This contains information on the missions from Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat that are in Supercluster Theta. There are a total of 41 stars in this supercluster.

Frigid Palace Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon daredevilcometSmg icon speedycometSmg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 58 stars.

The Great Figure Skating Challenge Powerstar

WotCPuzzle It is above the frozen lake and can be found with a triple jump.
WotCTrophy Mario can find it in front of the palace near the starting area.

The galaxy consists of several icy planets, and the main one houses the Penguin Palace, the home of King Penguin III. He is a rather untrusting fellow and does not think Mario is a good person initially, believing he is only there to ruin the peaceful way of live his subjects have on the galaxy. He tells Mario to begone from the palace. After this, he has to head to the bottom of the planet, where he must use an Ice Flower to cross a lake full of frozen water which can freeze Mario to death should he fall in. A Launch Star is at the end of this section, which takes Mario to another planet where he must accomplish a similar task, but made more difficult. After collecting Star Chips that form a Pull Star system to a planet with a completely frozen lake, Mario finds some penguins who are into ice skating. They challenge Mario to a competition. Mario can skate across a designated path and spin to do tricks to earn points, and if he gets enough points, he wins a star.

Pengraitor's Rebellion Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the area before Pengraitor's battle, easily visible.

King Penguin III seems to have warmed up to Mario and decides to task him with putting down an estranged penguin, Pengraitor, who has decided to wage war on the kingdom with his rebellion. Mario must follow around the planet to the side where there is a mountain. Towards the base is a village, and by defeating a group of Pengraitor's minions, Mario can find a Launch Star. It flies him through a blizzard to the other face of the mountain, where he must cross a path through the blizzard and into another Launch Star. After another final section, Mario is flown to Pengraitor's planet. He attacks by firing massive blobs of ice that freeze Mario briefly and allow him to attack. Mario can wait for him to slide around the planet and then jump on his belly three times to win a star.

Mountaineering 101 Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Found on a hidden ledge on the mountain, accessible by clearing a large mound of snow with fire.

King Penguin III is very grateful to Mario for defeating Pengraitor and says he is free to explore his kingdom. He says he saw a star somewhere on the planet, but doesn't know where. Mario must return to the mountain and climb around it. This is hard because many platforming skills are needed to continue, such as the Long Jump and the Triple Jump. After making it to the top, Mario can find a Star Crystal with the star inside.

The Frozen Frigate Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In a hidden room aboard the frigate.

Pengraitor has attempted to strike back after escaping from his icy prison. He steals one of the kingdom's frigates and attempts to take it away, but it has crashed on the mountain, being wedged in between some rocks and an icy lake. Mario must now go in and capture Pengraitor. The frigate is hard to find, but entering is easy - Mario can ground-pound from one of the ledges to get in. He must explore the inside until finding Pengraitor, who surrenders and goes down without a fight. He gives Mario a star.

Pengraitor Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must fight Pengraitor on only a single wedge of health.

Summit Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must make it to the summit from the main area with only five minutes on the clock.

Race to the Frozen Frigate Smg icon cosmiccomet

Mario must race his counterpart to the frigate.

Purple Coins on the Frozen Hills Smg icon purplecomet

Mario must collect purple coins all across the galaxy, but mostly on the area around the mountain and palace.

Chaotic Construction Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon speedycometSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon daredevilcometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 61 stars.

Spring Mario Springs into Action Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Aboard one of the moving planets, reached with a spring jump.
WotCTrophy Near the star, but can be reached with only a spring jump.

Gearmos inhabit the main planet and are supervising the construction efforts all around the place. They say that Mario's exploration is hindered because many planets are not yet built, so they decide to provide him the Spring Mushroom, which lets Mario jump to tremendous heights. Mario must complete an obstacle course around the planets that are being built by bouncing around moving platforms and up and down walls of a large city-like area with new buildings. The star is at the top of a building and can be reached with a massive jump.

Pesky Foes on the Girders Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must find it by surmounting the structure and leaping to the higher girder levels.

The Gearmos have made a series of lifts that take Mario around the previous area to a new planet which is being built. At the moment, it is only girders, with the only solid ground being the very bottom. Mario can choose to use the Spring Mushroom here, though it might be harder to go for precision, because if Mario misses a jump, he falls into a black hole below the planet. After finding five Silver Stars, the Gearmos construct a path in the middle of the planet, which Mario can walk on to the Power Star.

