Super Mario Football
Developer(s) Drybones1151
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
September 2011
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
E for everyone
Genre(s) Sports


Mario and Luigi are walking together when Luigi notices something laying on the ground. The object was a football! So, Mario and Luigi pick up the football and start throwing it back and fourth. Shortly after a mysterious paper falls from the sky. An ad, written on it is "Football Tryouts". Mario and Luigi looked at each other and smiled. "Lets a do this bro!". The day of the Tryouts Mario and Luigi got there and saw hundreds of other Mushroom Kingdom citizens there. When Mario and Luigi got to the front of the line a character caught their eyes. An awkward creature wearing a light brown robe with a hood covering his face. It was Bowser. This encouraged Mario and Luigi to do this even more knowing Bowser was part of this.


You can play this game 3 different ways: Wiimote and Nunchuk, GameCube Controller, and the Wii football.

Here are the controls for these:


Analog Stick: Move

Directional Pad: Move

Start/Select: Menu

C-Stick: Nothing

L and R buttons: Taunt

Y button: Run

X button: Plow/Spin

B button: Back/Special Power

A button: Select/Jump/Throw

Wiimote and Nunchuk:

C button: Spin

Z button: Special Power

Analog stick: Move

B button: Back

A button: Jump

- and + button: Menu

1 and 2: Taunt

'Shake': Run

'Throw Motion': Throw

'Push forward': Plow

Wii Football:

C button: Spin

Z button: Special Power

Analog Stick: Move

B button: Back/Special Power

Directional Pad: Move

A button: Jump

- and +: Menu

1 and 2: Taunt

'Shake': Run

'Throw Motion': Throw

'Push Forward':Plow

Getting Started

  1. Insert Super Mario Football Wii! Insert Super Mario Football Wii into your Wii, if the disc does not load at start read your Wii help and manual guide.
  2. File Selection: Files in Super Mario Football Wii! are made by lockers. When you start the game for the first time you will have to select a locker and give it a name. When you create a new locker you go to a Mii selection screen, you have the option to select 6 Mario heads or any of the Miis that you have made. There are up to six lockers that you can use.
  3. Have fun playing the game!


In the Main Menu there are four modes of entertainment. Then you have Game Modes where you actually play the game. Here are all of the modes:

Single: Tons more modes in single, but you play by yourself

Multi-player: Same as Single but here you can play with friends.

WFC: A.K.A Wi-fi connection. Here there are more modes of gameplay but that will be in another section.

Locker Room: Look at any of the unlockables that you earned including: trophies, characters, etc.

Adventure Mode: This is single player only sorry to burst your bubble. This is the mode that you want to play if you are into unlocking cool items such as trophies and characters.

Season Game: Are you sad that you can't play Adventure Mode with an extra player? Well if you have a friend with you, you can play Season game which is basically the Adventure Mode for two players. You play just regular stadiums in this mode though.

Exhibition Game: A quick game that you can play with friends or the computer. You can also customize it to your likings.

Mini-Game Mode: Over 10 mini-games that you and friends can play. You can also unlock more Mini-Games in Adventure Mode.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Once you sign onto Wi-Fi it is very simple you can choose 5 options:

Regular Game: Play an online game with people around the world. You can choose Local or Worldwide with people you want to play with. Or you can add people to be friends.

Mini-Game: Play mini-games online and compete for high scores. You can try for high scores like: Friend High-scores, Worldwide High-scores, Local High-scores, and Daily High-scores.

Team Battle: Same as Regular game but you are teamed up with other people.

Stadium Creator: Create stadiums online and play them online. The more you play games online the more things you unlock for the stadium creator.

Character Creator: Same as Stadium Creator but you can make characters. You can also get items for your characters by finding them online.

The Locker Room Channel

If you want even more fun for your game why don't you go online and get the Locker Room Channel. It lets you keep track of your online trophies and badges. You can also enter tournaments for trophies and badges. Not only that but every game you play online you can either earn or lose points. But those points you can use at the shop. At the shop you can buy things for Stadium Creator, Character Creator, Trophies, Badges, and even things you can use for when you are playing the game off-line.


