This contains information on the missions from Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat that are in Supercluster Alpha. There are a total of 33 stars in this supercluster.

Skyhigh Skybase Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon daredevilcometSmg icon speedycometSmg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after zero stars.

Angry Astro Piranha Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the back of the Bullet Bill planet.
WotCTrophy Found close to one of the Star Chips.

Mario starts on a planet with a light and dark side, much like the starting planet in Good Egg Galaxy. He must find five Star Chips by killing Goombas, which he can use to form a Sling Star taking him to a planet close by. Following, Mario arrives at a planet with several non-homing Bullet Bills, which he must avoid to climb to the top and take a pipe to the inside. Then, he arrives at a larger planet, which seems to be made of several Bullet Bill Blasters put together. Walking around it, he must lure one of these Bullet Bills (which now home in) to a cage with a Launch Star. It takes him to a planet shaped like a Yoshi Egg with a checkpoint flag and pipe. The pipe takes him to the inside of the planet, where Astro Piranha is. The chamber has no gravity, so Mario must be very careful. Similarly to Dino Piranha, Astro attacks with his tail, but also can summon meteors upon the third hit, which bounce around the inside. Mario must spin his tail into him four times to defeat him and collect a Power Star.

The Fleet Invades Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the top of the masts of one of the airships.

Mario begins on the same planet as last time, but the Star Chips are not present. Instead, he must find Toad, who tells him that Bowser's fleet has invaded the galaxy. He shows Mario to a Launch Star on the bottom of the planet that takes him to the top of an airship. He must battle several Octoombas, Octoguys, and Octopi while there, as well as Magikoopas after traversing several airships. At the last airship, Mario must battle a group of twelve Magikoopas that produce a Power Star when they are defeated.

The Skybase Takes a Spin Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Use the gravity switches in a creative way to reach it.

Mario begins at the main planet, in front of five green pipes. Two of them lead to other pipes, and only one leads out, which is the fourth one to the left. Mario must take it and enter the inside of the planet, where there is a gravity switch. He needs to flip it the correct way to make the Launch Star in the corner accessible, which skyrockets him out of the planet to a sidescrolling area with many gravity switches. Mario must make it through this area, which is abundant with Thwomps that can switch direction to a launch star, which takes him to a similar area with silver stars that form a Power Star.

Red Coins in the Skybase Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Pretty close to the first red coin.

Mario begins on the main planet and a Luma introduces the task to Mario, thanking him for recovering the previous stars. Only one pipe is there, which takes him to the gravity area and search the whole thing for red coins. They are not found too far away from each other, but they are quite tricky to reach.

Astro's Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must defeat Astro Piranha under the effect of a Daredevil Comet, meaning that he only has one life and cannot collect more, even with coins.

Red Coins Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Mario must complete Red Coins in the Skybase in less than a minute.

Skybase Sprint Smg icon cosmiccomet

Cosmic Mario makes his debut, bringing back some of Bowser's troops with him. Mario needs to sprint through the airships to defeat Cosmic Mario, whose difficulty changes based on who is playing.

Purple Coin Trek Smg icon purplecomet

Mario appears in the gravity area, where a hundred purple coins have been scattered all over the area. After collecting all of these, Mario is given a power star.

Sweet Sweet Mountain Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon speedycometSmg icon gamecomet1Smg icon daredevilcomet

Unlocked after two stars.

Poprock's Attack Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the end of the left path on the cake planet.

Mario begins on a planet shaped like a cookie, and he must collect star chips around it to form a launch star to the next planet, which contains two paths around a planet made of cake. Mario must take the right path, where he will fight many Popchips. As he reaches the top of the planet, a Launch Star takes him to a checkpoint flag, where he must then proceed to face Poprock. Poprock attacks by throwing chunks of rock candy at Mario, who must rebound them at Poprock three times. If they hit Mario, he loses health. Several Popchips are also summoned upon the third hit. Then, Mario collects a Power Star.

Pounding the Way Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Accessible by falling at the right angle when the gravity flips.

