Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Conquest
Developer(s) Nintendo/Starch Embark
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
 ??/??/?? (release date unknown)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario Galaxy
Predecessor Super Mario Galaxy 2
Successor N/A
Media Included Nintendo Wii U Disc

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Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Conquerors is the latest installment of the Super Mario Galaxy series, being developed by Nintendo and Starch Embark, and being published by Nintendo onto the Nintendo Wii U. It plays very similar to any installment of the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, but new playable characters, a new hub, and many new galaxies.


Long ago, when the universe was still young, it consisted of nothing but the cosmos for ages, but as time passed, bits and pieces of rocks, minerals, and the like appeared from all corners of the universe and merged to form pebbles, and then meteors, and then planets. Before long, the universe became populated with many planets, thus forming many galaxies. The pure nothingness of space became rarer and rarer overtime, to the point where it was only seen in the far reaches of the universe. Despite the large abundance of planets and galaxies, nothing lived or thrived there. It was not until two conflicting forces, one of light who saught creation, and another of darkness who saught destruction. The two fought for many centuries until, realizing their powers were perfectly matched, had no choice but to call a truce. They made a compromise to help the universe thrive, where the one of light would create life to thrive and populate the vast expanses of space, while the one of darkness would keep them in check by picking off the lifeforms if there were an abundance of them. This is how the universe came to be...

Fast forward to several eras later, give or take, tonight is the night of the Ztar Festival, hosted in Toad Town by Princess Peach. Similar to the Star Festival, which is celebrated once a century, the Ztar Festival is a somewhat neglected event that honors the one of darkness from legend for not destroying living beings all willy nilly that occurs once every 1,000 years, or simply put, is only celebrated once every 10 Star Festivals. Few have decided to show, even residents of Toad Town itself, claiming that they had other plans involved else where. As Mario approaches the enterance to Toad Town, he notices an odd blob of somekind of cosmic energy along the road. He looks at it for a moment, but thinks nothing of it and continues torward the Ztar Festival. Mario has no problem getting to the castle, as there weren't that many party-goers around to navigate past or anything like that. In fact, he notices that the decorations made for the Ztar Festival are sloppy and generally of lower quality than decorations for the Star Festival. Soon enough, he approaches the castle, where Peach is already outside, waiting for Mario. The two greet each other before Peach thanks Mario for showing up, since very few people came in the first place. She then redirects Mario's attention to the starry night sky above them, where all the stars twinkle brightly. Shortly after, a large purple star makes itself seen in the night sky, much to the Princess's delight. She says that the purple star is infact a comet that is rumored to be where the being of darkness watches over the universe, and that the celebration is meant to please the being. Mario looks back at the comet in awe, with it's bright light getting brighter, and the star itself getting...bigger?

Without warning, the comet crashes smackdown in the middle of Toad Town, causing panic among the party-goers and townsfolk who stayed indoors alike. It turns out that the thing isn't a comet, but infact a large mech of some sort. It's entry ways open as cosmic energy oozes out of it before taking the form of Cosmic Cadets, which are a new unknown but hostile force, which immediately start attacking the small town. Smaller enemies belonging to the Cosmic Cadets, reminiscent of droids, start shooting beams at everything and anything, vaporizing it into cosmic energy. Shocked, Mario runs torward town to stop the chaos when something else catches his attention. The sounds of propellers whirring in the distance come from behind, as Bowser and Airship Battalion have come to take the Princess once more. Bowser quickly realizes he was late to the whole "attacking Toad Town with brute force" thing, but is luckily just in time for the "kidnapping Princess Peach" thing. He attempts to take the Princess, leaving Mario split between what to do, until something happens and chooses for him. A large, Cosmic Beast appears and, using some odd beams similar to the ones the droids used, abducts both Peach's Castle and Bowser's Airships and lifts them into the sky. With Mario barely holding on to the moat's bridge(which had just been replaced from the last time something like this happened), Several Cosmic Cadets swarm Mario and pull him off, carrying him with the Cosmic Beasts new salvages. Luckily, right before the Cosmic Beast warps to who knows where, something attacks the Cosmic Cadets from behind, loosening their grip and dropping Mario onto a nearby planetoid.

