This contains information on the missions from Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat that are in Supercluster Sigma. There are a total of 41 stars in this supercluster.

Towering Tree Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon daredevilcometSmg icon speedycometSmg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 75 stars.

Exploring with Bee Mario Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the bottom of the planet.
WotCTrophy On one of the branches of the tree near the middle.

Mario starts on the base of the massive planet. It has a giant tree, the namesake of the galaxy, with branches and leaves that Mario can jump on and explore. Some lead to surrounding planets. Mario must use the Bee Mushroom to climb up the tree and make his way counter-clockwise around the tree. Mario can then reach a branch about halfway up, which he can navigate and climb to find a star.

Root Search Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On a root that springs off to the side.

Mario must now enter the inside of the tree by discovering a warp pipe on the tree that takes Mario there. Then he drops all the way under the tree to an area where all the roots are exposed. It is hard to navigate, but after searching all the way around and finding a good path, Mario can make it to the star.

Beeninja Battle Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In the middle of the Beeninja hive.

Although the Honeybees and Beeninjas have made peace over in Ninja Honeycomb Galaxy, they still remain at war over here. Mario must explore the tree and find the hideout, a small hive on the middle of the tree. Mario can enter it and then pick up a star.

The Tippy Top Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On on of the massive leaves, all the way at its end.

With the Beeninja conflict now solved, Mario has to complete his last task - climbing all the way up to the top of the tree. He can do this by using platforming skills, as well as many objects placed in his way. The Bee Mushroom is used heavily. At the top, Mario must find Silver Stars on each of the massive leaves of the tree.

Beeninja Battle Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must complete the third star under only one wedge of health.

Tippy Top Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must complete the fourth star in only five minutes.

Race on the Roots Smg icon cosmiccomet

Mario must race his cosmic counterpart in the root area.

Purple Coins in the Tree Smg icon purplecomet

Purple coins are hidden all around in every area of the galaxy.

Clockwork Nexus Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon speedycometSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon daredevilcometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 78 stars.

Owlingwork's Attack Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must leap on top a hand of one of the clocks there.
WotCTrophy Next to a large cluster of Gearpills on the top of the factory.

Mario begins on the bottom of this massive new clocktower constructed by the Gearmos. With General Gear vanquished for good, they are glad that he won't interfere in their affairs any longer... until a new foe called Owlingwork emerges. This is a large mechanical owl who was a construction project gone wrong. One of the Gearmos takes blame. Mario must track down Owlingwork at the top of the clocktower by the use of his honed platforming skills and travel several planets. The fight has Mario attempt to use the Super Gear to track down Owlingwork and spin in its way.

Get in Gear Once More Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must climb a set of gears and leap off to the side.

Mario must travel a new section of the clocktower using the Super Gear, which can prove to be a very challenging task. The star lies on a platform towards the middle-top of the tower.

Top of the Tower Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On a ledge towards the top.

Using all of his platforming skills, Mario has to make his way to the very top of the tower, even past where Mario fought Owlingwork.

Bob-omb Blast Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must blow up a wall of cement with a Bob-omb.

The Gearmos tell Mario that he will need to perform some excavation work for them and show him how to use Bob-ombs. Mario must complete a course that makes use of Bob-ombs to blow up cages, as well as piles of trash. Mario can fly all around the surrounding planets and side of the clocktower before finding the star.

Get in Gear Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must finish the second mission in only three minutes.

Trash Cleanup Smg icon gamecomet1

The infamous trash cleanup mission returns, as a Gearmo tasks Mario with removing massive piles of trash in only thirty seconds.

Owlingwork Daredevil Battle Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must fight Owlingwork as well as complete his entire mission with only one wedge of health.

Purple Coins All Around Smg icon purplecomet

Mario can explore the entire clocktower to find a star.

Gondola Mania Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon rompcomet2Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon gamecomet1Smg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 82 stars.

Star Bunnies on the Roofs Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Hidden in a small alley in the back of the city.
WotCTrophy On top of one of the larger buildings.

The main planet consists of a village-like area with many navigable waterways and further off, many hills and paths to other planets through Launch Stars. Mario finds familiar friends, Star Bunnies, waiting for Mario in the village, with a total of five of them. They say they will give Mario a Silver Star if he can find them, so finding them all will yield a Power Star. Mario must make use of the gondolas to cross some areas, controlling them by moving the GamePad or Wii Remote and spinning to row.

The Great Gondola Slide Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must row his gondola off to the side to collect it.

Mario begins on the main planet, but he must row a gondola through a massive slide that will take him on a large tour through several trials. At the end is the Power Star.

The Big Picture Box Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must rotate the box in such a way that he can reach it, and then go for the Launch Star.

After combing the main planet for five Star Chips, Mario is flown to a different planet which is made up of a giant box with famous renaissance artworks on the outside. Mario must solve a puzzle that involves him navigating the inside of the box using various switches that rotate the box and flop gravity.

Ghosts in the City Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must float through a grate using Boo Mario.

Mario hears of an outbreak of Boos in the galaxy and must use the Boo Mushroom to search through the village. After dispatching a crew of them after navigating a large area underneath the village, he finds a star.

Renaissance Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mario must romp a bunch of Boos using light.

Hidden on the Roofs Smg icon hiddencomet1

Mario has to triple jump off of the roof of a building to reach it.

Racing the Brigade Smg icon gamecomet1

Mario races the Toad Brigade on the gondola slide.

Rowing for Purple Coins Smg icon purplecomet

A hundred and fifty purple coins are placed on the slide, and Mario needs 100 for a star.

Hot Hourglass Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon speedycometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 84 stars and 2,500 Star Bits.

Magic Carpet Ride Powerstar

WotCPuzzle By the end, Mario must swoop down very low without going into the quicksand.
WotCTrophy Mario must head up towards the beginning to get it.

Stone Trials Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must avoid a Tox Box and then use the Cloud Flower to climb up to get it.

Flipping for Silver Stars Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the second half of the planet, by the center platform.

All the Way Around Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On top of a group of Shy Guys.

Collecting Coins on the Carpet Smg icon gamecomet1

Hidden on the Carpet Smg icon hiddencomet1

Stone Trials Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Purple Coins in the Hourglass Smg icon purplecomet

Lava Canyon Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon rompcomet2Smg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 86 stars.

Big, Bad Bullies Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Right before the Bully planet.
WotCTrophy Mario must avoid a stream of lava to go get it on a platform.

Climbing the Canyon Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Hidden behind a wall.

Crossing the Lava Lake Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must use the Ice Flower to reach a wall and then wall-jump it.

The Penultimate Battle Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Right in the middle of the meteors section.

Hidden in the Lava Smg icon hiddencomet1

Bully Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Race Up the Canyon Smg icon cosmiccomet

Purple Coins in the Canyon Smg icon purplecomet

Bowser's Universe Reactor Smg icon grandstar

Unlocked after 90 stars and "The Penultimate Battle".

The Crossroads of the Universe Smg icon grandstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must hurry over the Flipswitches to collect it.
WotCTrophy On the Star Chip planet right above the lava.

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