Super Mario Galaxy: Another Universe is a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii.


Super Mario Galaxy: Another Universe plays nearly identical to Super Mario Galaxy and SMG2. Mario still has his long jump, spin, and can fire Star Bits using the Wii Remote's pointer, as well as ground pound and wall jump. Yoshi also makes a reappearance, and can still eat enemies and objects and use his flutter jump.

Nearly all of Mario's power-ups from the previous Galaxy games return. The Boo Mushroom and Red Star, both of which were absent in Galaxy 2 make a reappearance.

Mario spends most of his time in the levels hunting for Power Stars like in the last two games. He hunts for them in Galaxies, which are chock full of challenges he has to overcome. Prankster Comets return, and unlike before, they appear immediately after collecting the Comet Medal in the Galaxy, rather than appearing randomly.


Galactic Garden (Galaxy 1-1)

The first galaxy in the game takes place in a lush, galaxy-sized botanical garden that spans several planets. Unfortunately this lovely attraction has been taken over by Piranha Plants, which Mario must exterminate to get the area's Power Stars.

Star 1: Piranhadactyl Flies In

Star 2: Tree Climbing 101

Speedrun Comet: Piranhadactyl's Speedrun

Cosmic Comet: Cosmic Clone Climb

Bowser Jr.'s Sky Brigade (Galaxy 1-4)

Star 1: Jr.'s Battle Fleet

Double Time Comet: Battle Fleet in Double Time

Yoshi Highway (Galaxy 2-3)

A galaxy that looks like an industrial highway, with completely vertical roads that Yoshi must eat a Dash Pepper to traverse.

Star 1: Highway Hightail

Purple Comet: Purple Coins on the Highway

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