Mushroom Kingdom Superstars
Logo credit to HungryZabu (tbc)
Developer(s) TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
Publisher(s) TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
25px-FlagofUSA: September 27, 2017
25px-FlagofJapan: September 27, 2017
25px-FlagofEurope: December 18, 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, Action
Series Super Mario

Super Mario Galaxy: Galactic Prankster is an upcoming Super Mario series game for the Nintendo Switch, one of the last games for the system made by Nintendo, and the third in the Super Mario Galaxy trilogy of games. The game was announced in the summer of 2015, but no progress was heard of from the game until near the end of 2016, after it's production was moved from the Wii U the Nintendo Switch. The game is set for a release in Japan and the US on September 27, 2017.

Taking place after the events of Super Mario Galaxy 2, the game follows Mario's adventures across many different galaxies, with the help of a Luma named Lumiette, as the two chase down a rogue Luma named Illumi, who has stolen a weapon called the Prankster Wand from its keeping place; a weapon capable of destroying whole galaxies with a simple wave. Lumiette recruits Mario to prevent Illumi from destroying the entire universe with the wand.

Between the previous Super Mario Galaxy title and this one, one of the biggest changes are the new emphasis on Prankster Comets; there is now one Prankster Comet available on each level, playable after collecting the level's Comet Medal. There are 6 kinds of Prankster Comet, as well as a new "final comet" called the Prankster Nova; Prankster Novas appear after collecting all the Comet Medals of a certain level, which consists of a distorted area loaded with cosmic energy; the core of the labyrinth must be fought to destroy the Nova and gain the Power Star from it.


One faithful afternoon in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario receives a letter from the lovely Princess Peach, which tells him to come to the castle as soon as he can; there's a surprise waiting there for him. Intrigued, Mario heads off to the castle, meeting various Toads on his way. When he arrives to the castle, he's greeted by Peach, who takes him inside to greet a familiar face; Lubba! The nomadic Luma has been traveling across the universe since his previous encounter with Mario, and was passing Earth when he decided to pay a visit to his friend and his "special one". Having brought several Lumas with him, they decide to put on a festival for the Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom, in celebration of the reunion.

That evening, the Lumas combine their power to summon Star Bits to rain down on the kingdom in a fantastic light show, which awes the Toads, much to the pleasure of the Lumas. The Star Bit Rain not only summons various Mushroom Kingdom denizens from all over, but it also attracts a few Lumas near Earth's atmosphere, who decide to join the festival. One of the Lumas, a mysterious green one with a shiny necklace, is the last to come, and is shown flying to the castle. Another Luma, a purple one equipped with a silly-looking wand, is wandering through the crowd of Toads and Lumas, watching the Star Bit Rain thoughtfully. And, as the Star Bit Rain continues, a massive airship is shown to be flying to the kingdom.

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Captain Toad, Toadsworth, and Lubba were enjoying some tea and conversation, before the mysterious Luma crashes the party, clumsily toppling through a window and onto the floor. Lubba, noticing the Luma, scolds it for "crashing their party", but that doesn't seem to be the Luma's concern. The Luma frantically warn Mario and Peach of the airship coming towards the direction of the Mushroom Kingdom. Those in the castle immediately recognize the threat of Bowser, and Mario and Luigi rush into action.

The two walk outside to see Bowser and Bowser Jr. raining bombs and meteors down on the Toads below, causing chaos; Mario and Luigi run towards the airship's direction, ready to take on Bowser. However, they're stopped when the Purple Luma seen earlier whips out his wand, and uses it to absorb Bowser, Bowser Jr., the enemies on board, and the airship. The Lumas and Toads notice the Luma for a brief moment of silence, before the Luma raises it's wand again, this time forming a large blue black hole, emitting powerful cosmic energy, as the entire Mushroom Kingdom begins to become ravaged and chaotic, due to all the denizens and landmarks being absorbed by the black hole. The purple Luma, looking satisfied, shoots off into the sky with a laugh.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Lubba, Toadsworth, and the remaining Toads try to fight against the black hole's rage, but Peach and Toadsworth lose their grips and are sucked into the black hole, as is Lubba. Mario is also about to be sucked in when the green Luma from before turns into a Launch Star and fires Mario right into the air, sending him off to space. The black hole suddenly dies down, leaving Luigi, Captain Toad, the Toad Brigade, and a few remaining Toads all alone, with Peach, Toadswoth, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and many more denizens and objects having disappeared with the vortex.

Mario wakes up in a mysterious mechanical room, with the Green Luma from before watching over him. Thankful he's awake, the Luma helps Mario up, introducing himself as Lumiette. Lumiette takes Mario out of the room, only for Mario to find he's on a large, metallic spacecraft, with various star shaped domes across it. Lumiette explains that the Luma who destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom and captured Peach and Lubba is named Illumi, and he's a rogue Luma who left the good side of Lumas to steal the Prankster Wand; a weapon located in the Comet Supernova, a deep-space dimension. The Wand controls Prankster Comets in the galaxies, and it can be used, at full power, to destroy entire galaxies. However, the Wand could collapse if used too often, causing the universe to be absorbed in a Prankster Nova Lumiette and his brigade of Lumas tried to stop Illumi for coming to Earth, but they had to evacuate when Illumi "dispatched" many of the Lumas, causing Lumiette to flee to Earth, and Illumi to follow.