Upon landing on the planetoid, Mario explores it's surface before encountering a Young Nebuma, which flees upon seeing him. Mario makes chase, not meaning any harm, before he's stopped by a Mature Nebuma, who begins to attack Mario. After beating the Mature Nebuma, it realizes the mistake it made and calls the Young Nebuma out of hiding. Many other Young Nebumas emerge as well, and explain their story. They believed Mario was some kind of Cosmic Clone, and naturally attacked, since the Cosmic Cadets had been terrorizing their kind for quite a while. They then explain that they're looking for Power Ztars, which will give them enough power to break through the Cosmic Cadets's forces. Mario is unfamiliar with Ztars, but offers to help anyways. The Nebumas decide to make a compromise with Mario, which is that they'll guide him where ever he needs to go, in exchange for Ztars. Mario agrees, and shoves off after a fleet of ships, belonging to the Cosmic Cadets. Upon salvaging a Grand Ztar from their grasps, it leads him to the Biodome.

An odd figure awaits Mario as he enters, as the Nebumas hustle and bustle about the ship. The figure introduces itself as Cosmileo, an intergalactic researcher and biologist. He explains that the Biodome serves as a form of transportation, and storage for the many lifeforms he discovers across the universe. Unfortunately, he can't get anywhere, as the Cosmic Cadets have created force fields that encase entire galaxies and prevent anyone from entering them. Mario takes out the Grand Ztar he collected, which spins and before flying into the air. It then shoots a beam that penetrates a forcefield of a nearby galaxy, allowing access to it. Cosmileo, shocked that Mario has any Ztars in his possesion, asks of him to help him find other Power Ztars, as the Cosmic Cadets are a force to be reckoned with, and he believes they must be taken down as soon as possible. Mario agrees, in hopes of finding Peach. Cosmileo then leaves Mario to make himself at home and explore the Biodome at his leasure.


The controls are the same, if not identical to past games within the Super Mario Galaxy series, with certain actions being reassigned to different buttons on controllers like the Gamepad or GameCube Controller. Gameplay wise, Mario once again explores 3D worlds on planets with their own gravity, as well as the occasional 2.5D platforming sections, where Mario traverses as if he was on a two dimensional plane, reminiscent of 2D Mario games. However, on some planets, Mario now has the ability to travel into a planet's center as well as it's surface, adding a whole nother level of gameplay.

One of the biggest differences in this game is what Mario collects, which are Power Ztars instead of Power Stars. Instead of powering the ship Mario is traveling on to advance, Ztars destroy the forcefields preventing access to galaxies, effectively unlocking them. Besides that, Ztars have no other differences to Stars, as they are the main collectables of the game. Prankster Comets return in the form of Zhooting Ztars, which are basically Prankster Comets, but with a whole new grab bag of effects, such as going through a level with the gravity constantly changing, or fighting a boss for the entire duration of a level. Zhooting Ztars appear in galaxies once all Ztars have been collected, and the Constellation Script for that galaxy has been collected.

Most power-ups and items from past games in the series return, with the exception of the Cloud Flower and Spring Mushroom. The Ice Flower also returns from Super Mario Galaxy, since it dissappeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Power ups appear much more often, each one appearing in at least 4 missions. Yoshi also appears in this game, returning from Super Mario Galaxy 2, and has a couple new power ups for him. It's also worth mentioning that the only returning power up for Yoshi is the Dash Pepper, with the Blimp Fruit and Bulb Berry having been cut.



Character Description Statistics

250px-Mario SM3D World Artwork


Mario, our main hero! Mario is a balanced character, with the easiest playstyle to adapt to. Mario is playable from the very beggining. To switch to Mario when playing as another character, talk to him near the Flora Biome.

Speed: ★★★☆☆

Spin Range: ★★★☆☆

Jump: ★★★☆☆

200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Lean and green, Luigi is ready to help his bro however he can! Luigi moves just as fast as his bro, and jumps higher than him, but his spin range is the smallest. Luigi also has trouble stopping to a complete stop, and could end up sliding into danger!  Luigi is unlocked after collecting the Grand Ztar from the Gloom Biome. To switch to Luigi when playing as another character, talk to him near the Gloom Biome.

