pepper Piranha

Honeybee Galaxy

Smg icon powerstarMandibee's Buzzing Mood
Smg icon powerstarBugabang, Bugaboom!
Smg icon daredevilcometBugaboom's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecometMandibee's 100 Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarQueen Bee's Itchy Head

Sunshine Isle Galaxy

Smg icon powerstarIce Yoshi's Freezing Skate-Walk
Smg icon powerstarAnnual Box-Buster Challenge
Smg icon fastfoecometSuper Fast Box-Busters
Smg icon purplecometPianta Square's 100 Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarWigglar's Wiggle-and-Squirmin' Beach

Retro Mario Galaxy

Smg icon powerstarBob-Omb Battlefield Busters
Smg icon powerstarRicco Harbor's Blooper Troubles
Smg icon powerstarRed Toad's Wario Woods
Smg icon powerstarPinna Park Poppers
Smg icon purplecometWario Wood's 100 Purple Coins

King Bob-Omb
Gooper Blooper

Surfin' Sand Galaxy Smg icon powerstarRay Ridin' for 8 Red Coins
Smg icon powerstarRay Ridin' for 7 Silver Stars
Smg icon powerstarRay Ridin' Race
Smg icon purplecometRay Ridin' for 100 Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarRay Ridin' Over the Rainbow
Penguin Racin' Squad
Super Splash Bros. Galaxy Smg icon powerstarBoat Yoshi's Splashin' Habit
Smg icon powerstarSwimming to the Planet's Core
Smg icon speedycometPlanet's Core Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometPurple Path to the Planet's Core
Smg icon greenstarPenguin Trap on the Other Side of the Planet
King Kaliente
Minion Madness Galaxy Smg icon powerstarThe Chimp's Stomper Challenge
Smg icon powerstarTanoomba's Terrible Time
Smg icon daredevilcometTanoomba's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecometThe Chimp's 100 Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarThe Chimp's Bowling Challenge

Bowser Jr.'s Robot World

Smg icon grandstarBowser Jr.'s Robot Rider Unnamed Robot

World 2

Name | Levels | Bosses
Spikey Saddle Galaxy Smg icon powerstarSpiked Collar for Boshi!
Smg icon powerstarLakiboo's Spiked Spinies
Smg icon daredevilcometLakiboo's Daredevil Run
Smg icon purplecometKilling Spinies for 100 Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarLakiboo's Cloud
Floating Isles Galaxy Smg icon powerstarBlimp Yoshi's Bloating Problem
Smg icon powerstarTo the Top of the Treehouse!
Smg icon cosmiccometCosmic Clones in the Treetown
Smg icon purplecometTreetown's Purple Coin Bank
Smg icon greenstarThe Mystery of the Treetop
Swirling Islands Galaxy Smg icon powerstarDash Yoshi's Gettin' Dizzy!
Smg icon powerstarSwirling 8 Red Coins
Smg icon cosmiccometCosmic Clones and Silver Stars
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins of the Junkyard
Smg icon greenstarThe Junkyard's Secret
Junk Bunk Galaxy (Hungry Luma) Smg icon greenstarThe Tipping Platforms and Silver Stars None
Mansion Mania Galaxy Smg icon powerstarBright ol' Bulb Yoshi
Smg icon powerstarFire vs. King Boo
Smg icon speedycometBulb Yoshi Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometLight up the Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarBrightened Silver Stars
King Boo
Underground World Galaxy Smg icon powerstarBouldergeist's Back!
Smg icon powerstarBulb Yoshi in the Haunted Maze
Smg icon speedycometHaunted Maze Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins in the Haunted Alley
Smg icon greenstarBrightening up the Creepy Forest
Astro Clouds Galaxy (Hungry Luma) Smg icon greenstarCloud and Bee Mario Quest None
Bowser's Big Bad Boat Galaxy Smg icon grandstarBowser's Airboat Army Bowser's Airboat Army

