New Super Mario Bros. Food
Smg3 boxart
Developer(s) CS Games
Publisher(s) CS Games
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Normal Mode, Time Trials Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Media Included Disc



Image Name Description
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Mario comes back to the galaxies to rescue Peach...AGAIN!
NSMBULuigi Luigi Luigi can be played as in some galaxies, if you talk to him. Or the 2nd player can control him. 2nd player can be him or..
P2 Luma X
 Co-Star Luma Yep.
Toad (NSML)

Toad can be player 3 or 4.


World  1

Galaxy Galaxy Icon Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Super Starting Galaxy
Super starting galaxy map icon
A  very easy galaxy that resembles the World 1 of many NSMB games.

Smg icon powerstar1 Peewee Piranha

Smg icon purplecomet'100 'Purple Coins

Peewee Piranha
Yoshi Path Galaxy
Yoshi path galaxy icon
Another grassland area, but this time with Yoshis. It teaches you how to use Yoshi.

Smg icon powerstarGo, Yoshi, Go!
Smg icon powerstarBoomerang Breakdown
Smg icon powerstarMission:Lakitu
Smg icon speedycometYoshi's Two minutes

Boing 'N' Bounce Galaxy A Sky Galaxy That has Fire powerups such as the Fire Flower or Phoenix Suit.

Smg icon powerstarBoing All Out

Smg icon powerstarFire Flower Fly
Smg icon speedycometBoing With Speed!

Koopa Cave Galaxy An underground water land that introduces swimming underwater. It has a lot of koopas.

Smg icon powerstarKoopa Craze

Smg icon powerstarSwim with the shell
Smg icon daredevilcometKoopa Dares You!

Ghosty Posty Galaxy
Ghosty posty galaxy icon
A spooky Boo land. It inroduces a powerup similar to the Boo Mushroom, A Ghost Mushroom.

Smg icon powerstarThe Ghastly Ghost Mushroom Smg icon powerstarBig Boo's Haunting

Smg icon cosmiccometScary Cosmic Clones

Smg icon powerstarDark Blocks and Hungry Lumas

Big Boo
Snow-Go Galaxy A snow land with ice and other cold stuff.

Smg icon powerstarMagikoopa Madness Smg icon powerstarThe Frosty Hill

Smg icon fastfoecometDanger: Rhomps!

Tree Tower Galaxy A tall tree that you can climb inside and outside. It has Yoshi and introduces 2 yoshi power-ups.

Smg icon powerstarYoshi's Blimp Fruit Smg icon powerstarDash up the Slopes

Smg icon speedycometBlimp Fruit Speed Run

Smg icon powerstarKoopa the Quick's Secret Race

Superhigh Sky Galaxy Another sky-like galaxy that has lots of Foos and Fwooshes.

Smg icon powerstarOn Cloud Nine Smg icon powerstar'I'n Cloud-Cuckoo Land

Smg icon daredevilcometDaredevils in the Clouds

Smg icon powerstarCloud 'n' Candy's Sweet Revenge

Cloud 'N' Candy
Boxy Block Galaxy A galaxy made from completely colored blocks.

Smg icon powerstarBlockZ's Blocky Road Smg icon cosmiccometThe Cosmic Clones of Boxy Blocks

Smg icon powerstarHungry Luma's Cubed Challenge

Lengthy Luma Galaxy A galaxy with  a new power-up, the Luma Mushroom.

Smg icon powerstarMario: a Luma?

Smg icon powerstarEviluma's Nasty Bits

Gravity Galaxy A simple galaxy with gravity currents.

Smg icon powerstarDriving You up the wall

Smg icon powerstarTeaching Mega Swaphopper a lesson

Mega Swaphopper
Food Flood Galaxy A galaxy based on food entirely.

