World 1 bosses

Palooka Piranha

  • Galaxy: Beginner Spinner
  • Levels: Mealtime for Palooka Piranha, Palooka Piranha's Speed Run

A distant cousin to Dino Piranha, Palooka Piranha is yet another dinosaur Piranha Plant, and the very first boss in the game.

In Mealtime for Palooka Piranha, when you're character lands on his egg from a Launch Star, he hatches, and the battle begins. Palooka Piranha will try to run over you're character, which is his only attack, until he gets tired. When he does, spin attack on his large navel to hit him. Do this two more times to beat him.

In Palooka Piranha's Speed Run, it is the same, except you are only given 3:00 to beat him.

King Pokey

  • Galaxy: High Desert
  • Levels: King Pokey's Mystery Time,King Pokey's Daredevil Run

A large King Pokey with a crown on his head. It is a YouTube joke that he is Pokey

In King Pokey's Mystery Time after you're character (who must be on Yoshi for this fight) jumps up onto the pyramid-like arena, King Pokey lands from the ground, and the battle begins. King Pokey can throw up into a ball and zoom around the stage, much like you're character after getting a Rock Mushroom. King Pokey can also try and Ground Pound you're character, as well as summon frog-like enemies. Have Yoshi eat the cactus-like enemies and make eggs. Then aim the eggs at King Pokey's big orange belly then throw them. Three more times and he's defeated.

World 2

Queen O. Hart

  • Galaxy: Wonderland
  • Levels: Queen O. Hart's Castle, Queen O. Hart's Daredevil Run

It's a humanoid version of Glamdozer.

In Queen O. Hart's Caslte, when you're character enters the castle gates, Queen O. Hart is at the throne, and he summons Heart Koopas to get him. After beating the Heart Koopas, the real battle begins. Queen O. Hart can fire pink fireballs from her staff (which by the way, holds the Power Star). Queen O. Hart can also dash towards you're character. If she doesnt hit you're character, she'll trip and fall over. When she does, hit her with a spin attack. Do this three more times to defeat.

In Queen O. Hart's Daredevil Run, it is the same, except you're character only has 1 health.

Mandibug Duo (miniboss)

  • Galaxy: Honeyblossom
  • Levels: Bee Prepared

A regular-sized Mandibug with a smaller Mandibug on it's back.

In Bee Prepared, when you're character reaches the top of a tower, the duo comes down, and the battle begins. Just do the same thing as in the real SMG games.

Major Burrows

  • Galaxy: Honeyblossom
  • Levels: Major Burrows is Back!

Main article: Major Burrows

Bowser (1)

  • Galaxy: Bowser's Floating Fortress
  • Levels: Bowser's Big Bad Bash

Bowser is HUGE!

In Bowser's Big Bad Bash, just beat him the same way as in SMG2.

World 3

Mandibug Duo (miniboss)

  • Galaxy: Rock n' Roll Galaxy
  • Levels: Boulder Bowl's Mandibug Bash

Same as last time.

King Klepto

  • Galaxy: Klepto Temple Galaxy
  • Levels: King Klepto's Sandy Fight, King Klepto's Daredevil Run, King Klepto's Green Star

King Klepto is a giant Klepto or Necky with a crown on his head.

When you're character gets onto an arena with a Spin Drill, King Klepto appears and the battle begins. King Klepto attacks by using his feathers as darts and by flying across the stage. After his first hit, he can also summon Klepto enemies. To hit him, use the Spin Drill to drill underground to he opposite side of the arena. Then, when he flies across, Drill into him. Twice more and he's down.

Bazooka Bill

  • Galaxy: Bulletworks
  • Levels: Bazooka Bill's Party Crash Bash, Bazooka Bill's Speed Run

Bazooka is an enormous Banzai Bill ridden by a Koopa Troopa.

Yoshi needed. When you fly onto a large metallic planet, the Koopa will leap into a cannon and fly out riding Bazooka Bill. The battle begins. He flies around the arena, often trying to charge into you. When he fires Bullet Bills from his bazooka-like hands, have Yoshi grab them with his tongue. When the Bill is in his mouth, have Yoshi walk to the sides of him and fire the bill and some blue spots on his sides. As soon as all the blue spots are eliminated, Bazooka Bill will explode, sending the Koopa Troopa flying into space.

Bowser Jr. (2)

  • Galaxy: Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker
  • Levels: A Boomleg Battle, Boomleg's' Explosive Speed Run

Main article: Boomleg

World 4

Dark Fluzzard and Shadow Mario

  • Galaxy: Creep Glide
  • Level: A Creepy Creep Race

Shadow Mario got his own Fluzzard!

Just beat them in a Fluzzard race.

Ninja Kong

  • Galaxy: Swinging Jungle
  • Levels: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ninja Kong is back from Jungle Beat! After beating some enemies in a junglish arena, the big doors open, showing two red eyes. Then, the announcer announces Ninja Kong onto the arena. Ninja throws some quick punches and dash pretty fast. When he dashes, make him get his head stuck into a board. Then hit him with a spin attack in his "area". Three more times and the Ninja should be defeated.

Bowser (2)

  • Galaxy: Bowser's Gravity Grave
  • Levels: Bowser's Gravity-Defying Party

Same as last time, only he is harder.

World 5

Queen Pepper

  • Galaxy: Frostflake
  • Levels: Queen Pepper's Spicy Battle

Possibley a giant Octoomba with tentacles who lives in freezing water. When you're character lands onto an arena with icy water, Queen Pepper emerges and roars. The battle begins. Queen Pepper can summon Brr Bits, as well as shoot balls of ice from his Birdo-like mouth, as well as coconuts. You probably know what to do if you've faced King Kaliente in SMG.

Gooper Blooper

  • Galaxy: Sunshine
  • Levels: Gooper Blooper's Return

Gooper Blooper wants his revenge!

Same as in Super Mario Sunshine.

Bowser Jr. (3)

  • Galaxy: Bowser Jr.'s Grand Star Prison
  • Levels: Bowser Jr.'s Final Battle

Bowser Jr. now has the power of a Hammer Bro., Octoomba, and Lakitu combined!

Be sure to spin him to make him dizzy, then ground pound on him. Do this five times to defeat.

World 6


  • Galaxy: Baby Bash
  • Levels: Kamek's Cracking Battle, Kamek's Speed Run

Kamek is back!

Kamek will fly around on her broom, firing magic shapes as she does. Orange ones become fire, grey ones become Bullet Bills, and green ones become Koopa Troopas. When a Koopa Troopa appears on the stage, grab it's shell and throw it at Kamek. Three more times and he is defeated.


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