World 3

Name | Levels | Bosses
Freezey Fire Galaxy Smg icon powerstarPeppy's Icy Island
Smg icon powerstarBurning on the Icy Isles
Smg icon speedycometIcy Island Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometBurning Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarBurning Secrets
Peppricold Piranha
Seaside Shore Galaxy (Hungry Luma) Smg icon greenstarSally Sinker vs. the Great Big Eel Great Big Eel
Rolling Rodeo Galaxy Smg icon powerstarRolling 'Round the Mountain
Smg icon powerstarRoll for 7 Silver Stars
Smg icon speedycometSilver Stars Speed Run
Smg icon purplecometRolling Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarChomp's Burnin' up
Silver Chomp
Monkey Mania Galaxy Smg icon powerstarThe Swinging Monkey Mushroom
Smg icon powerstarMonkey Mania Super Race
Smg icon cosmiccometCosmic Monkey Super Race
Smg icon purplecometSwinging for Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarSwing High and Swing Low
Many Money Galaxy Smg icon powerstarThe Sneaky Bandit Mask
Smg icon powerstarSneaking Past the Giant Piranha
Smg icon fastfoecometSneaking Past Very Fast
Smg icon purplecometSneak Past Giant Piranha for Purple Coins
Smg icon greenstarSneak into Giant Piranha's Pipe
Giant Piranha
Fruit Collections Galaxy Smg icon powerstarIce Yoshi's Walk Down Burning Lane
Smg icon powerstarFloating Like a Boat Yoshi
Smg icon powerstarSpeedy Ol' Dash Yoshi
Smg icon powerstarBulb Yoshi Goes and Glows
Smg icon powerstarBoshi's Spiked Spitting
Power Hour Galaxy Smg icon powerstarFire Mario Burns 'em Down
Smg icon powerstarBandit Mario Sneaks Past
Smg icon powerstarSwinging with Ukiki Mario
Smg icon speedycometSpeed Run Bandit Mario
Smg icon purplecometBurn em' Up for 100 Purple Coins
Larry's Lettuce Land Galaxy Smg icon grandstarLarry's Freezing Lettuce-Bot Chillettuce

World 4

Name | Levels | Bosses
Blackout Galaxy Smg icon powerstarBoarding the Blackout Boat
Smg icon powerstarBulb Yoshi on the Boat
Smg icon fastfoecometFast Foes Boarding the Boat

Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins on Blackout Boa
Smg icon greenstarIce Yoshi's Wall-Jump

Bowser's Darkness Doomship Galaxy Smg icon grandstarBoarding in the Dark Black Out

Rest TBA.

Playable Characters



Red Toad

Green Toad

Orange Co-Star

Purple Co-Star

Red Co-Star

Green Co-Star


Fire Mario - Fire Flower

Frozen Mario - Ice Flower

Ukiki Mario - Monkey Mushroom (NEW)

Bandit Mario - Bandit Mask (NEW)

Spring Mario - Spring Mushroom

Bee Mario - Bee Mushroom

Boo Mario - Boo Mushroom

Cloud Mario - Cloud Flower

Rock Mario - Rock Mushroom

Dash Yoshi - Dash Pepper

Bulb Yoshi - Bulb Berry

Boat Yoshi - Boat Banana (NEW)

Ice Yoshi - Ice Lettuce (NEW)

Boshi - Spiked Collar (NEW)

Wario - Garlic (NEW)










Unnamed Cosmic Clone-like characters that seem to be Cosmic Spirit's minions

Cosmic Lumas

Luma Museum

Luma Shop

Hungry Luma


Unnamed Dinosaur that Oogtar rides on


Unnamed Dinosaurs ridden by Cavemen


(see "galaxies" section for more)


Bowser Jr.


Same as in SMG2.


Played like SMG2 except up to 8 players can play. P1-4 play as Mario, Luigi, Red and Green Toad and P5-8 play as Co-Stars.


Mario, Luigi and Toads: Like in SMG2.

Co-Stars: Use GameCube controller and are used like in SMG2.




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