Mario returns to the cookie planet, with the launch star there already. He can use it to travel directly to the cake planet, where there are some Gearmos and Penguins near a lake. They tell Mario how to ground pound and instruct him to look for a switch that'll let him continue on his way. Mario needs to ascend the cake mountain and reach some cookie planets with pull stars that take him to another portion of the cake planet with a ground pound switch. Mario hits it and the gravity flips the other way, letting him reach a second planet shaped like a gigantic ice cream sundae. A Penguin tells Mario that there are five Star Chips scattered around, which he needs to find while encountering some Lil Brrs. After finding them, a sling star appears to the other side of the planet, which Mario needs to ground pound to open up the Power Star.

Cookie Cave Powerstar

WotCPuzzle High up on one of the cookies before the ending.

In the cake planet, a mass amount of Goombas have invaded and Mario's responsible for killing their leaders, three Grand Goombas. Once all are killed, Mario gets a key which opens a pipe on the south side of the planet. It takes him to a side-scrolling cave area where he must pass multiple trials, including collecting Silver Stars.

Red Coins on the Cookies Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Directly past the sixth red coin. It can be tough to reach.

Mario starts in the Cookie Cave, and he is given only two minutes to find all eight red coins.

Pounding Speed Run Smg icon speedycomet

Just like the original level, but Mario only gets a minute and thirty seconds to find the Power Star.

The Chimp's Debut Smg icon gamecomet1

The Chimp returns to the main planet, which is again infested with Goombas. He offers Mario a star if he collects 10000 points from stomping on Goombas that are all over the planet. After he does so, then the Chimp gives Mario the Power Star.

Poprock's Daredevil Run Smg icon daredevilcomet

Mario must fight Poprock a second time, but this time, he is not able to take any damage at all. He wins a Power Star when he is done.

Purple Coin Dash Smg icon purplecomet

Purple Coins have been placed in careful positions in the Cookie Cave so that Mario can get them in one run, but he is given only one minute to do so, so if he misses a coin, the level is basically lost.

Wacky Waterfall Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon rompcomet2Smg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon gamecomet1Smg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after four stars.

Search for the Ice Flower Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Located by walljumping to a higher part of the mountain using the Ice Flower.
WotCTrophy Past the crack on the other side of the beach, just by the second palm tree.

Mario begins on the massive waterfall planet on a small island with a few penguins and Nokis. They tell Mario how to swim, and after that, he dives underwater, amid the Cheep-Cheeps, Porcupuffers, and Bloopers. On the way, Mario can reach another island and climb to the top of a palm tree for both a view of the waterfall-mountain and a 1-Up. Mario can swim to the coast on the other side, but isn't allowed to progress past a bridge, where a Penguin tells Mario that something broke the bridge. Mario needs to keep heading deeper underwater and swim to the other side, where he can find a shell to throw at a crack. This reveals a Launch Star taking Mario to a higher part of the mountain on the planet, where the Ice Flower is located. Mario needs to use it to get inside the mountain and find Silver Stars to make the Power Star.

Unpolluting the Waterfall Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the same tree that the 1-Up was in on the previous level, the trophy is on it.

In a callback to Super Mario Sunshine, some Nokis announce that the waterfall has been extremely polluted and Mario needs to head to the top of the waterfall to figure out what's going on. He continues on the same path as before, but this time, there are Ice Flowers on the main planet to make it easier to cross. The path to the bridge has been blocked off, but there are some Star Chips that make a set of Sling Stars to take Mario to the bridge. The Penguins have fixed it and let Mario pass, but announce there may be dangerous forces on the water. Mario needs to watch out for giant globs of ink along the way and then scale the mountain, heading inside to a land similar to Slimy Spring Galaxy. The Ice Flower can help quite a bit along the way if it is found. After that, Mario needs to wall-jump on some mini-waterfalls in the cave using the Ice Flower and reach a very icy summit at the top, where Gooper Blooper is fought. Like in Super Mario Sunshine, Mario needs to jump on its tentacles, but instead of pulling them, Mario needs to spin then as there is no pulling command in this game. After defeating him, he gets a star.

Secret of the Cliffside Powerstar

WotCPuzzle In the bottom right corner of Eely-Mouth's arena, near a cluster of coins.

