Characters, enemies, and bosses

In the original version, each character was going to have they're own Co-Star Luma colors (orange for Mario, purple for Luigi, gold for Wario, black for Waluigi, and white for Toad Brigade Captain). This feature was removed for unknown reasons.

Palooka Piranha was going to be more like a Triceratops. There were also going to be two bandages on his back, where Mario must ground pound. However, he was changed before the final version.

An early trailer shows that when the character asked the Cosmic Witch to posses his/her character, the character would become a cosmic version of himself. This feature was removed from the final version.

An early trailer quickly shows the player playing as a Blue Toad and a Yellow Toad. It is possible they were replaced by the Toad Brigade Captain.

Items and power-ups

The Mole Suit was going to appear in the game, but it was removed. It is possible it was replaced by the Spin Drill.

Also, it was said that there was going to be a Dash Mushroom, a blue mushroom with red star-shaped spots that would enable the wielder to go fast. But because of the Dash Pepper, it was removed.

Concept art shows that items like the Tanooki Suit and Propeller Mushroom were going to be in the game, but were removed for unknown reasons.

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