Speed: ★★★☆☆

Spin Range: ★☆☆☆

Jump: ★★★★★

605px-Blue Toad SM3DW


Toad is ready for action! Toad is a speedy character with a decent spin range, but his jump is somewhat lackluster. Toad is unlocked after (TBD). To switch to Toad while playing as another character, talk to him near the Heated Biome.

Speed: ★★★★★

Spin Range: ★★★☆☆


Peach - Mario Party 10

Princess Peach

What's the princess doing here?! She may be slow, but she has a great spin range, and can float in midair for a short time if the jump button is held. Princess Peach is unlocked after beating the main game. To switch to Princess Peach while playing as another character, talk to her near the Polar Biome.

Speed: ★★☆☆☆

Spin Range: ★★★★☆

Jump: ★★★☆☆

Cosmic Mario

Cosmic Mario

Who's this shady fellow? Cosmic Mario plays exactly like Mario, except for the fact that he can only take two hits before he's a goner, and Life Shrooms only increase his health to four! He's only playable in Challenge Mode, but can be unlocked in Story Mode by collecting every ztar in Challenge Mode. To switch to Cosmic Mario while playing as another character, talk to him near the Lower Decks.

Speed: ★★★☆☆

Spin Range: ★★★☆☆

Jump: ★★★☆☆

Non Playable

Ally Characters

Character Description



A mysterious figure, who claims to be an intergalactic researcher and biologist. He observes the universe from his ship, called the Biodome, which holds many different kinds of lifeforms and imitates natural habitats to help them flourish. Cosmileo seems bitter about the Cosmic Cadets, and obviously has some sort of connection to them...but what?


Young Nebuma

The first stage of a Nebuma's lifecycle. Nebumas are odd creatures, with an unknown origin. However, they seem to enjoy Cosmileo's company, and live in the Biodome with him. Young Nebumas are ambitious, and always seek adventure, yet they are easily frightened. They are virtually helpless, with no form of attack rather than bumping into something. Young Nebumas may appear through out galaxies as well, either needing Mario's assistance or help him out by getting him past obstacles.


Premature Nebuma

The second stage of a Nebuma's lifecycle. Premature Nebumas are much more lax, having immense cravings for various things, whether they be Star Bits or Coins. If Premature Nebumas can overcome their cravings, they'll last long enough to become a Mature Nebuma. If not, they will transform into new planets, or even new galaxies!


Mature Nebuma

The final stage of a Nebuma's lifecycle. Mature Nebumas are powerful forces to be reckoned with, having been known to be able to cause devastating damage to planets. Mature Nebumas simply live to fight, and will never rest until they do. With enough Ztars, Mario can challenge them to fights, and if they are bested, will transform into new galaxies. It's a common theory that, at a certain age, Mature Nebumas will transform into a Power Ztar or Grand Ztar and wait for someone to make full use of their power...

Enemy Characters











Power-Up Description


Bee Mushroom

Don't bug out, it's just a Bee Mushroom! Mario transforms into a bee and can fly with his stubby wings for a short time when the jump button is held. How much time Mario has left in the air is shown by a meter, and the meter is refilled by coins or when Mario lands on solid ground. Mario reverts to normal when he takes damage or touches water.


Rock Mushroom

Rock and Roll, all the way! Mario can turn into a gigantic boulder with a shake of the Wii Remote, and will crush any enemies in his way! He can even go flying off ramps and cause mass destruction. Mario reverts to normal when he takes damage.


Mega Mushroom

Too big? No such thing! Mario grows to massive sizes, and can trample anyone and anything in his way. He also has incredible strength, and push, pull, or crush anything that needs to be! His jump, however, is a bit weaker. This form is timed, and Mario will revert to normal once his time is up. Grabbing another Mega Mushroom while in this form will restart the time Mario has until he reverts to normal.


Mini Mushroom

Shrink down a size or two with the Mini Mushroom! Mario becomes incredibly small, but can jump very high. Mario can fit through tight spots in this form, runs faster, and can even run across water! However, if Mario takes a single hit, he's done for. This form is timed, and Mario will revert to normal once his time is up. Grabbing another Mini Mushroom while in this form will restart the time Mario has until he reverts to normal.


