This contains information on the missions from Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat that are in Supercluster Gamma. There are a total of 33 stars in this supercluster.

Bob-omb Battlefield Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon daredevilcometSmg icon speedycometSmg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 29 stars and Bowser's Icy Airship Attack.

Big Bob-omb on the Summit Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the rotating lift near the beginning.
WotCTrophy Behind a grate behind the summit.

Mario must make his way up the mountain, just like in Mario 64, where King Bob-omb waits. To defeat him, Mario must haul him up and throw him onto the arena three times to win.

Footrace with Koopa the Quick Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Near the end of the race. Can be attained through a quick detour.

Koopa the Quick returns, challenging Mario to a race up the summit.

Mario Flies to the Sky Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Found by flying above where King Bob-omb was fought.

Mario can use the Red Star in this level, a power-up which allows him to fly. It replaces the Wing Cap from the original Mario 64. This mission is almost the same as the original, but instead of flying to get a coin in the middle of giant rings of coins, Mario must get a Silver Star in each ring. After getting all five, a star appears.

Behind Chain Chomp's Gate Powerstar

Mario must ground-pound on the Chain Chomp's pole. This is the only star in the game that Mario can get out of order from the others in the galaxy.

WotCPuzzle Right on top of the pole.

King Bob-omb's Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must defeat King Bob-omb with only one wedge of health.

Silver Stars Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must complete "Mario Flies to the Sky" as Flying Mario in less than a minute.

Cosmic Mario in the Battlefield Smg icon cosmiccomet

Cosmic Mario challenges Mario to a race. This is longer and harder than Koopa the Quick's race.

Purple Coins in the Battlefield Smg icon purplecomet

A hundred purple coins are hidden in the battlefield, and Mario must find them all.

Musical Medley Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon speedycometSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon daredevilcometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 32 stars.

Cellant Crisis Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Hidden in one of the paths in the trumpet.
WotCTrophy On one of the planets behind the starting area.

Mario begins on a large main planet which is connected to several others by violin bows. Many small enemies called Violints attack by attempting to shoot their much smaller bows at Mario. Mario needs to make his way to a large, drum-shaped planet in the distance, where a Luma will transform into a series of Sling Stars which lead to a Launch Star. This takes Mario to a pipe on a trumpet-shaped planet, which takes him inside the instrument. After exploring to find some Star Chips, this takes him to a large planet. The boss, Cellant, who is a massive cello who attacks like Violints, appears. Mario must spin his bow back to him three times to defeat him.

The Great Musical Slide Powerstar

In a callback to the slide-themed levels of previous Mario games, Mario must make his way to a massive slide made out of pianos, xylophones, glockenspiels, and other instruments. Mario can access the slide by finding Star Chips on the main planet. At the end of the slide lies the Power Star.

WotCPuzzle Near the end of the slide, right above a drum.

The Mysterious Vanishing Lumas Powerstar

When Mario arrives, he discovers that many Lumas have gone missing from the galaxy. The last Luma remaining on the main planet grants Mario a key, which opens a pipe on the underside of the planet. He must then travel through a side-scrolling area inside the planet and take a Launch Star out, where he discovers that many airships are storming the galaxy, led by none other than the Koopa Troop. Mario must explore the airships and free three Lumas. They provide a location for Mario to go and find a switch that will destroy the airships, but he must be quick. After accomplishing this task, Mario can find a Power Star in the wreckage of the ships.

WotCPuzzle Hidden in the first airship.

Cellant Returns Powerstar

After the vanishing Luma issue is solved, Cellant and the Violints return to the galaxy and want to exact their revenge on Mario for defeating them. Mario must make his way through a tougher level than the first mission, due to the angry Violints, and then fight Cellant, who has some stronger attacks.

WotCPuzzle Right before Cellant's arena.

Slide Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must complete the slide in under ninety seconds.

Drum Smash Smg icon gamecomet1

The Chimp returns with a new game prepared in the galaxy. He has set up an area with many drums, which Mario can ground-pound on to send him flying. Many Violints appear on the area, and Mario must attempt to kill them all before they pop the drums. Mario can earn points by killing Violints, as well as by ground-pounding the drums. After all the Violints are killed, Mario receives a star if he has more than 4000 points.

Cellant's Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Cellant is fought again, but under a daredevil comet. This uses the difficulty from his first battle/

Purple Coins on the Slide Smg icon purplecomet

150 Purple Coins are placed on the slide. Mario must get 100 of them.

Crude Cactus Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon rompcomet2Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon gamecomet1Smg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 35 stars.

An Oily Problem Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Accessible by tunneling into a separate path near the beginning.
WotCTrophy On top of the nearest oil tower.

The Toad Brigade is investigating a problem the local Gearmos are having with their oil well. The issue is that the massive system is not spewing out oil like it used to, and they think it's because of a problem in the mine that doesn't let oil flow. The Toad Brigade volunteers Mario to solve the problem. This is hard, since the oil can severely harm Mario if he falls into it. He must use the Spin Drill to tunnel deep through the course. At the bottom, if Mario tunnels into a specific point of the oil well, where some boulders block the current, they will burst and oil will flow through. Mario discovers a Power Star.

Sailing Across the Sand Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Right on the path the Sand Sail takes.

Mario returns to find the Toad Brigade and Gearmos happy that he solved the issue. They say that if he wants to explore the galaxy, then that's fine with them. On the bottom end of the planet, Mario is attacked by a vicious sandstorm, and can only see the vicinity around him. A large Sand Sail awaits, which will ferry him over to a smaller planet with a Power Star. Mario must avoid many traps on the way.

Sandy Secrets Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Behind the fourth Thwomp on the left path.

