New Features

Four characters are playable in co-op mode, Mario, Rosalina, Peach and Luigi.

New Powerups:

Boomerang Mario: Throw a booomerang at your enemies, and watch it bounce back!

Comet Mario: Turns mario into a comet and gives you the ability to temporarily fly.

Blade Mario: Can cut through anything.


World 1

Eggplant Galaxy

Yoshi's Lagoon Galaxy

Grand Rolling Galaxy

Tick Tock Galaxy

Twisty Horror Galaxy

Bowser's Fiery Fiesta

World 2:

Rubbledown Galaxy

Honeyground Galaxy

Sherbet Ocean Galaxy

Disaster Peak Galaxy

Templeworks Galaxy

Bowser Jr's Crazy Colluseum

World 3:

Sweet Scent Galaxy

Breezy Coconut Galaxy

Castle Siege Galaxy

Drainplummet Galaxy

Cometwind Galaxy

Bowser's Treachrous Tower

World 4:

Talonflame Galaxy

Starwish Galaxy

Lavadoom Galaxy

Desert Oasis Galaxy

Boo Terror Galaxy

Bowser Jr's Molten Mountain

World 5:

Paradise Cove Galaxy

Swap Out Galaxy

Right Way Galaxy

Playtime Galaxy

Galactic Pull Galaxy

Bowser's Gravity Gripper

World 6: 

Roseleaf Galaxy

Humane Hijinx Galaxy

Candy Coaster Galaxy

Magic Maruaders Galaxy

Yo Yo Galaxy


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