Smg icon powerstarFood for Thought

Smg icon powerstarYoshi and the Yummy Wing Pear

Mr. L's Crazy Castle A rainbow lava land. Smg icon grandstarMr. L's Rainbow Run Mr. L

World 2

Galaxy Icon Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Beanstalk Galaxy A grassy Galaxy with a lot of Beanstalks to climb. The galaxy Also Introduces the Pi Coin. Smg icon powerstarMario and the Beanstalk
Smg icon powerstarThe Super Nasty Beanstalk Squad
Smg icon purplecometPurple & Pi Coins
The Beanstalk Squad
Piranha Park Galaxy An underground Piranha Plant galaxy with a lot of Pipes. Smg icon powerstarPlant Something in Something
Smg icon powerstarPipe Down!
Smg icon powerstarLeft is Right
Smg icon fastfoecometSpeedy Piranhas
Music Medley Galaxy A Note Block Galaxy with a lot of note block stuff and Skipper Blocks. Smg icon powerstarMusic to my Ears
Smg icon powerstarThwomp Music
Smg icon speedycometMusic Medley Speed Run
Oldies but Goodies galaxy A hilly galaxy with many components fom early Mario games.

Smg icon powerstarBack to the Basics

Smg icon powerstarThe Boom Boom Battle

Thunder Terror Galaxy
Thunder terror galaxy map icon
A wasteland-like area with a storm going on. THere's lots of static platforms which only Thunder Mario can walk on.

Smg icon powerstarStealing your Thunder

Smg icon powerstarZap 'em with Yoshi

Giga Lakitu

Honeysweet Galaxy A galaxy much like the bee galaxies of other SMG games. Typically, it has the Bee Mushroom.

Smg icon powerstarBee Yourself

Smg icon powerstarWhere's Queen Bee?

Smg icon powerstarComputer Bugaboom

Fireforest Galaxy A Firey Jungle galaxy with poison water and  Bramballs.

Smg icon powerstarFirey Bramball's Burning Branches

Smg icon powerstarSmokey won't be impressed

Firey Bramball
Water Wave Galaxy An ocean galaxy with a lot of Cheep-Cheeps and the like. There's not too much solid material and the Ice Flower returns (Frozen Mario)

Smg icon powerstarCheep Challenge

Smg icon powerstarFishy Buisness with Gooper Blooper

Gooper Blooper
8-bit Galaxy
8-bit galaxy map icon
A 2D galaxy made completely out of 8-bit peices. 8-bit Mushrooms appear.

Smg icon powerstarFalse Bowser's Pixxelated Rampage

Smg icon powerstarLove you to 8-bits

False Bowser
Kitty Cove Galaxy A cat-themed galaxy with cat enemies and the Cat Mushroom. If you stomp a Yarn Koopa(a new enemy), then  you can throw a yarnball that distracts Cat Goombas(also new)

Smg icon powerstarCool, a Cat Mushroom!

Smg icon powerstarCat Gooma for Gold Gearmo

Cakery Bakery Galaxy

A galaxy with all sorts of cakes, cookies and candy serving as the platforms(and enemies!)

Smg icon powerstarThis Takes the Cake

Smg icon powerstarLookie! It's Cookie Rookie!

Cookie Rookie
Good Sport Galaxy A galaxy with all kinds of sports materials everywhere. Fluzzard appears in one level.

Smg icon powerstarFootball Fun with Fluzzard

Smg icon powerstarLacrosse that bridge!

Dry Desert Galaxy A desert galaxy much like Slipsand.

Smg icon powerstarMummipokey Desert

Smg icon powerstarSandstreams Backwards

Stone Bone Galaxy A galaxy made completely out of stone and dirt. Dry Bones appear, and so does the Spin Drill.

Smg icon powerstarSpin-Drill Diggin'

Smg icon powerstarBreakin' Dry Boom Boom apart

Dry Boom Boom
Rolling Maze


A galaxy with puzzles and Star Balls.

Smg icon powerstarNow You're Rollin'!

Smg icon powerstarSilver Chomp should Comeuppance See us

Silver Chomp
Big Bob-omb's Combustible Castle A Bob-omb lava castle with Big Bob- omb in it.

