Super Mario Galaxy: Moonlight
Developer(s) ICGI and KeyholeGaming
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA June 5th, 2013

25px-Flag of Japan June 8th, 2013

Age Rating(s)
30px ERating
Genre(s) Action/Adventure/3D Platformer
Media Included Wii U Disk, Expansion Pack: Rosalina's Story.

Super Mario Galaxy: Moonlight, or just Super Mario Galaxy 3, is a game in the Mario for the Wii U. Both Icy Cold Gaming Industries and Keyhole Gaming teamed up with Nintendo in order to make it. This is the first Super Mario Galaxy game to feature Rosalina as a playable character, but only in a downloadable texture pack.

The game was released on June 8, 2013 in Japan, and 3 days after its American release.


After the events of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Rosalina is looking up from the Comet Observatory, when suddenly, a giant black hole appears! Rosalina tells her Lumas to escape and look for help, and they obey. As the black hole gets closer, a demented laugh is heard.

Later, Mario and Luigi are relaxing at home, looking up at the stars. Luigi points out a shooting star, which then crashes into Mario's yard! The brothers run over to it, only to find a Luma! The Luma tells them what happened, and they rush to the castle to tell Princess Peach.

When they get there, a black, white, and red Magikoopa appears. This turns out to be Magiconquerer, an old villain from the Mushroom Kingdom's past. He suddenly uses magic to lift both The Mushroom Castle AND Bowser's Castle into space.

Before he leaves, he uses more magic to know out Mario and Luigi, as well as the Luma.

When they wake up, they realize they are back on The Starship Mario. Lubba, Mario's old friend, tells them that they were transported here by some sort of magic. Mario explains what happened, and Lubba is on the crew! He sets a course for The Comet Observatory, and the crew takes off!



Image Name Description
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario now must battle against an old enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom, Magiconquerer!
He uses several abilites from the other Galaxy games, like the Star Spin and Triple Jump, he can also do a Drill Jump similar to Spinning Jump in Super Mario World.
x150px Luigi Mario's brother and his sidekick on the series! He is here to save the Mushroom Kingdom from Magiconquerer, along his brother Mario!
His abilites are similar to Mario, however he is faster than him and jump higher than Mario, but he is weaker than him. He have the Poltergust 5000 that can be used on some levels.
27.Rosalina Rosalina The princess of the Lumas, Rosalina, she is not playable during the main game, but she is playable on the DLC storyline.
Her gameplay is similar to Mario's, but she is slower and jumps higher like Luigi and she uses Lumas to attack the enemies.

Supporting Characters

Image Name Description
Luma Luma Luma are tiny star-looking creatures that lives on the Mushroom Galaxy, they appear in some levels as helpers.
However some of the Lumas are missing, in some levels you must rescue them!
Toad Brigade1 Toad Brigade Those Toads are very helpful on Mario and Luigi's journey.
Each one of them have different roles, the Red Toad, aka the Captian, teaches Mario new moves, the Blue Toad sells items, Yellow appears on some levels hiding somewhere, if you find him you can get a star!, Green and Pink Toads appears on Starship Mario, talking with them, you get a random power-up by giving 100 coins to them.
Princess Peach (SMBSS) Princess Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she is captured again along her castle by Magiconquerer.
After rescuing her and her's castle. she appears as the save point on the game.
Lubba Lubba Lubba is a giant Luma that appears on the Starship Mario, before each stage, he gives a briefly description of the stage.
Also, if you loses 10 times on a stage, he will appear and give you the Star Cloud power-up, he also appears during Boss Fights giving clues about the bosses weak spots.
HoneyQueenMKH Honey Queen The queen of the bees, she re-appears since her last appeareance in SMG2
She only appears in one galaxy and when the player meets her, she recovers Mario or Luigi's health.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Princess Peach' mentor, Toadsworth is an elder toad that lives on Mushroom Kingdom for a long time.
He appears on the Peach's Castle after saving it from Magiconquerer, Toadsworth gives pages of a mysterious diary, after giving him some items that he losts on some galaxies.
Toadette by Tom Toadette Toad's sister, she appears on the Guide Videos.
In the guide videos, she appears to teach the player how to use some new moves in the game, and she also gives some protips.
YoshiSMSJ Yoshi The famous green dinosaur appears in this game!
He appears on some levels, where he can be actually playable, he can eat enemies, throw enemies on against another, do flutter jump, make eggs, throw eggs and ground pound to attack enemies and find new areas.
GreenParakoopa Mail Parakoopa A friendly Parakoopa that works on Koopa Mails.
He gives mail to the player, which is basically some optional quests that gives new items or new areas to go.


Image Name Description
Goomba New Goomba

Mario's most common enemy takes to the stars once again! In order to defeat them, all you have to do in jump on them once to defeat them!

Paragoomba NSMBU Paragoomba

A Goomba with wings! Your jumping won't work unless you jump ON them while they're flying. They'll lose their wings, and then you can jump on them again to kill them!

N/A Nova Goomba Due to the effects of the Dark Nova, many enemies have been effected by it. A Goomba is one of them. All you have to do to kill it is jump on it three times! Easy!
N/A Nova Paragoomba

Much like the Nova Goomba, a Nova Para-Goomba was effected by the Dark Nova's power. Jump on it 4 times to show it who's boss!

N/A Army Goomba Pretty much a Goomba with a helmet. In order to kill it, you gotta use Ground-Pound when your near it, which flips it over! Jump on it once to beat it.
Koopa Troopa SMBU Koopa Troopa

A normal Koopa Troopa. It's pretty easy to beat, too! All you need to do is jump on it and kick it's Green Shell at another enemy! Cool, right?

GreenParakoopa Parakoopa A Koopa with wings. Much like the Goomba and the Koopa, it is easy to beat! Just jump on it two times, then kick the shell at enemies!
N/A Nova Koopa A Dark Nova-powered Koopa. Jump on it 3 times and kick it's shell twice. Another way to defeat it is with the Wing-Mushroom power-up.
N/A Nova Parakoopa Much like the Nova Koopa, a Nova Parakoopa is tougher than it's normal counterpart. Jump on it 3 times, then the shell at random enemies!
N/A Spiky Koopa A Koopa with spikes on it's shell. You can't jump on it AND you can't kick it's shell. You have launch a Star Bit at it, which causes it to die.
BombshellKoopaSMLTLT Bombshell Koopa A Koopa that can explode! It's dangerous around you, so in order to beat it, you have to use a Fire Flower on it, which causes it to go mad and explode!
N/A Nova Spiky Koopa A Spiky Koopa powered-up by the Dark Nova. In order to beat it, you have to launch 3 Star Bits, this time at it's face or stomach!
N/A Nova Bombshell Koopa A Bombshell Koopa powered-up by the Dark Nova. In order to beat it, you can't use a Fire Flower. You need an Ice Flower, which will cause it to explode!
N/A Gold Goomba

OMG! A shiny Gold Goomba! In order to beat it, you must Ground-Pound, then jump. They either give you 10 coins, or an awesome Star!

N/A Gold Koopa

Much like the Gold Goomba, A Gold Koopa is stronger then a regular Goomba. Ground-Pound it, then stomp on it! Your prize will be either 20 coins of a Star!