This contains information on the missions from Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat that are in Supercluster Beta. There are a total of 33 stars in this supercluster.

Pencil Plaza Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon daredevilcometSmg icon speedycometSmg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 11 stars and clearing Bowser Jr.'s Tower of Terror.

Penking's Plight Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Near the starting area.
WotCTrophy Located on the third planet, a little above the ground.

Mario starts on the main planet, which is a large common area made up of various office supplies. Mario must make his way to the rear side of the planet and defeat a group of Penmen, who reveal a Launch Star after defeat. Mario then explores several similar planets until reaching a checkpoint and Launch Star, which take him to fight Penking, the ruler of the Penmen. He attacks by trying to stab Mario with his point. Mario must then climb atop him and ground-pound three times to defeat him.

Erasing Errors Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Found by erasing a drawing of Rosalina in the middle area of the round planet.

Mario begins on the main planet again, but must ascend a line of massive markers, which lead to a small planet with a Mechanical Penman. These cannot be defeated like normal Penmen, but Mario can still pick them up to erase obstacles. Mario should erase some pencil marks all over the planet, which reveal a Launch Star. Mario then visits many other planets where he should do something similar, including at a writing factory of sorts where cannons fire Penmen at a massive sheet of paper to draw a picture. Once Mario shuts off the cannons and erases the entire picture, he can get a star.

Magic Tape Ride Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Found by jumping off of a Paragoomba during the tape ride.

Mario begins at a different planet this time, which has a giant roll of tape at the end. After Mario boards it, the end of the tape fixes onto the planet so Mario can back-track if needed, and then the roll moves off in one direction. Similarly to the Sand Bird and other levels from past Mario games, Mario must attempt to stay on for the entire duration of the ride. If he stays on the tape for too long (1 second), then it will snap, and the roll falls into a black hole. Many enemies lie on the ride's path, but Mario can control the tape's speed to avoid them if he stands at the front or back of the roll. The star lies at the end of the ride.

Artistic Adventure Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Close to the top, right above a marker.

This level will test Mario's platforming skills. A Launch Star on the main planet will fly him to a different area with many colorful art supplies, including a waterfall of paint which can drown Mario. He must attempt to surmount the art supplies and climb to the top of the area, where the star lies in wait.

Penking's Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario fights Penking on one wedge of health.

Speedy Tape Ride Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must complete the tape ride in three minutes or less. Many enemies are added to the stage.

Crafty Chase Smg icon cosmiccomet

Mario must chase his cosmic counterpart through the artistic section.

Purple Coins in the Plaza Smg icon purplecomet

A hundred purple coins are hidden across the galaxy.

Flip-Flame Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon speedycometSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon daredevilcometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 15 stars.

Flipswitch Dash Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Found by wall-jumping off of the fourth set of Flipswitches.
WotCTrophy It is found in the third section, under a cluster of Flipswitches.

Mario must complete a massive obstacle course full of Flipswitches, with other Flip-based obstacles as well. Clearing this course unlocks Prankster Comets.

Flip-swap Jumps Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must flip a set of tiles towards the beginning.

Mario must complete a massive obstacle course full of Flip-swap tiles, with other Flip-based obstacles as well.

Flip-out Climbs Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Mario must detour and wall-jump up some Flip-out walls.

Mario must complete a massive obstacle course full of Flip-out walls, with other Flip-based obstacles as well.

Fliptrap Struggle Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In the fourth part of Fliptrap.

The three courses come together as a sentient being, Fliptrap. He attempts to derail Mario's progress shutting him down. He must be disabled part by part, turning off many Flipswitches and taking Flip-Swap/Out panels around. After disabling the entire boss, it implodes, revealing the Power Star.

Flipswitch Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must complete Flipswitch Dash in two minutes or less.

Flipping Finds Smg icon gamecomet1

The Chimp arrives at the galaxy, ready to host another challenge. He has lost five medallions across the courses and requires Mario to find them all in three minutes. Some are at very precarious perches and must be approached carefully.

Fliptrap Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must defeat Fliptrap under one wedge of health.

Flipping for Purple Coins Smg icon purplecomet

Mario must search for a hundred purple coins. The course contains a hundred and fifty, but Mario is only given a minute to find as many as he can.

Boo Manor Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon rompcomet2Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon gamecomet1Smg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 21 stars.

Mansion Madness Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In the first floor, first room.
WotCTrophy In the third floor, second room.

The galaxy's main planet contains the massive Boo Manor, which many friendly allies, such as Luma, have left due to being terrified of it. One of them requests that Mario find the source of their fears. The many doors in the manor lead to various different places, and some lead to traps. After Mario finds a connecting path between the surrounding planets and the various areas of the manor through Launch Stars, Mario finds King Boo waiting in the attic, ready for a rematch. He is fought as in Bowser Jr.'s Tower of Terror, but is a little harder due to him summoning more ghosts.

The Spooky Speedster Returns Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Midway through the Boneyard.

Mario must climb to the roof of the manor, where a Launch Star waits for him. It takes him to a similar boneyard as in the Ghostly Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, where the Spooky Speedster is. He tells Mario that he's learned since the first game and challenges Mario to another race. This racecourse is longer than the original. Mario is able to use the Boo Mushroom for the first time in this course to bypass some obstacles. Other times, he will need to travel by foot.

Silver Stars of the Manor Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the fourth floor, near the balcony.

There are five Silver Stars hidden around the level. This time, they are all inside the manor, and they all require the Boo Mushroom in some way. After finding all five, the star appears in the foyer of the manor.

