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World 1

Beginner Spinner Galaxy

  • Mealtime for Palooka Piranha
  • The Star Gateway
  • Palooka Piranha's Speed Run
  • Purple Coins in Beginner Spinner
  • Green Pipes and Green Stars
  • Palooka Pirahna's Bronze Run

High Desert Galaxy

  • King Pokey's Mystery Time
  • Silver Star Iin the Pyramid
  • The Secret of the Desert(Hungry (Coin) Luma)
  • King Pokey's Daredevil Run
  • Purple Coins on the Air
  • Desert Down the Underground

Dirty Digs Galaxy

  • Getting Down in Dirty Digs
  • Dirty Digs' Cosmic Clones

Proud Cloud Galaxy

  • Cloud Flower Takes Flight
  • The Chimp's Cloudy Challenge
  • Cloud Flower Purple Coin Run

Sky Slot Galaxy

  • Storming the Sky Tower
  • The Brick Mushroom in the Rough
  • Shadow Mario's Power Star Race
  • Octoomba Romp n' Stomp
  • The Star is Always Greener

Wild Whirlpool Galaxy

  • A Wavy Ride
  • Silver Stars on the Three Islands
  • Wild Whirlpool's Purple Coins
  • Search for the Yellow Toad (Coin Luma)

Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Fort

  • Jr.'s Tricky Tricks
  • Green Star in the Fiery Fort

World 2

Wonderland Galaxy

  • The Very Late Star Bunny
  • Mad Hatter's Power Star Tea Party
  • Queen O. Hart's Castle
  • Queen O. Hart's Daredevil Run
  • Green Star of the Chesire Cat

Rocky Road Galaxy

  • Sweet Surprises
  • Silver Stars on Rocky Road
  • The Sweetest Speed Run

Glide Canyon Galaxy

  • Fluzzard Takes Flight
  • Jibberjay Race in Glide Canyon

Music Mayhem Galaxy

  • Toot the Red Luma's Horn
  • A Musical Purple Coin Hunt
  • Hammer Bro. Romp n' Stomp
  • Drumming the Green Star
  • FEED the Piano

Honeyblossom Galaxy

  • Bee Prepared
  • Major Burrows is Back! (Coin Luma)
  • Bee Prepared for Cosmic Clones

Turbo Tide Falls Galaxy

  • The Penguin's Surfing Adventure
  • Surfing Speed Run
  • Purple Coins in Turbo Tide Falls
  • Blimp Fruit and Green Stars

Bowser's Floating Fortress

  • Bowser's Big Bad Bash

World 3

Rock n' Roll Galaxy

  • Rock Mushroom Keeps on Rollin'
  • Boulder Bowl's Mandibug Bash
  • Rock Mushroom Speed Run
  • Green Star Rock n' Roll

Klepto Temple Galaxy

  • The Dry Dunes of Klepto Temple
  • King Klepto's Sandy Fight
  • King Klepto's Daredevil Run
  • The Purple Coins of Klepto Temple
  • King Klepto's Green Star

Topic Tropic Galaxy

  • Penguins and Bloopers and Silver Stars, Oh My!
  • The Temple of the Beach (Coin Luma)
  • Penguru's Blooepr Romp n' Stomp

Bulletworks Galaxy

  • Down at the Bulletworks
  • Of Bills and Sprins
  • Bazooka Bill's Party Crash Bash
  • Bazooka Bill's Speed Run

Dusty Dunes Galaxy (Hungry Luma)

  • Treasure of the Golden Sands
  • Golden Sands and Green Stars

Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

  • A Boomleg Battle
  • Boomleg's Explosive Speed Run

World 4

Frost Flake Galaxy

  • When Fire Meets Ice
  • The Melting Ice Temple
  • Yoshi on Ice

Creep Glide Galaxy

  • Gliding with Scuttle Bugs
  • A Creepy Creep Race

Haunted Hallway Galaxy

  • Creepy Gravity Lanes
  • Silver Stars of Haunted Hallway
  • Spooky Silver Stars Speed Run
  • Purple Coins in Creepy Gravity Lanes

Swinging Jungle Galaxy

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • The Chimp's Swinging Jungle Challenge
  • Swinging Purple Coin Run
  • Swinging Jungle's Green Star

Atomic Clock Galaxy (Hungry Luma)

  • Tick Tock to the Power Star Lock
  • Tick Tock Octoomba Stomp

Humongous Fungus Galaxy

  • Big Problems with Big Goombas
  • Giant Wigglers and Silver Stars
  • Big Goomba Speed Run
  • Purple Coins in Humongous Fungus
  • Green Star in Humongous Fungus

Bowser's Gravity Grave

  • Bowser's Gravity-Defying Party

World 5

Rocket Rumble Galaxy

  • Blasting Off the Rocket
  • Rocketing Purple Coin Dash
  • Mumbling and Rumbling

Brrblaze Galaxy

  • A Frosty Hot Skate
  • Queen Pepper's Spicy Battle
  • Hot and Cold Shadow Mario Race
  • Frosty Hot Green Stars

Lux Lake Galaxy (Hungry Luma)

  • Crocodlies and Swans

Sunshine Galaxy

  • We Got F.L.U.D.D.
  • Gooper Blooper's Return
  • Sunshine Silver Stars
  • Gooper Blooper's Daredevil Run

Boo Sky Galaxy

  • A Haunted Flight
  • Feeling Boo Mushroom
  • Yoshi's Boo Sky
  • Purple Coins in the Haunted Flight
  • The Spooky Green Star

Slimy Goo Galaxy

  • A Sticky Situation
  • Beware of Rolling Chomps

Bowser Jr.'s Grand Star Prison

  • Bowser Jr.'s Final Battle

World 6

Terrible Tumble Galaxy

  • Terribly Down Tumble Lane
  • Terrible Tumble's Super Slide
  • Brick or Rock?
  • Purple Coins with a Green Star

Vicious Volcano Galaxy

  • Magmaw Magma Rumble
  • Magmaw Daredevil Run

Baby Bash Galaxy

  • Mario meets Baby Mario
  • Kamek's Cracking Battle
  • Kamek's Speed Run

Grande Petite Galaxy

  • Big and Small Problems
  • Big and Small Shadow Mario Race
  • The Grande Green Star

Coral Corral Galaxy

  • Scuba Diving with Coral
  • Aquanet's Aquatic Brawl
  • Purple Coins for a Mermaid
  • Green Star Down Under

Bowser's King Castle

  • The Final Battle

World S

Retro Rumble Galaxy

  • The Good Ol' Days
  • A Return to Yoshi Island
  • Green Good Ol' Days

DK Konga Galaxy

  • A DK Debut
  • Neckies in the Sky
  • DK's Kritter Romp n' Stomp
  • Tiny Kong's Purple Coins

Bonus Boss Galaxy

  • They're Back!
  • They're Back for a Daredevil Run!

Cotton Candy Galaxy

  • The Yummiest Place on the Block
  • Yoshi's Cotton Candy Craze (Coin Luma)
  • The Yummiest Speed Run

Ocean Comotean Galaxy

  • The Chimp's Swim Challenge
  • Koopa Shells by the Sea

Rosalina's Castlegrounds

  • Rosalina's Ultimate Test
  • Ultimate Purple Coin Run
  • Shadow Mario's Ultimate Race

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