Smg icon powerstarLowering the Boom on Big Bob-omb

Big Bob-Omb

World 3

Galaxy Icon Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
HoneyGo Galaxy
Honeygo galaxy map icon
A sunny island with lots of Bees and their mushrooms. It also has Yoshi. Smg icon powerstarThe Land of Nothing but Honey
Smg icon powerstarYoshis and Bees
Smg icon powerstarKing Lakitu's Reckless Return
Smg icon daredevilcometKing Lakitu's Daredevil Run
King Lakitu
Rusty Dusty Galaxy With Rock Mushrooms and Gearmos, this galaxy has a lot of metal elements in it. Smg icon powerstarThe Rusted Spring's Treasure
Smg icon powerstarGeary Gary's Rocky Run
Smg icon cosmiccometClones on the Clockwork
Geary Gary
Slimy Slick Galaxy A rainforest area with some slippery ground surfaces that you can skate on like ice. Poison water also appears, along with the Cloud Flower. Smg icon powerstarSliding Slippery on Slime
Smg icon powerstarCloud Flower's Vine Climb
Smg icon speedycometSlidin' Speed Run
Pizza Party Galaxy A party galaxy with some cake platforms and other party stuff, but ther's mostly pizza everywhere

Smg icon powerstarPizza Piranha's Cheesy Battle

Smg icon powerstarThe Cake Cutting
Smg icon speedycometPizza Piranha's Speed Run

Pizza Piranha
Strings and Things Galaxy A dirt-esque galaxy with a lot of strings, ropes, and vines.

Smg icon powerstarTie up Those Bros. Smg icon powerstarTopman Overboard!

Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins on the Double!

L33t Hamm3r Br0z.
Green Garden Galaxy A galaxy similar to Rolling Green Galaxy, but without the star ball.

Smg icon powerstarTwirlip Raid Smg icon powerstarSky Falling klatsnaeB

Smg icon fastfoecometThe Faster Twirlips

Rolling River Galaxy A Brook Trail with the Star Ball in water. There's also a riverbank in another level.

Smg icon powerstarUnderwater Rolling

Smg icon powerstarDown by the banks

Lava Lamp Galaxy A Lava-world 8-like level with lots of Magmaarghs and Blokkabloks in it. Floating globs of lava are on one planet.

Smg icon powerstarMagmaximus's Lavafall

Smg icon powerstarGet to the core of it!

Slideshow Sideshow Galaxy A galaxy like Beat Block- stuff changes to the music!

Smg icon powerstarChange for the Better Smg icon powerstarD'oh! Up I Go!


World 4

Galaxy Icon Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Bob-omb Blitz Galaxy A mountain land, world 6-like, with all of the enemies being some kind of Bob-omb. There's even a Bob-omb Flower.

Smg icon powerstarBob-ombing on the Mountain
Smg icon powerstarBob-ulk's Fuse Lit...
Smg icon powerstarSilver Gearmo's Trash Boom!
Smg icon speedycometBob-ombing in Two Minutes

Masterpeice Galaxy A giant gallery of paintings and sculptures in which mario must move through to get to the star. Smg icon powerstarA Grand Old Time
Smg icon powerstarSilver Stars on Exhibit
Smg icon powerstarNew! Star Chips!
Smg icon daredevilcometSilver Star Daredevil Run
Fish Fountain Galaxy A bunch of fountains with water puzzles hidden in them and lots of Cheep-Cheeps.

Smg icon powerstarMaureen Force's Cheep-Cheep Army Smg icon powerstarRed Coins in the Fish Fountain

Smg icon cosmiccometSwimming with Cosmic Clones

Maureen Force
Explosive Galaxy A galaxy with a time limit to complete all the planets.. If it reaches 0:00,the planet explodes and mario falls in the black hole.

Smg icon powerstar5 minutes of Runnin'

Smg icon powerstarThe Tougher Mountain Bombs

Scary Space Galaxy A Boo-ghost galaxy with the Boo Mushroom and more.

Smg icon powerstarSnake Blocks and Dark Matter Smg icon powerstarCan't Say Boo to a Goose

Smg icon purplecometPurple Coin Boo Mushroom

King Boo
Twisty Twirl Galaxy A Galaxy similar to Roling Coaster Galaxy,  but with Fluzzard instead of the star ball.