Green Shell: Can be shot forward and backwards. This type of shell just shoots in a straight line bouncing off of every wall it hits. This type of shell is most common and can only take one hit. Any player it collides with is stunned.

Mushroom: Increases your speed for a short amount of time.

Star: Makes you invincible for a short amount of time. Every player you run into is stunned for a short amount of time too.

Banana: You can lay this on the field. Any player that runs over this slips and falls.

POW Block: When you use this item every player on the opposing team on-screen falls. You can actually dodge this item by jumping at the right time.

Lightning: When obtained you shrink all of the opposing team for a short amount of time. If you are shrunk by a lightning bolt you are slower.

Red Shell: This shell can be shot only forward. This shell targets the closest player. If this shell hits any wall it is destroyed.

Mega Mushroom: This mushroom increases the size of your player. Making opponents able to crush and flatten (making them slower) this mushroom also increases your speed slightly. This item lasts around 15 seconds.

Spiny Shell: What was used to known as the Blue Shell is now known as Spiny Shell. The dreaded item from Mario Kart is back. When you use this item it targets whoever has the ball.

Bob-omb: You can throw this bomb item. After about three seconds it explodes. Whoever is in the range of the explosion is stunned for a short amount of time.

Blue Shell: This item is now known as the Blue Shell. When you throw this shell any player struck by it is frozen. You can shoot this forwards and backwards. Unlike other shells this shell lasts longer. It freezes about 3 players before being destroyed.

Feather: This item allows the player to fly. Flying is a handy item because when you fly your speed increases allowing you to fly over to the ball and getting an interception or targeting the player you are going after.

Triple Green Shell: Same as Green Shell but you have three shells

Triple Red Shell: Same as Red Shell but you have three shells

Triple Blue Shell: Same as Blue Shell but you have three shells


Please note: This is my first Table so it will not be anything of high quality.

Character Color Power Speed Technique Attack (Offense) Attack (Defense)
Mario *** *** *** Fire Storm Mega Mario
Luigi ** **** *** Hammer Fury Poltergust 3000
Toad ** **** ** Power Shroom Golden Shroom
Peach * *** ***** Toad Stampede Heart Guard
Daisy ** ***** ** Poison Field Flower Jump
Wario ***** * ** Bob-omb Blast Fakeout
Waluigi *** ** ***** Trick Dash Super Speed
Yoshi *** ***** ** Egg Shot Egg Roll
Bowser ***** * *** Flamethrower Bowser Shell
Donkey Kong ***** * ** DK Canon Shot Banana Barrier
Diddy Kong *** **** ** Banana Boomerang Chimp Flip
Baby Mario ** **** *** Chain Chomp Naptime
Goomba * ***** *** Headbutt Goomba Huddle
Koopa *** **** * Shell Shock Shell Shield
Boo ** **** *** Pink Boo Attack Disappear
Kritter ***** ** *** Mace Swing Earthquake
Noki ** **** *** Shell Strike Hide

Also note that these are not all of the characters, there are more in the unlockables section.

Character Colors:

Character Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6 Extra 1 Extra 2 Extra 3


Mario Stadium: Come on! All Mario sport games need a Mario Stadium. With no gimmicks, this stadium is a good place to practice or just play a normal game of football.

Peach's Snowy Rink: This cool stadium is placed in the middle of a snowing ice rink. Watch out for freezies as they wander around the rink. There is also snow all over that could make you run slower.

Wario's Bomb Factory: Stray Bob-ombs run around here. Watch out for them. Also watch out for the conveyor belts that make you move in the direction they show.

Yoshi Cove: A watery field, that is built on a giant boardwalk. There are holes in the boardwalk though. In some holes, there are cheep cheeps that pop out. Water also sometimes splashes on the field making that area wet and able to slip.

Donkey Kong Jungle: This field has all kinds of tricks and traps. It has Klaptraps, Poison Flowers, and Barrels rolling all over the place. You have to be on your toes if you come here.

Please note here too, that there are more stadiums but they are in the Unlockables section.


There are 12 Mini-Games in Super Mario Football. 6 to unlock and 6 that are already unlocked.