Mario returns to the galaxy and must ascend the oil rig on the main planet to find five Star Chips. These chips form a Launch Star on the top of the rig, which takes Mario to a Stone Cyclone-esque planet with a lot of quicksand and Thwomps. Mario must creatively climb on the Thwomps and traverse the stone platforms to reach a star at the end.

The Ancient Pyramids Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the bottom floor of the pyramid, third chamber, near the mummy.

Some Gearmos say that an excavation crew has discovered what seems like ancient pyramids on a nearby planet while searching for more oil deposits. They invite Mario to go check it out and show him a Launch Star. It takes him over to the planet, where only the top of the pyramid is visible, wedged in a boulder. Mario can take the entrance and scour the inside for five Silver Stars, which form a Power Star.

Flying Goomba Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mario finds that many Goombas are plaguing the oil rig by flying around it. Mario has two choices here - he can use the Spin Drill to knock them away, or he can ground-pound. This is a tricky mission because Mario has to climb back up several times.

The Sand Sail's Hidden Star Smg icon hiddencomet1

Mario starts right by the Sand Sail, where he must head until the first set of Paragoombas. There, he can triple-jump off of the sail, with the last jump landing precisely on the top of the highest Goomba. Added with a spin, this should give Mario enough altitude to reach the star.

Coin-Combing Up High Smg icon gamecomet1

The Chimp returns to the galaxy and tells Mario that if he can traverse through the Sand Sail and collect enough points by stomping enemies or collecting coins, then he will give a star at the end of the level.

Purple Coins in the Mine Smg icon purplecomet

Mario must explore in and out of the mine for a hundred purple coins. He is given three minutes to find them all.

Whirlwind Cloud Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon rompcomet2Smg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 38 stars.

Cloud Mario Floats Into the Sky Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On top of a storm cloud.
WotCTrophy Mario must sacrifice his cloud power, as it's in the big waterfall.

Mario starts on the main planet, a hilly area with a large waterfall leading down to a second planet, which is more mountainous. Mario gets to use the Cloud Flower to traverse these two planets and can climb and explore around them. However, he must avoid the water. After Mario reaches the second planet, he must "cloud" up into the sky, where a breeze will fly him to another planet which has much more turbulent winds and thick storm clouds. After traversing this section, it starts to rain, so Mario loses his cloud power. He must continue with only his pure platforming skill. At the end of this area is the Power Star.

Lieutenant Lakitu's Lightning Blitz Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On a leaf of the beanstalk.

Mario returns to the main planet. This time, there is no breeze that will fly him away, so he must collect five Star Chips to form a Launch Star on the planet below the waterfall. It takes him through the clouds and into an area that initially seems clear - Mario lands on a beanstalk, which is surrounded by some light clouds. Mario must use the Cloud Flower to climb up the beanstalk to an area with a lot of lightning. Mario loses his cloud power if he is hit by lightning and will almost always fall straight into the abyss. After making it through this area, a Launch Star takes him to a tiny planet with a checkpoint. After jumping from this planet, Mario will fall through the storm and land on an airship surrounded by beanstalks. The boss, Lieutenant Lakitu, appears. He attacks by trying to shoot lightning bolts at Mario. Mario must stun him by spinning to rebound the lightning. Then, he should take the Cloud Flower and stomp on his head three times.

Thunderchasing Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In a hidden area of the maze.

Mario must continue the way he progressed on the first star all the way to the thick turbulent cloud area. Instead, a series of Pull Stars and Sling Stars will fly him over to another planet, where he must use the Cloud Flower to navigate a massive maze of beanstalks and storm clouds. After finding the right path by listening to the thunder, Mario can find the star.

Star Staff in the Clouds Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Above a Paragoomba on the slide.

Some Lumas in the galaxy tell Mario that they sense a large magical force in the galaxy but don't know exactly what it is. They suggest that Mario goes after it and create a set of Launch, Sling, and Pull Stars. Mario must pull his way through a thunder maze and avoid getting struck by lightning. After this area, Mario can launch to a stormy beanstalk slide, where he must avoid Paragoombas and other pesky enemies. At the end of this area is a Sling Star to a calm area, probably in the eye of the storm. The third piece of the Star Staff lies here, along with a Power Star.

Hidden in the Clouds Smg icon hiddencomet1

In the final area of the first mission, Mario must go as high as possible with the Cloud Flower without losing it, and then long jump onto the top of a storm cloud. A triple jump onto another and wall-jumping off of it should give a star.

Spiny Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mario must romp a bunch of Spinies in the main planet.

Thunderracing Smg icon cosmiccomet

Mario must complete the Thunderchasing mission once more, but instead, he must follow Cosmic Mario to the finish.

Purple Coins in the Clouds Smg icon purplecomet

Mario must search the beanstalk for purple coins, but this time, he cannot use the Cloud Flower, as it is storming heavily. Wind can blow him off of the beanstalk, and lightning can strike him.

Bowser Jr.'s Deep Sea Submarine Smg icon grandstar

Unlocked after 42 stars and "Star Staff in the Clouds".

Battle Deep Undersea Smg icon grandstar

Bowser Jr.'s latest base has been identified as being in a bunker undersea. Mario must swim through dark, rocky undersea caves and tunnels while making use of shells to defeat enemies, swim faster, and smash obstacles. At the end is Bowser Jr.'s submarine. Mario must be careful here, as in the bunker, there is no escape for air, nor are their air pockets, so he must survive on the bubbles emitted by the submarine. Bowser Jr. attacks by charging to Mario and then shooting Koopa Shells at him. Mario must catch them and spin them to Jr. three times for the Grand Star.

WotCPuzzle Above some Bloopers in the first area.
WotCTrophy Mario must smash a wall in the second area to find it.

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