This is a list of quotes from Super Mario Flashback.

Mario (Modern)

  • "All right, lets-a go!" (When booting up the game)
  • "Mama-mia!" (When all his friends get captured and/or when he gets a game over)
  • "Wa-hoo! (When beating a level)
  • See you soon! (When closing the game)


  • "Huh?!" (When all his friends get captured)
  • "Lets-a do this!" (When selecting a level)
  • "D'oh...sorry..." (When getting a game over)
  • "Oh, yeah! Wegee time!" (When beating a level)
  • "Mario!" (Randomly in his levels)

Captain Toad

  • "Thanks, Mario! It was really scary as a statue...I felt like I was dead!" (When saving him)


  • "Huh? What? Where am I?! Oh...Mario...thanks, I guess. Don't expect for me to return the favor! (When saving him)


  • "Huh? What the-! I was saved by YOU?! Ah, this is embarrassing!" (When saving him)

Donkey Kong

  • (Beats on his chest, and gives Mario the thumbs-up.) (When saving him)


  • "Yoshi, Yoshi!" (Thanks, pal! Just like the good old times!) (When saving him)

E. Gadd

  • "Ah! Much better! Thanks for the assistance!" (When saving him)


  • "Hm? Oh, you! It's been a while, hasn't it? Good to see you!" (When saving him)


  • (Looks around, checks his bag, and sighs) (When saving him)


  • "Thanks, Mario! But the princess is in another castle!" (When saving him)


  • "They made me come..." (During the opening scene)
  • "Did someone page the King of Awesome?!" (When it's revealed he was behind it all)
  • "Ghaa! I'll get you next time, Mario's!" (When defeated)


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