Hoop Challenge: You have 1:30 to throw the footballs into hoops. There are 3 rows of hoops and each row is traveling in a random direction. You have unlimited footballs also.

Perfect Passes: Pass the football to your teammates. Sounds simple, right? Well the catch is that there is snow and Freezies everywhere. If the throw is off then it will land in the snow and your teammate will not be able to catch it. Or you could lead them into a Freezie by accident.

Dodging Danger: This mini-game is located in Wario's Bomb Factory. It has a simple task: Run down the field and make it to the end zone. But the gimmick is that the dangers are still in the field. Bob-omb explosions, conveyor belts everywhere, and flamethrowers. This can be challenging, but can you beat the record?

Boardwalk Breakers: This is a punting mini-game. On the boardwalk are holes. But there is also a giant glowing circle. Playing this mini-game is a good way to practice punting. You want to go for the giant circle. But to make it challenging the circle moves every time and sometimes gets smaller.

Items Advantage: In the wild jungle there are strange creatures. But what you may not know is that you can defeat these creatures with items. You start with green shells and you fire them at the klaptraps. But then it gets even more advanced, the more enemies you defeat the more items you get and you get different items too occasionally. But along with new items there are new enemies like Poison Flowers which can dodge attacks and barrels which take two hits.

Special Attack Practice: This isn't much of a mini-game as much as practice. You can practice any character's special attack here. You have unlimited and you can pick any character you unlocked.

Adventure Mode

The adventure mode is an option you can select in Single mode. This has it's own story:


(Spoiler Warning)

After Mario and Luigi notice Bowser at the sign ups, they take action. So from then they start practicing by throwing the football, punting, and passing. They look at the chain fence beside where they were practicing. They saw Toads, Yoshis, Goombas, all kinds of citizens. So they follow them. Where were they going? Well we don't know right now. But when Mario and Luigi followed them over a hill. They soon saw where they were going. It was an area full of stadiums, shops, and buildings.From this point on Mario and Luigi were in football heaven. But they did know that they would have to compete against all kinds of friends, foes, and fiends. But they could recruit all kinds of teammates and captains.

World Map:

The world-map is very similar to Super Mario Sluggers. There are areas where you can go to and each area has gimmicks. Some areas you have to unlock though.

You start at Mario Stadium and have the choice to go to either Yoshi Cove or Peach Ice Rink. Then once you complete two of those you unlock the path to Wario's Bomb Factory and DK Jungle. Once you complete one of those you unlock a path to a shop where you can buy items for you or more paths to stadiums. Once you buy the paths you unlock the stadiums. You can buy the paths to Luigi Mansion and Daisy Field. If you go to Luigi Mansion and get passed it you unlock the path to another shop that you can buy items or the path to Birdo Mall which connects into Yoshi Cove Path. If you go through Daisy Field path you reach the path to Peach Ice Rink. But if you do both DK Jungle and Wario Bomb Factory you unlock the path to Waluigi Desert which is a new stadium. Once you complete Waluigi Desert you can go through the path that goes to a shop or Bowser Jr.'s Park. After defeating Bowser Jr.'s Park you can go to the last required Stadium: Bowser's Castle. But if you go to the shop you unlock the path to Diddy's Raft Ride and Baby Playroom. I also made a rough sketch of what the world map might look like if you don't quite understand the description of it.

Story (cont.)

(MAJOR SPOILERS) After you defeat Bowser Jr.'s Park he is not defeated, instead he runs to his daddy at the volcano. This is the final showdown. You can choose any of the characters that you have unlocked to defeat Bowser. When you are ready go for it. Lightning blares across the sky and thunder roars above you while a volcano is in plain sight. This is a true epic showdown. "It is on Bowser!". Mario vs. Bowser. But once you defeat Bowser he stumbles and falls to his knees. He grumbles "you may have defeated me but this is just the start". Peach then says to Bowser "Why don't you just join us, instead of always being the villain?". Bowser slowly looks up at Peach and nods. Bowser Jr. in the background gasps and runs towards Bowser. "Why daddy?" Bowser Jr. questions. "We are always the bad guys, we never have fun, we never win, we don't have friends only our minions. Why should we ruin the fun for everyone else when we can join in the fun instead" Bowser explains. Mario then jumps in and suggests "Let's a have a great feast celebrating a new teammate!" Later, everybody sits down at a table looking down at the food: Fresh Lobster, Succulent ribs, juicy steak. But of course DK couldn't wait and he just pigs in. Then everybody laughs, Bowser did too... But Bowser.... his laugh was different.... it was more of an evil laugh..... The End?