Battleship Bash Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Aboard the first Gearmo battleship.

Gearmos are attempting to construct their own fleet of ships to combat any of Bowser's minions which could arrive. Mario can explore the ships at will, but must be increasingly careful because as Mario progresses, the ships become less constructed. The final one has only girders, but the star is right after it.

General Gear's Return Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the starting planet, towards the left.

The Gearmos finally have a use for their battleships as General Gear returns to inflict his revenge. Cannons of the ships are fired at will, although Mario must avoid giant blasts as he progresses through the mission. Mario must find General Gear atop a large building and battle him like in Crazy Clocktower Galaxy. However, he looks less like a clock this time and is now fought by deflecting gear-related projectiles.

Battleship Bash Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must finish the Battleship Bash mission in three minutes or less.

Cannons at the Ready Smg icon gamecomet1

In a shooter-type level, Mario is now at the helm of one battleship and must practice his shooting by firing through as many rings as possible, some of which have different point values. If Mario completes the course with enough points, he is awarded with a star.

General Gear's Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must fight General Gear on one wedge of health.

Constructing for Purple Coins Smg icon purplecomet

Mario can explore areas like the first mission to find a hundred purple coins.

Creepy City Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon rompcomet2Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon gamecomet1Smg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 65 stars.

Riding the Dandelions Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Beneath the tree in the center of the galaxy.
WotCTrophy Mario must detour slightly from the left path with the dandelion.

This galaxy is very reminiscent of Pianta Village. However, there are more main areas connected by bridges, more trees, and more crazy gravity. Mario starts the first mission on the main village, where he must head to the left bridge and climb the large tree using the swings and ledges. At the top, Mario can ride dandelions all the way to an otherwise inaccessible planet where a star lies.

Switching Open the Star Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Near where the switch on the right is.

Mario notices a large cage held high above his reach once he enters, even higher than all of the trees. To open it, Mario needs to push four switches which are located in somewhat inconvenient locations throughout the galaxy. After pushing all switches, the cage opens and the star drops down.

The Star Under the Village Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Located on a large Mushroom platform.

In a similar mission to that in Pianta Village, Mario must take to the abyss, or at least the Mushroom platforms above it. This is where the gravity gets wonky, as it switches unpredictably and Mario has to be in a safe location to avoid death. Adding to an already difficult challenge, many meteors rain down (or up in this case) to strike the platforms and cover them with lava goop, though this goes away. At the end, Mario loops around to an island of sorts where Mario can collect a star.

Airships Invade Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Aboard an airship, atop its mast.

Bowser's army reaches the city, and Mario must attempt to take them down. Mario is allowed to use the Red Star in this occasion, which is revered as sacred to the people of the city. He should fly up to a tree and then head to the airships. By now, it should run out. Mario can progress along the airships, which have loads of Bowser's minions. At the end of the trail of ships lies a star.

Chain Chomp Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Chain Chomps are running loose around the galaxy, and Mario must stop them by using a Rainbow Star to run into thirty.

Hidden Among the Trees Smg icon hiddencomet1

Mario must use the Red Star to fly into the tree and then pick up a star under the branches and leaves of one.

Dandelion Racing Smg icon gamecomet1

The Toad Brigade challenges Mario to a race on the dandelion path.

Purple Coins in the City Smg icon purplecomet

Ocean Complex Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon speedycometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 68 stars and 1,500 Star Bits.

To the Central Island Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Can be reached by jumping from one of the currents.
WotCTrophy In one of the currents connecting two planets by the ending area.

This galaxy consists of many disconnected planetoids filled with water. Mario must navigate these by using systems of Pull Stars and other connecting bridges that lead Mario to a massive central island, where he can collect a star.

Swimming for Silver Stars Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Near the location of the final platform where the Power Star will appear.

Mario starts on the central island this time. He must navigate around the small planetoids looking for Silver Stars.

Completing the Circuit Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In one of the planets made up entirely of water.

When Mario enters, he finds that several switches have appeared in the disconnected planetoids. If he manages to flip all fifteen switches, streams of water will connect the planetoids into a massive circuit of water.

Avoiding the Current Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario can find it behind a coral reef.

