Super Mario Galaxy: Galactic Journey
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Reverse
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Mild Cartoon Violence
Genre(s) Platform, Adventure
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Super Mario Galaxy: Galactic Journey (Super Mario Galaxy: Space Adventure outside of North America, and often abbreviated to Galactic Journey) is a 3D platformer developed by LYON Games for the Nintendo Reverse. While being a successor to the original Super Mario Galaxy, Galactic Journey's gameplay is somewhat like that of Super Mario 3D Land.


The gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy: Galactic Journey is like that of Super Mario 3D Land - incorporating features from 2D and 3D platforming. Multiple features from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 (such as multiple planets in a level, Launch Stars, etc.) are also in Galactic Journey. In each level, there is one or two secret challenges, which award a star. Stars take the place of a Star Coin. The flagpole is used as a goal point. Mario and Luigi have 4-point life meters.


  • A: Jump
  • B: Spin
  • Left stick: Move
  • Right stick/D-pad: Adjust camera
  • LZ/RZ: Crouch
  • Start: Pause


The galaxies serve as worlds. A world map is featured.

  • Galaxy 1: Floral Fields Galaxy
  • Galaxy 2: Drought Desert Galaxy
  • Galaxy 3: Treacherous Tropics Galaxy
  • Galaxy 4: Frantic Forest Galaxy
  • Galaxy 5: Snowbank Galaxy
  • Galaxy 6: Merciless Mountain Galaxy
  • Galaxy 7: Sky High Galaxy
  • Galaxy 8: Ghoulyard Galaxy
  • Galaxy 9: Molten Magma Galaxy


Playable Characters

Character Image Description
Mario File:113px-Marioart2.png The brave hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is out on an adventure through space to save Peach.
Luigi File:100px-LuigiMarioPartyDS.png Mario's younger brother jumps a little higher and stops a little slower. He is unlocked by playing through Galaxy 9, and is also playable in multiplayer.

Non-Playable Characters

Name Image Description
Peach 288px-PeachMP8Official The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom has been kidnapped through space once again, and its up to the Mario Bros. to save her... again.
Toad 150px These guys help out around Peach's Castle. Some of them have been kidnapped in the final levels of certain galaxies.
Bowser 300px-BowserMP8 The malevolent king of the Koopas has kidnapped Peach again.
Bowser Jr. File:150px-BowserJr.SMG-1-.png Bowser's son. You'll find him occasionally in certain levels.


Name Image Description
Mushroom File:120px-Mushroom2.png Heals one point of health.
Super Mushroom 20080320055716 Nsmb-mushroom-mini Heals two points of health.
Golden Mushroom 120px Fully refills Mario's health.
Fire Flower 120px Allows Mario to shoot fireballs. This power deactivates when Mario gets hit.
Ice Flower IceFlowerSME Allows Mario to shoot snowballs and skate on water. Deactivates when hit.
Spring Mushroom SpringMush Allows Mario to bounce REALLY high. Deactivates when hit, or when a Launch Star is touched.
Rock Mushroom RockMushroomSME Allows Mario to bowl over enemies. Deactivates when hit, or when a Launch Star is touched.
Missile Mushroom Missile Mushroom Allows Mario to shoot homing missiles. Deactivates when hit.
Rainbow Star Rainbowstar Makes Mario invincible.
Propeller Mushroom 528px-Propeller Mushroom Allows Mario to fly. Deactivates when hit, or when a Launch Star is touched.
Tanooki Leaf 121px-SuperLeafMK7 Allows Mario to defeat enemies with his tail, slow his descent, and turn into a statue. Deactivates when hit.
Purple Flower Purplecoinflower A rare power-up that only appears on Purple Coin levels. Allows Mario to shoot purple fireballs that turn bricks into purple coins. Deactivates when hit.
Life Mushroom LifeMush Refills and increases Mario's maximum life to eight. Deactivates when health drops to four.
1-up Mushroom 120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 Grants Mario an extra life.


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