Unlockable Stadiums

Luigi Mansion: Play football inside the mansion itself! With ghosts that will knock the football around it can be easy to get interceptions here. Sometimes the lights will dim down very low too making it hard to see. UNLOCK: Buy it at one of the shops

Birdo Mall: A football field, inside a mall? This one is. There really isn't that much in this stadium besides the escalators. Yeah that's right this football stadium has two floors causing major havoc. UNLOCK: Buy it at one of the shops

Daisy Field: When you think of a football field you think of a regular football field. Not flowers and tall grass growing all over it. With the tall grass it is hard to see the football. Amazy Dayzees wander around here to putting players that fall in the range of the music notes asleep. UNLOCK: Buy it at one of the shops

Waluigi Desert: In the heart of a desert is this stadium. This stadium is very dangerous and holds many obstacles. There are tweesters, which are tornado like enemies that will fling you somewhere else on the field. Also there are quick sand spots that will suck you in causing you to waste time. Another gimmick is that this field is built on a tomb, a tomb that has ancient pillars. These pillars will fall on the field and you have to jump over them. UNLOCK: Complete DK Jungle and Wario Bomb Factory

Bowser Jr.'s Park: A stadium built on the inside of an amusement park. There is a train that goes throughout this park, there are swings that can fling you in random spots, and there is an intense roller coaster that travels through the stadium. This field is full of danger. UNLOCK: Complete Waluigi Desert

Diddy's Raft Ride: Most donkey kong levels have a raft that you ride on. This time Diddy Kong gets it! A whole entire football field on a raft. Watch out on this level because you can actually fall off the raft. Also as you are riding through the jungle there are swinging vines that can knock you off the raft. Also Cheep Cheeps and Klaptraps can fall aboard the raft. Lastly water can be washed aboard too making it slippery. This level is like an advanced Yoshi Cove. UNLOCK: Buy it at one of the shops

Baby Playpen: This field is a fun one. This level is a lot like Bowser Jr.'s Playroom from Super Mario Sluggers. It has the panels on the floor with enemies inscribed on them. Like Chain Chomp summons chain chomp, bullet bill summons bullet bill, so on... There really isn't much in this field though. UNLOCK: Buy it at one of the shops

Bowser's Castle: Every game needs a Bowser Castle. This Bowser Castle might be the most epic of them all as of now though. This castle is built on the side of a volcano. Which adds to the gimmick, magma rocks fall from the sky. Along with that they burn holes in the stage leaving lava puddles there. Not only that but Podoboos pop out of them and chase you. This may certainly be one of the hardest stadiums. UNLOCK: Complete Bowser Jr.'s Park

Galaxy Stadium: The last stadium in the game, this one is also the hardest. This stadium is held in outer space on a giant star-like planet. This stadium flies through the galaxy looking upon many of the galaxies you have saw in Super Mario Galaxy franchise. But the thing that makes this stadium hard to seal with is the shooting stars that fall from the sky. Shooting Stars have a wide variety of affects. For instance, they can be helpful and give you items. Or they could be hurtful and give you enemies. Sometimes meteors will crash into the stage resulting in either two things: Leaving a hole in the stadium or tilting the entire stadium. One last gimmick is that you can fall off the stage! UNLOCK: Unlock all of the previous stadiums

Unlockable Items

Yes, there are unlockable items in Super Mario Football. Just like Super Mario Sluggers but these you do not get in adventure mode.