Mario must progress through the brand new current, which he can now alter by flipping different switches to create new paths. At points, the current will fight against Mario, so he must change the switches so he can continue to a distant island, where a star waits.

Shell Racing Smg icon gamecomet1

The Toad Brigade arrives on the planet and challenges Mario to a race around the circuit.

Hidden in the Circuit Smg icon hiddencomet1

Mario must alter the current using switches in such a way that it will propel him off to the side, where he can then spin to get the star.

Central Island Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario has two minutes to complete the first mission.

Purple Coins in the Complex Smg icon purplecomet

Purple Coins are scattered around the current, and Mario has a minute and a half to go around and retrieve them all.

Industrial Iron Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon rompcomet2Smg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 71 stars.

Following the Assembly Line Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario can wall-jump towards the end of the current.
WotCTrophy Halfway along the conveyor belt. Mario must avoid being crushed, then quickly return back and get it.

This entire galaxy consists of one main ship and then some surrounding planets. It is laid out like a factory, with a mass production plant. Gearmos work here to manufacture items for the citizens of the universe. Mario must enter the main ship and progress to one of the factory lines and hop on the conveyor belt. This progresses like an autoscrolling level from past Mario games. He must avoid being crushed by the machines or falling behind otherwise, which will cause him to die. At the end of the level, there is a star.

Retro Towers Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Above the 8-bit Toad tower.

Mario begins on the main deck of the massive ship, where he can take a Launch Star to a platforming planet where he must advance using the Spring Mushroom. There are many challenges here, such as machines that move in and out that can crush Mario. At the top is another Launch Star. This takes Mario to a planet shaped like a massive 8-bit Mario, but the thing is that it stands up right, making it a formidable platforming challenge. Mario must use the Spring Mushroom to make it all the way up to the top, where a Sling Star waits. Mario must climb up some other 8-bit statues (Luigi, Toad, Peach, Bowser), and must do some of them by hand. At the top of Bowser, Mario can find the star.

General Gear's Finale Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must spring into a set of compressors, and then avoid being crushed as he wall-jumps up to reach this.

General Gear returns for one last attempt to wage war on the Gearmos. Mario must progress through many difficult areas on the side of the main ship to reach General Gear's hideout near the stern. General Gear is fought on the railings near the back on the ship, right above where fire is blasted out from the ship's engines. Mario must knock General Gear off three times by rebounding gears at him, but it is far more difficult because General Gear can now shoot fire.

Springing for the Star Staff Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On one of the gear planets.

With General Gear gone, Mario only has one more thing left to do here - find the Star Staff. He can accomplish this by exploring the underside of the ship with a Spring Mushroom, and then ground-pounding from spring height on a grate to flip him inside. Mario can explore several hidden passageways in the ship to find Star Chips, which form a Launch Star that takes Mario to a new area with many gear-like planets. He must now use the Super Gear to progress, although at points it is used in tandem with the Spring Mushroom. After finishing getting through this area, Mario finds the Star Staff and the star.

Hidden on the Towers Smg icon hiddencomet1

Mario must search the 8-bit towers and jump from the very top of the Peach tower.

Mecha Koopa Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mecha Koopas have escaped inside the ship, and Mario must romp fifty of them in a minute.

Cosmic Mario's Industrial Challenge Smg icon cosmiccomet

Cosmic Mario challenges Mario to a race through the ship to a star on the far side.

Purple Coins on the Towers Smg icon purplecomet

A hundred purple coins are on the towers, and Mario must recover as many as he can.

Bowser Jr.'s Stone Reactor Smg icon grandstar

Unlocked after 74 stars and "Springing for the Star Staff".

Rolling into the Reactor Smg icon grandstar

WotCPuzzle In the middle of a dark tunnel.
WotCTrophy Mario must crack a massive crystal to get it.

Bowser Jr. has built his next base in the middle of massive mountain-like planets with tunnels and rocky cliffs to scale. Fortunately, Mario has the Rock Mushroom at his disposal. Mario must first roll up some slopes and then progress through a tunnel. He then has to break obstacles to clear his path. After continuing through similar areas, Mario finds Bowser Jr., ready for the penultimate fight. He is ready for battle in his Koopa Clown Car and shoots massive projectiles at him which explore on contact. Mario has to use his rock power to roll into Bowser Jr. when he pauses on the ground and do this three times to get a Grand Star.

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