Mario returns to the galaxy, but a Noki informs him that the pollution has continued and tells Mario to look for a different cause of the issue and hints that there is an entrance to the bottom of the ocean near the cliff. Mario must make it to the other side of the area, which is filled with both land and water enemies as well as a Lakitu throwing Spinies which cannot be eaten. Then he can climb up onto the mountain and look for the cliff, where Mario can explore both entrances to the cave to find the hidden entrance, which is activated by hitting a stone Ground Pound switch. This drops Mario out of the planet to a Launch Star taking him to a deep-sea entrance that's very high up. A Noki tells Mario to be careful of what's below and gives him scuba gear. Mario gets to dive deep under water where he meets Eely Mouth in an identical arena to the one in Sunshine. He needs to clean eight of his teeth by spinning, as there's no F.L.U.D.D., and gets the star after that.

Those Naughty Penguins Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Hidden behind a cluster of rocks on the bottom mountain.

After heading back to the galaxy, Mario is told that the galaxy is now completely clean. A Noki had planned to reward Mario with a Power Star, but it was "stolen" by some mischievous penguins, who are now nowhere to be seen. He suggests that they could have taken it high up the mountain the waterfall flows from, as everywhere else has been searched, including the bottom of the island, which was previously inaccessible. Mario can now head there, where there is a lot of tropical variety and a mountain of comparable size to the one on the top. Mario must climb to the top of the mountain on the bottom side by using the Ice Flower, and then find a tunnel that heads to a platform above the top mountain. Mario must climb his way up to the very summit, where the penguins are with the star. They reluctantly give the "shiny toy" to Mario.

Ice Flower Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

Mario arrives on the galaxy, and a Noki tells him that there are thirty Skeeters all around the water. Mario needs to use an Ice Flower to kill them all within a minute, and he can replenish his Ice Flower in several spots. A star is given when done so.

Hidden in the Sea Smg icon hiddencomet1

The hidden star of the galaxy is quite tricky to find. Mario needs to swim all the way to the bottom of the sea, and there are some brick blocks not previously there. He needs to spin through them to reveal a secret entrance to the cave only accessible using this entrance. He needs to wall-jump to the upper portion of this new ledge and then triple jump out into another ledge open to the outside that has the star.

The Chimp Returns Smg icon gamecomet1

The Chimp is found on an island close to the start. He says there are enemies located all over the galaxy and that he should try to score as many points as possible. If Mario collects more than 10,000 in the 2 minute time limit, he collects a star.

Purple Coin Dip Smg icon purplecomet

There are a hundred purple coins scattered all over the island. Mario needs to look for these. There are thirty in the sea, thirty on land, and the other forty are in the cave. The star appears on the bridge.

Crazy Clocktower Galaxy PowerstarPowerstarPowerstarPowerstarSmg icon hiddencomet1Smg icon rompcomet2Smg icon cosmiccometSmg icon purplecomet

Unlocked after six stars.

Gear Mario Gets in Gear Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Collected similarly, but at the harder gear section.
WotCTrophy Collected by jumping off of the third gear, above a small platform.

Mario begins at the clocktower. The clocktower is made up of several planets that are in quite close range to each other. There are four main levels made up of various materials, including clock hands and gears. Mario needs to continue on to meet a Gearmo, who says that he had perfected a gear-transformation item, but many enemies also got their hands on it. He instructs Mario to watch out. Using the Super Gear, Mario should head up onto the little obstacle course that the gears make up and head to the third floor. The platforms to the fourth floor is blocked off. A Gearmo says that there are five Star Chips around that will take him to the dark underside of the tower, where a star is hidden. After finding them all, a Launch Star takes Mario to the underside of the first planet, where there is a more difficult obstacle course the gears make up, and the star is at the end.

Starshroom Search Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Close to the second Starshroom, only accessible through the Super Gear.

Mario returns to the clocktower. After a short climb, Mario finds a Starshroom wrecked, and the only person inside is Pink Toad, also known as Mailtoad. He explains to Mario that the brigade has been assisting the effort to retrieve stars, but their other ship was knocked down. Blue, Yellow, and Green Toads are nowhere to be seen. Mario needs to look around the galaxy and find a Launch Star to another planet, which has very intricate designs to its clock. The only way to get around is to use the Super Gear. After climbing around and rolling from planet to planet, Mario will find the second Starshroom guarded by a large Gearmo, who thinks that they are enemies and has started fighting them. Pink Toad calls him off and convinces the Gearmo to give Mario a Power Star.

Scaling the Clocktower Powerstar

WotCPuzzle On the far edge of the range of the third clock hand Mario meets.