Fire Flower

Scorch, torch, and burn your foes! Mario can shoot fireballs that defeat foes, light torches, and do various other things! This form is timed, and Mario will revert to normal once his time is up. Grabbing another Fire Flower while in this form will restart the time Mario has until he reverts to normal.

IceFlower LTL

Ice Flower

Give 'em the cold sholder! Mario can freeze water and put out flames with a single touch, and can now shoot iceballs which freeze enemies solid and send them sliding! This form is timed, and Mario will revert to normal once his time is up. Grabbing another Ice Flower while in this form will restart the time Mario has until he reverts to normal.


Thunder Flower

A shocking new Power-Up! Mario harnesses the power of electricity and radiates with static electricity. This allows him to manipulate machinery, and touching water will damage enemies in that water. Mario can also shoots balls of electricity, which has the same effect and defeats enemies. This form is timed, and Mario will revert to normal once his time is up. Grabbing another Thunder Flower while in this form will restart the time Mario has until he reverts to normal.


Spin Drill

Dig, dig, dig dig dig! The Spin Drill lets Mario burrow beneath the planet's surface with the flick of a wrist, either taking him to the other side or taking him to it's core. Mario reverts to normal when he takes damage.


Rainbow Star

UNSTOPPABLE! Mario becomes all the colors of the rainbow as he is now invincible for a short period of time! Attacks won't hurt him, and enemies are defeated from simply touching him! This form is timed, and Mario will revert to normal once his time is up. Grabbing another Rainbow Star while in this form will restart the time Mario has until he reverts to normal.




Currently taking galaxy ideas! Leave them in the comments, and try to be as descriptive as possible. If I like it, there's a good chane it'll be in!

Flora Biome (World 1)

More information: Flora Biome

Flourishing Fields (World 1 - Area 1)

Name Description Stars
Early Bird Galaxy A lighthearted beginning galaxy with a bright blue sky and planets that resemble lush fields. The first planet of the galaxy is just that; a large, flat planet with thick grass and patches of flowers everywhere, along with tall trees and secrets about! The boss of this galaxy, Tempbird, is encountered during the first mission. Powerztar Powerztar Powerztar
Wigglebug Galaxy A galaxy centered around one, gigantic tree. Wigglebugs live here, and travel across the galaxy to other planets to collect nectar. Mario will need the Wigglebugs' assistance to find all the Power Ztars here, one way or another. This galaxy also introduces the Bee Mushroom in the second mission, which is a returning item from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Powerztar Powerztar Powerztar Powerztar
Deconstruction Zone Galaxy An urban galaxy with lots of dirt and sand, with unmanned construction vehicles around and about. As Mario progresses, these machines will either help or hinder Mario, by moving large piles of terrain, breaking down walls, and making pitfalls. The very last mission introduces the Spin Drill, a returning item from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Powerztar Powerztar Powerztar
Slipping Sands Galaxy A desert themed galaxy, with nothing but mountains of sand as far as they eye can see. The planets themselves are also dominated by sand, but for good reason, Standing on the sand will cause it to blow away into the wind, leaving gaps for Mario to fall in. It doesn't help that there's a black hole in the center of every planet, either! Powerztar Powerztar
Familiar Facade Galaxy A galaxy consisting of one large planet, and one smaller planet. The larger planet looks Earth, while the smaller planet looks like the Moon. Mario will have to traverse the treacherous fakes, as they have tons of enemies and disappearing platforms. Powerztar
Cosmic Cadets' Abduction Area The first boss area, which is a series of metallic planets and platforms guarded by the forces of the Cosmic Cadets. At the end of the galaxy, Mamaship must be fought to obtain the second Grand Ztar. Grandztar

Gloom Biome (World 2)

More information: Gloom Biome

Dying Glade Shade (World 2 - Area 1)


Misc. Galaxies (World 0)

Name Description Stars
Unwelcome Welcoming Galaxy The tutorial level of the game, which consist of several scarce planets and a small squadron of aircrafts belonging to the Cosmic Cadets. Mario meets the Nebumas here, whom guide him to the Biodome upon rescuing one of the Grand Ztars. Grandztar