Smg icon powerstarFluzzard's Roller Ride

Smg icon powerstarBlack Jibberjay's Race

Freezy Frost Galaxy A snowy galaxy with lots of ice and the Ice Flower.

Smg icon powerstarFlower Wow-er Smg icon powerstarSorbetti's  Scrumptious Second Helping

Smg icon purplecometPurple Coins on the Ice

Roulette Run Galaxy A Roulette-chimp-style Galaxy with challenges.

Smg icon powerstarShow Chimp You're no Chump

Smg icon powerstarTriple 7s=Star!

Bowser Jr.'s Heated Hideaway
Bowserjrsheatedhideaway map icon
Bowser Jr.'s Castle! Dunn Dunn! Smg icon grandstarJr's Hammer Robot! Megahammer

World 5

Galaxy Icon Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Rolling Blocks Galaxy
Boxy block galaxy icon
A Star ball galaxy made completely out of giant brick and ? blocks. Smg icon powerstarStar Ball Meets The Block World
Smg icon powerstarSilver Chomp's Blocky Slam Match
Smg icon cosmiccometThe Cosmic Clone Ball Run
Silver Chomp
Boiler Broiler Galaxy
Boiler broiler galaxy map icon
A Lava-galaxy similar to Shiverburn Galaxy. Smg icon powerstarThe Whole Ball of Fire
Smg icon powerstarBehind the Boiler Room
Smg icon fastfoecometFast Foes Boiler
Fiery Dino Piranha
Another Yoshi Galaxy A Yoshi Star-like Galaxy. Smg icon powerstarYoshi Rides Again!
Smg icon powerstarYoku's Bad Eggs
Smg icon speedycometRay Race Speed Run
Hot Sauce Galaxy Another Lava Galaxy with Magmaarghs.

Smg icon powerstarFireball of Fire

Smg icon powerstarDash Pepper Scales Lava
Smg icon cosmiccometFirey Cosmic Clones

Last Call Galaxy A Galaxy much like Grand Finale Galaxy, except there's lots of enemies and puzzles.

Smg icon powerstarLast Time with Yoshi!

Smg icon powerstarLast time with Hungry Luma!

Bowser's Kindled Castle
Bowserskindledcastle map icon
Bowser's Castle! Dun dun dunnnn! Smg icon grandstarFinal Finishing Finale!!! Bowser

World S

Galaxy Icon Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Super-Secret Galaxy A galaxy with mixed worlds and musics. Smg icon powerstarMishmash Mania
Smg icon powerstarPolari's Battle
Smg icon speedycometPolari's Speed Run
Supersized Galaxy A giant galaxy resembling the inside of a giant house Smg icon powerstarHelter-Skelter down the Stairs
Smg icon powerstarSilver Star Garage Run
Smg icon speedycometBathroom Speed Run
Wild Wings Galaxy A Sky galaxy in which you have to ride Fly-Mos and King Bills to get places. Smg icon powerstarWinging it
Smg icon speedycometA Quick Flight
Black & White Galaxy A stromy galaxy completely in tones of black, white, and gray, like an old TV show.

Smg icon powerstarGray Everything

Smg icon powerstarOutdating False Bowser

Smg icon purplecometBlack & White's Purple Coins

False Bowser
The Yoshis' Bonus Bar A Grassy Land, and the final boss level. Smg icon grandstarFun Boss Battle!
Smg icon daredevilcometYoshi Gang's Daredevil Run
Smg icon powerstarGearmo's Trash Trial
Yoshi Gang
Best in Show Galaxy Like Grandmaster Galaxy, a gigantic challenge. It takes 100 stars to get in.

Smg icon powerstarThe Best Run(Requires 100 stars)

Smg icon grandstarIf you beat this, you're Insane!(Requires all stars except for this one)

Smg icon cosmiccometInsanely Cosmic Clones



Super Starting Galaxy

Yoshi Path Galaxy

Boing & Bounce Galaxy

Koopa Cave Galaxy

Snowgo Galaxy

Tree Tower Galaxy

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