After returning to the galaxy, Gearmos announce that the galaxy has been taken over by a terrible foe and tells Mario to not delay in searching for them. Mario needs to head up to the third floor, and the passage to the fourth floor is open now. He needs to make it to the other side using a few clock hands and then climb up onto the roof, where there is a Warp Pipe sending Mario to a room deep inside. There, Mario fights a massive clock-shaped boss named General Gear. It can attack by attempting to hit Mario with the hands and also slow him down by a considerable margin. When the hands are down and circling around the base, Mario needs to ground pound the arrows on the end after they circle atop each other three times for the star.

Seizing the Star Staff Powerstar

WotCPuzzle Located high up on the anti-gravity second, accessible with a series of walljumps.

Mario starts at the base of the clocktower, which is very tall. He needs to explore around to find five Star Chips. The first is right near the start, the second is between two gears near the beginning, the third is on the second level of the clocktower, the fourth is under a pendulum which Mario needs to jump from, and the fifth can be retrieved by standing on a hand of the clock on the fourth level. When complete, the Star Chips make up a launch star near the starting area and it takes Mario to an area directly outside the clock. He needs to climb up on an anti-gravity section while avoiding moving clock hands and gears that can knock him off. When Mario climbs to the top of the clock tower, he can pick up a piece of the Star Staff, which then makes the Power Star appear.

Hidden Among the Hands Smg icon hiddencomet1

The Hidden Comet of the galaxy. Mario needs to find the inside portion of the clock hands and then long jump and spin to a platform jutting out of the wall. He can wall jump and then reach a higher platform, which he needs to long jump off of to a distant platform near the starting point, where the star is located.

Gear Mario Goomba Romp Smg icon rompcomet2

In the galaxy's romp comet, Mario needs to pick up a Super Gear and head to the gear section, where there are several Goombas using the power-up rolling about. Mario needs to head onto the gears and kill all fifty of them within the ninety-second time limit allotted.

Cosmic Mario in the Clocktower Smg icon cosmiccomet

Cosmic Mario, depending on who the player plays as, challenges the player to a race in the clock. They need to make it to the fourth level of the clock tower as fast as possible, using the gear form along the way to scale the tower. The star is at the very top, waiting for the player.

Clocktower Purple Coin Scramble Smg icon purplecomet

There are a hundred purple coins scattered about the clocktower, and the hard part is that there are only five minutes given for Mario to find them. There are ten on the first level, twenty on the gears, twenty-five on the second level, five on the clock hands, and the last thirty on the fourth level. Moving level-by-level, collecting all the coins in time is quite simple.

Bowser Jr.'s Tower of Terror Smg icon grandstar

Unlocked after collecting ten stars and "Seizing the Star Staff".

King Boo's Return Smg icon grandstar

WotCPuzzle Accessible by triple jumping off the fourth-to-last platform in the obstacle-course area.
WotCTrophy In the second room in the area where a key is needed.

Right after collecting the Star Staff with at least ten stars, Mario is transported to the Comet Observatory, where Rosalina announces that they have entered into enemy territory. She wishes Mario luck and keeps the Star Staff stored safely. Mario is transported to Bowser Jr.'s Tower of Terror, which actually is many planets that make up what looks like a single building. Mario begins on a section with many spotlights with their own gravity like in Bowser's Galaxy Reactor and needs to climb up a few stories on the outside. Then, he encounters a group of Boos and a spotlight, where he must lure all three to proceed. Mario then must climb up an obstacle-course like section and take some Pull Stars to a castle on a lava-filled planet. There are Boos all around, as well as Magmaarghs and Hammer Bros. There are Star Chips hidden around which form a Sling Star taking Mario to a different portion of the castle. He finds a Luma in a cage and must wander around three nearby rooms to look for a key. It's hidden inside a Boo, which he needs to lure to a spotlight. The Luma gives a Launch Star to the boss. Bowser Jr. announces he has a deadly weapon to use on Mario - King Boo, much bigger than before. The battle happens on a similar arena to Bouldergeist. There are stairsteps on each side leading to a switch that momentarily turns on a light. Mario needs to lure King Boo to the light, but it's not easy. He can summon Boos and Peepas, but after luring King Boo to the light thrice, Bowser Jr. reappears and concedes the Grand Star, opening world 2.

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