Super Mario Galaxy: Bowser's Meteor Dome is another Super Mario Galaxy series games for the Wii.


One upon a time in the Mushroom Kingdom, there lived to brothers, Mario and Luigi. The land was ruled by Princess Peach. One day, the Mailtoad came to the brother's house with a letter reading

Dear Mario and Luigi, please come to the castle. I have a surprise for you. Love, Peach.

Mario and Luigi set off to visit her. Along the way, he found a baby Luma. He was lost, and he reconizged Mario and Luigi. The Luma tagged along. Later, at the castle, Mario and Luigi have arrived, except that Bowser was attacking! He kidnapped Peach and set off into outer space. Two other Lumas turned into launch stars so he could follow.

After finally defeating Bowser, he falls off the planet. But before Mario could grab the final Grand Star, Bowser returns and gobbles it up. You then fight Bowser again by smashing meteors into him. After being defeated once and for all, Peach rides in on the Grand Star, and the two return to Starship Mario. The Comet Observitory then appears, and Rosalina comes down. She says that now that Bowser is defeated, she can help Mario access to a special world. As the credits roll, we see various clips, one is that Bowser and Bowser Jr. stranded on a planet, possibly in the Topic Tropic Galaxy.



World 1

  • Beginner Spinner Galaxy
  • High Desert Galaxy
  • Dirty Digs Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Proud Cloud Galaxy
  • Sky Slot Galaxy
  • Wild Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Fort

World 2

  • Wonderland Galaxy
  • Rocky Road Galaxy
  • Glide Canyon Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Music Mayhem Galaxy
  • Honeyblossom Galaxy
  • Turbo Tide Falls Galaxy
  • Bowser's Floating Fortress

World 3

  • Rock n' Roll Galaxy
  • Klepto Temple Galaxy
  • Topic Tropic Galaxy
  • Bulletworks Galaxy
  • Dusty Dunes Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

World 4

  • Frost Flake Galaxy
  • Creep Glide Galaxy
  • Haunted Hallway Galaxy
  • Swinging Jungle Galaxy
  • Atomic Clock Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Humongous Fungus Galaxy
  • Bowser's Gravity Grave

World 5

  • Rocket Rumble Galaxy
  • Brrblaze Galaxy
  • Lux Lake Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Sunshine Galaxy
  • Boo Sky Galaxy
  • Slimy Goo Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.'s Grand Star Prison

World 6

  • Terrible Tumble Galaxy
  • Vicious Volcano Galaxy
  • Baby Bash Galaxy
  • Grande Petite Galaxy
  • Coral Corral Galaxy
  • Icicle Mountain Galaxy
  • Bowser's King Castle

World S

  • Retro Rumble Galaxy
  • DK Konga Galaxy
  • Bonus Boss Galaxy
  • Cotton Candy Galaxy
  • Ocean Comotean Galaxy
  • Rosalina's Castlegrounds

For levels, see here


For Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, or TBC

For Yoshi

Extra Features

Yoshi can now lay eggs after eating an enemy. These can thrown to defeat enemies or to hit buttons out of reach.

When Wario hops on Yoshi, Yoshi goes "WAA!!!" and sweats when he walks due to the heavy weight.

Wario and Toad Brigade Captain are the only characters who don't have Star Spins. Instead, Wario has his arm thrust move, and TBC has a "head bonk". Neither of them can be used to saddle on Yoshi, but they can be used to damage enemies/bosses, break crystals/crates/boxes, and activate switches, just like the Star Spin.

Resemblances to Other Games


Other stuff

Beta elements

Boss guide

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