Super Mario Galaxy: The Shattered Dimensions is the final chapter in what Fantendo Brothers Entertainment says is a trilogy to end all trilogies. It released on July 4, 2010 and will come out for the Wii and remade for the VRWii July 4, 2011. What follows is a story that shall shatter your dimension with love, hatred, and epic heroism.


A good story always starts with a party, and this is no exeption. Mario wakes up to see star bits falling on his window. It is that time of year again. Time for a Star Festival. Mario rushes off to the castle to spend the night with his loved one. He meets a little Luma along the way (which he names Bob). He arrives in Toad Town just to see Bowser picking up the castle. When Mario tries to stop him, Bowser chucks Mario into space and disappears with the princess. Now, Mario must stop Bowser, with the help of the Mirrior Shards and galactic conterperts, and save the Universe ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Character Description How to Unlock


The Main Hero of the game. Play through the intro


Mario's Brother returns as well Beat Bowser 3 times
LumaAssistLumaaaa Player 2 returns Play Cooperitavly once


Character Description


The main villain of the game.


Mario Dimension

Galaxy name Stars/Mirror Shards Bosses Missions
Dimensional Gateway 3/1 goombomb/Super goombomb Goombomb
Smg icon powerstar
Goombomb's Revenge
Smg icon grandstar

Goombomb Daredevil
Smg icon speedycomet

Green star 1
Smg icon greenstar

Yoshi Dimension

Galaxy Stars/Mirror Shards Bosses Missions
Yoshi Gateway 4/0 N/A

Becoming Yoshi

Racing Koopa the Quick

Green star 1

Green Star 2

Dig Down 4/0 Digga-Dug


Digga-Dug's Speed run

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Super Yoshi World 4/0 N/A

Super Power, Super Yoshi

Cosmic race through the world

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Bonechil's volcanic waste 3/1 Bonechil

Bonechil's arrival

Bonchil's Daredevil

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Yoshi Playpen 4/0 N/A

Traversing the Playpen

Speeding through the Playpen

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Future Diemension

Galaxy name Stars/Mirrior Shards Bosses Missions
Future Gateway 4/0 N/A

Testing A Robo-Mario

When It rains, It Shocks

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Laser Battlefield 4/0 Super Laser Bro.

Traverse the Battlefield

Defeating the General

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Air Highway 2/0 N/A

Flying at the speed of sound

Green Star 1

Cy-Koopa's Lair 1/1 Cy-Koopa

Cy-Koopa's High speed chase

Green Star 1

Koopa Race Ground 2/0 N/A

Rerace Koopa the Quick

Green Star 1

MEDIEVEL Diemension

Galaxy Stars/Mirrior Shards Bosses Missions
Grassy Fields 4/0 N/A

Sir Mario's Rise

Searching for the Black Knight

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Sir Bowser's Black Castle 1/1 Sir Bowser

Sir Bowser

Green Star 1

Black Volcano 2/0 N/A

A fiery Inferno

Green Star 1

PIRATE Diemension

Galaxy Name Stars/Mirrior Shards Bosses Missions
South Port 4/0 Capatin Blooper

Capatin Blooper Attacks

Capatin Blooper's Daredevil

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Capatin Bowser's Fleet 1/1 Capatin Bowser

Capatin Bowser

Green Star 1

Lost Island 2/0 N/A

Buried Treasure

Green Star 1


Galaxy Stars/Mirror Shards Bosses Missions
Bowser's Universal Power Source 0/1 Mix Bowser The Fate of the Universe

Critical Reception

IGN: 10.00 "Best game we have ever played"

Gamespot: 5/5 "Never seen a better end to a trilogy"

GameSpy:5.00/5.00 "A game that will forever last in a gamers heart"

Nintendo Power: "Best Game" for 2010

Fantendo Power: "Most loved game" for 2010

All in all, everyone loves this game.


Coming Soon

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