Mini Boo: Make the football invisible. Lasts about 5 seconds. UNLOCK: Play with Boo at least 15 times

Banana Bunch: Same as the banana but you have more. In a banana bunch the number is random but the number of bananas range from1-6. UNLOCK: Play as DK 10 times

Orange Shell: This is an entire new shell. This is a huge orange shell that roams around the field. This shell only lasts one hit before it breaks into 3 smaller Yellow Shells. UNLOCK: Play as Bowser 20 times

Poison Mushroom: This mushroom gets rid of everyone's items and special abilities. EVERYONES, not just the other team. UNLOCK: Play as Wario 5 times

Unlockable Mini-Games

Here are the unlockable mini-games.

Ghost Buster: Luigi's Mansion is infested with ghosts. This game is to practice your throws. Aim for the ghosts and throw the football at them. How many ghosts can you get rid of in 2 minutes? UNLOCK: Unlock Luigi Mansion

Shopping Spree: While you are at the mall you might as well buy stuff, right? In this mini-game you want to run around the field collecting coins. Whoever has the most when time runs out wins. UNLOCK: Unlock Birdo Mall

Hide and Seek: You can't see over the tall grass of Daisy Field. One person tries to find the other three in the tall grass. Who ever is the last one standing wins. There are also Amazy Dayzees that can put you to sleep which makes you vulnerable. UNLOCK: Unlock Daisy Field

Survival Test: How long can you survive on the raft with other competitors, high speed rapids, and traps? Play this to find out. The last one aboard wins. UNLOCK: Unlock Diddy's Raft Ride

Bowser's Blocks: Can you make it to the endzones and back without getting hit by one of Bowser's minions? Try this game and see. UNLOCK: Unlock Bowser's Castle

Punts,Passes, and Precision: In the final mini-game you have to punt, pass, and throw accuratly. You must punt 5 times, Pass it to your teammates 5 times, and throw it perfect 5 times. The main objective is to get as many points as you can you get points by being accurate. Punt the ball into the giant star (the closer to the center the more points). Pass the ball to your teammates (The farther they are the more points you get). Lastly throw the ball in the star rings (the smaller the ring the more points). After you do all those you tally up your points. UNLOCK: Unlock Galaxy Stadium

Unlockable Characters

Character Color Power Speed Technique Attack (Offense Attack (Defense Unlock
Bowser Jr. *** **** *** Paint Attack Graffiti Unlock Bowser Jr.'s Park
Toadette * ***** **** Mushroom Attack Life Shroom Play as Toad at least 5 times
Toadsworth ** ** ***** Super Shroom Wisdom Play as Toadette at least 10 times
Dixie Kong ** *** **** Canon Shot Banana Wrath Play as Diddy Kong at least 10 times
Baby Luigi * ***** **** Chain Chomp Naptime Play as Baby Mario at least 5 times
Paratroopa *** ***** ** Tornado Shell Blocker Play as Koopa Troopa at least 15 times
Dry Bones **** *** ** Bone Throw Reform Play on Luigis Mansion at least 5 times
Hammer Bro. ***** *** ** Hammer Lob Mallet Guard Play on Bowser's Castle at least 5 times
Birdo *** *** ** Birdo Egg Shot Stun Kiss Unlock Birdo's Mall
Shy Guy *** *** *** Shy Guy Huddle Spear Guy Revenge Play as Goomba at least 15 times
Petey Piranha ***** * *** Body Slam Goop Field Play on DK's Jungle at least 5 times
Wiggler **** ***** * Charge Ground Pound Play on Diddy's Raft Ride at least 5 times
Funky Kong ***** ** *** Canon Blaster Tsunami Play as Dixie Kong at least 10 times
Dry Bowser ***** * **** Bone Hurl Fire Wall Play as Dry Bones at least 15 times
Rosalina w/ Luma *** ** ***** Luma Army Magic Spell Play on Galaxy Stadium at least 5 times
Blooper *** ** **** Inky Stun Air Swim Play on Yoshi Cove at least 5 times
King K. Rool ***** * ** Super Ground Pound Kritter Backup Play as Kritter at least 10 times
Pianta ***** ** *** Ground Pound Island Dance Play as Noki at least 5 times
Magikoopa *** *** ** Mega Spell Mini Spell Play as Bowser Jr. at least 10 times.

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