Super Mario Flashback is a game released on Mario's 25th anniversary.


The game starts with Mario and his friends celebrating the two plumbers Birthday Party. Pretty much all of Mario's pals where there: Peach, Daisy, Toadsworth, Geno, Wario, Bowser (He was forced to come), Etc. Suddenly, a strange portal opened up out of no-where, sucking up the cake. Then, it started sucking up all of Mario and Luigi's party guests, one by one. The Bros jumped into the portal to try and get there friends (and Bowser) back.

When the Plumbers exited the portal, they found themselves in a familiar place: World 1-1. What was more shocking, however, was that there where multiple other Mario's. As it turns out, they are all the same people, just from different time periods. They decided to team up and defeat whatever's causing this mess.


In Super Mario Flashback, there are timelines that act as the games "worlds" of sorts. In each timeline there are 3 different levels themed after the timeline they are in. After beating the 3 levels, you will fight a boss, also themed after the timeline.

Playable Characters

In the game, there are multiple Mario's from different timelines to play as. Like Sonic Generations, you must beat a level with all Mario's in order to advance to the next level.

  • Modern Mario: Gameplay is similar to Super Mario 3D World.
  • Retro Mario: Gameplay is similar to Super Mario Bros (NES).
  • Paper Mario: Gameplay is similar to Super Paper Mario.
  • 64 Mario: Gameplay is similar to Mario 64 & Mario 64 DS.
  • Baby Mario & Yoshi: Gameplay is similar to Yoshi's Island (SNES).
  • Game-Boy Mario: Gameplay is similar to Mario Land 2 (Game-Boy).
  • Modern Luigi: Gameplay is similar to Luigi's Mansion.


There are about 6 timelines, with 3 levels and a boss in each of them.


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Super Mario Flashback/Enemies

Character quotes

Super Mario Flashback/Character quotes


  • Luigi was added as a playable character due to Nintendo "Wanting to give him more attention.
  • Mario Kun, Dr. Mario, CD-I Mario, Sunshine Mario, and Wrecker Mario where planed to be playable, but where scrapped.
  • However, there is a Wrecking Crew mini-game after beating the game.