Lumiette explains that very few Lumas of his original brigade remain, as most were corrupted by the Prankster Wand, similarly to Peach, Bowser, and Lubba. One Luma remained behind, however; none other than Baby Luma. Supposedly, Young Master Luma wanted to travel with Lumiette to see more of the universe, and he was present at the attack, where he managed to stay aboard and not be captured. Mario and Luma reunite, and the two partner up once more.

Lumiette tells Mario that he needs the power of the Grand Stars — rare Power Stars with immense cosmic energy — to save his friends, Mario's friends, and the entire universe. A high number of Power Stars are also needed to counter the Wand's antimatter energy. Mario agrees straight away, to Lumiette's delight, and he sends Mario off to his first mission to retrieve the first Power Star from Cosmic Central Galaxy, in order to create a beacon to attract new Lumas for the brigade.


Once again, our mustached hero, with the help of a new friend, the mysterious Luma known as Lumiette, must travel across different planets and galaxies to chase after a dangerous rogue Luma, named Illumi, wielding a weapon so dangerous that it can summon comets to destroy whole planets! With the help of new allies, new power-ups, and new tricks to travel across the universe, Mario must stop Illumi from using the Prankster's Wand to destroy the entire universe!


Power Star Types


Playable Characters

200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Of course, this wouldn't be a Mario adventure without Mario, would it? Mario's off to save the universe from destruction after the Mushroom Kingdom is endangered by Illumi's chaotic power. With the help of Baby Luma, he can use his spin attack to blow through enemies.
200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
On previous galactic adventures, Luigi has mostly played a backseat role. It isn't too different with the green-loving plumber this time; however, when Illumi's forces come to the Mushroom Kingdom, it's up to Luigi to protect the Toads still there! Luigi mostly controls similarly to Mario; the difference is, he has improved jumping abilities, but he can't perform a Star Spin like Mario can.





Similarly to the second game, the worlds progress in an world map fashion, where you control Lumiette's Cosmocraft across the map to travel to different worlds, and different galaxies in this worlds. You can even take on enemy hordes rampaging on galaxies for sweet rewards, like Star Bits, 1-Ups, and even Crystal Coins, and interact with a Hungry Lumas on the map.
* denotes a Hungry Luma Galaxy

World 1

For extended information on the missions, see here.

Galaxy Name Stars Mission
Cosmic Central Galaxy
A spacial station said to orbit a chain of black holes, this galaxy exists to keep the already deathly black holes of the universe from expanding enough to swallow the galaxies of the universe. Octoombas and Octoguys make this galaxy their home, alongside various Piranha Plants, and, most significantly, the feared monster Piranhabloom.
PowerStar GP
Piranhabloom Doom
The monster inhabiting the flora-layered outskirts of the galaxy is terrorizing the Star Bunnies of the land! Navigate the station and find the Launch Star to take you to fight the treacherous Piranhabloom.
PowerStar GP
Shattered Launch Star
Mario must put together a broken Launch Star after a meteor destroys the only method to reaching the Power Star, with the pieces scattered in a maze deep inside the station.
PowerStar GP
Takeoff in the Station
A rocket has been landed in the station, and Mario must ride it to a large moon; this is easier said then done, when the ship is overridden by enemies, including several cosmic serpents known as Cosnodes.
SpeedDemonComet GP
Piranhabloom Speedrun
Mario must relive the adventure going to Piranhabloom, but he has only 7 minutes to reach the monster and defeat him.
PurpleCoinComet GP
Star Station's Purple Coins
With 2 minute and 30 seconds ticking away, the player must revisit the maze from a previous mission to collect 100 Purple Coins to achieve this Prankster Star.
PowerStar GP
The Beauty of Stargazing
This world's Violet Star must be accessed by reaching the top of the rocket, accessing a secret Launch Star, and arriving to a large chain of giant stars, where Mario must defeat an army of Cosnodes to retrieve the rare Star.
Fruity Forest Galaxy
A sprawling forest with trees as high as skyscrapers, and wildlife as wild as wild can be. This jungle is filled with all kinds of flora and fauna that could pose a threat, but, with the help of a certain green dinosaur and various colorful fruits, it's easy to traverse. These woodlands are home to all sorts of creatures, harmless and harmful, so you and Yoshi should watch your step!
Orange Oasis Galaxy
Spotlight Stage Galaxy
Bowser's Ravaged Armanda
Musical Masterpiece Galaxy*
Prankster Nova:Alpha

World 2

For extended information on the missions, see here.

World 3

For extended information on the missions, see here.

World 4

For extended information on the missions, see here.

World 5

For extended information on the missions, see here.

World 6

For extended information on the missions, see here.

Prankster's Nova

For extended information on the missions, see here.

World ⭐️

For extended information on the missions, see here.



Overworld Items



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