Ghosts Don't Die Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On one of the surrounding planets.

When Mario returns to the galaxy, he finds many Lumas hiding outside, claiming that King Boo has returned one final time. He is somewhat easier to find this time, but his battle is much more difficult, as he is fought on the surrounding planets and summons far more ghosts. It is far harder to lure King Boo to a light.

Spectral Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mario must kill fifty Peepas inside the mansion in a minute using a Rainbow Star.

Hidden Star in the Manor Smg icon hiddencomet1

A Hidden Star is placed in the manor, and it is very hard to find. Mario must scour the bowels of the manor and then triple jump off of the wall to a chimney, where he can wall jump up to an alcove outside where Mario can drop down onto a ledge that has the star. It is possible to drop down from the ceiling and attempt to land on the ledge, but it is much more difficult because if Mario misses, he dies.

Boneyard Race Smg icon gamecomet1

The Toad Brigade (sans Captain Toad) says they have found a star, but want to have a little fun before getting it. They promise to give Mario the star if he beats them all in a race across the Boneyard.

Purple Coins in the Manor Smg icon purplecomet

Mario must search the depths of the manor for all of the hundred purple coins, and he only has 3 minutes to do so.

Ninja Honeycomb Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon rompcomet2Smg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after 24 stars.

Bee Mario Returns Powerstar

WotCPuzzle At a honeycomb, where Mario must climb with Bee Mario.
WotCTrophy Found by flying up with Bee Mario halfway through the level.

A long struggle between the Honeybees and Beeninjas has been going on in this galaxy. Some Honeybees ask Mario to help resolve this problem and stake out the rest of the galaxy. They say that if he uses the Bee Mushroom, he will blend right in. So then, Mario begins to explore the massive planet which makes up the hive. Once Mario makes his way to the Beeninja half of the galaxy, he finds some Beeninja warriors who realize he is not one of them and chase Mario through the galaxy. Once he loses them, he will be at the base of the great hive. Queen Beeninja is at the very top and congratulates Mario on finding her. She says their conflict will come at a later date and gives him a star.

War of the Bees Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Found after disabling the cannons, on the hill.

Full scale bee warfare is declared, and the Honeybees task Mario with heading to the Beeninja hive to disable the massive honey cannons they are planning to fire at the Honeybee Hive. The Queen Bee promises Mario a star if he completes the task. Mario must take a similar route that he took in the last mission, but instead fly around to the back, where a large honeycomb wall leads to the cannons, which have a clear shot at the Honeybee Hive. Mario can disable them by flipping some switches. Returning to the Queen Bee is easy - it can be done by flying up to a ledge above and sliding down a hill all the way to the Honeybee Hive, where the star awaits.

Queen Beeninja's Hive Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In one of the halls of the secret bunker.

The warfare accelerates as the Queen Bee is abducted by the Beeninjas. Mario must return to their hive and find the area where Queen Beeninja was in the first episode. However, she is no longer there and is only found by searching for a secret bunker. She and Mario duel on an open area on the bottom of the planet, and defeating her makes her realize the evils of her kind. She sets the Queen Bee free and they declare a truce. She then gives Mario a star.

Cosmic Reversion in the Honeycomb Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Near one of the streams.

The two hives are now working together to produce honey. Suddenly, the entire galaxy turns dark and the stars shine. Queen Bee suddenly flies high into the sky, but she has been transformed into a cosmic version of herself. She is evil now, and threatens both sides. Both the Honeybees and Beeninjas think each other are responsible, and it's up to Mario to determine what's wrong. He must chase her across the entire hive, much like the second Petey Piranha fight in Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine, and then he should lure her into a stream of water, the only weakness of the Honeybees. After falling into water three times, the sky returns to normal and she reverts to her original form, unsure of what happened. After a quick search, they find a piece of the Star Staff hidden in the middle of the Honeybee Hive and conclude its magic must have acted on her. They give Mario a star in reward for doing this, and he also takes the piece of the Star Staff.

Scaling the Hive Smg icon hiddencomet1

Mario must climb up some precarious honey walls at the back of the Honeybee hive to find this star.

Beeninja Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mario must romp a massive amount of rogue Beeninjas.

Honeycomb Race Smg icon cosmiccomet

Mario must race his cosmic counterpart up the hive.

Honeycombing for Purple Coins Smg icon purplecomet

Mario must find a hundred purple coins hidden around the hive.

Bowser's Icy Airship Attack Smg icon grandstar

Unlocked after 28 stars and "Cosmic Reversion in the Honeycomb".

The Fleet Returns Smg icon grandstar

WotCPuzzle On the second airship.
WotCTrophy On the fourth airship.

As winter arrives in full swing, the Comet Observatory discovers Bowser's new base. They find that his airship fleet is targeting the Comet Observatory, but due to the ice, Bowser has decided to take a break around a set of planets. Rosalina urges Mario to take advantage of this. After arriving on the course, Mario must steer clear of multitudes of Bowser's minions on both airships and surrounding planets. When Mario reaches Bowser's exclusive fleet of ships, he realizes what is going on and orders that the ships be turned on. He whips out his Star Staff and causes Cosmic Reversion to occur. This allows him to lift up planets with the Star Staff, which is his main attack. He also ground-pounds the airship if Mario is there. After Bowser performs a ground-pound, Mario must climb to the top of the airship, as he will be briefly stunned. Mario should ground pound him three times, and then he receives a Grand Star.

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