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Super Mario Forever-Never is a 2D platforming fangame made by Hougi for the Wii and has no actual release date. It has characters from Super Mario bros. 2 (USA) to Super Mario World: Wii. It has 4 main characters and 3 secret characters. The first four are Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, the three secret characters are Yoshi, Toad, and Sonic. It also comes with a level editor.


  • World 1-9 (Greeny Greens)
  • World 2-7 (Subcon)
  • World 3-10 (Sky Kingdom)
  • World 4-6 (Underground City)
  • World 5-6 (Wario land)
  • World 6-14 (Columbian Mountains)
  • World 7-9 (Waluigi Richers)
  • World 8-9 (Koopa Beaches)
  • World ?-6 (Bombe Island)
  • World 9-17 (Vista Hill)
  • World 10-1 (Bowser Castle)
  • World ?-6 (Alternet Plains)
  • World ?-5 (Alternet Plains)
  • World ?-4 (Alternet Plains)
  • World ?-3 (Alternet Plains)
  • World ?-2 (Alternet Plains)
  • World ?-5 (Newbee Castle)
  • World ?-? (Level editor)



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