Super Mario Finale The Rise of Merlevo is a game set for release on the Wii U in like 2018 or something Release date undecided (If it were real) It would be the first game in Super Mario Series (Though not the series as a whole) that Bowser wouldn't be the "Real" Final Boss

It also comes with a Bonus Game entitled "Super Luigi Bros" Which is a Remake of Super Mario Bros similar to Luigi Bros

Sometime after release they are expected to release an Expansion called Super Wario Man Rise of Bowser Nega


The Game features a somewhat Complex plot that at first appears to be similar to a normal Mario Game

In it a Mysterious Magikoopa named Kamevo tells Bowser of the Seven Star Children and teaches Bowser to use his power to it's full potential

Bowser then brings all Koopas together even those in Petalburg to invade The Mushroom Kingdom for what he believes to be the last time sends Mario flying kidnaps Luigi Peach and Toad now Mario must find his way to Bowser's Castle to defeat him fighting numerous bosses and finding numerous friends along the way including the other Star Children and discovering each of their true potential.

More to the story coming soon

Hard at work please don't edit

Playable Characters Partners and their Movesets

Each of the Characters have their own Play Style suited for them Player 1 may play as any of these Characters and use these Movesets

Super Mario The Red Fire is Playable from the start of the story
Mario The Red Fire

Mario the Red Fire

3 Hearts, Power Rank 4, Speed Rank 1, Jump Rank 2 Super Jump, Spin Jump (Story), Ground Pound (Training) Hammer Smash, Super Hammer (Training), Hammer Dash (Training) Fireball (Story), Super Flame (Training), Mario Finale (Training)

Princess Peach Toadstool The Pink Blossom is unlocked after defeating the
Peach the Pink Blossom

Peach the Pink Blossom

Wario the Purple Wind

Wario the Purple Wind

Donkey Kong the Yellow Rock

Donkey Kong the Yellow Rock

Koopa Bros in World 1

2 Hearts, Power Rank 7, Speed Rank 4, Jump Rank 4 Proper Jump, Hover, Parasol Glide (Training) Parasol Swing, Parasol Guard (Training), Parasol Spin (Training) Harvest (Story), Turnip Toss (Story), Peach Blossom (Training)

Wario The Purple Wind is unlocked Defeating him as Wario Man in World 3's Castle

4 Hearts, Power Rank 2, Speed Rank 6, Jump Rank 6 Stout Jump, Screw Jump (Training), Butt Stomp (Training) Charge Attack, Shake it (Training), Super Slam (Training) Balloon Blast (Story), Wario Waft (Training), Wario Man (Training)

Donkey Kong The Yellow Rock is unlocked after defeating in World 4-7

5 Hearts, Power Rank 3, Speed Rank 5, Jump Rank 5 DK Leap, Spinning Kong (Training), Gorilla Slam (Training) Grab & Toss, Head Butt (Training), Giant Punch (Training) Konga Quake (Story), Barrel Toss (Training), Konga Beat (Training)

Yoshi the White Bubble is unlocked at the Start of World 6
Yoshi the White Bubble

Yoshi the White Bubble

Luigi the Green Thunder

Luigi the Green Thunder

5 Hearts, Power Rank 6, Speed Rank 2, Jump Rank 3 Dino Jump, Flutter Jump, Yoshi Bomb Egg Lay, Egg Throw, Egg Roll (Training) Gulp, Bubble Gun (Story), Super Dragon (Training)

Luigi Mario The Green Thunder is unlocked after defeating Mr. L in World 7's Castle

3 Hearts, Power Rank 5, Speed Rank 3, Jump Rank 1 Scuttle Jump, High Jump, Green Missile Hammer Swing, Hammer Spin (Training), Burrow (Training) Thunderball, Lightning Bolt (Training), Negative Zone (Training)

King Bowser Koopa The Orange Dragon is unlocked after defeating the test of the Four Cursed Heroes in World 9-6

6 Hearts, Power Rank 1, Speed Rank 7, Jump Rank 7 Koopa Leap, Whirling Fortress, Bowser Bomb Drill Claw, Tail Crush, Hammer Throw Poison Fang, Fire Breath, Giga Bowser

ella eeria The Monochrome Ghost a new Character who is an eerie with e Cards in her possession she is somewhat of a Debug Character unlocked in World e

eerie Hop, e Cards, Levitation                                 Ghostly Punch,  Will o'eerie Hop, e Cards, Levitation                                 Ghostly Punch,  Will o' Wisp, Disappear Wisp, Disappear

(ella eeria's other moves coming soon)

Players 2-5 May play as any of these Partners

Mii is available from the start of the game and Players 2-5 may all play as this Character at once

It has no Special Abilties

Toad the Blue Toad returns once again he is Mario's Partner and is unlocked after defeating Goomboss in World 1-4

Special abilities include

Pick up & Toss (small objects), Tattle, Counter (Super), Toad Twist (Ultra)

E Gadd is Luigi's Partner and is unlocked after defeating Bigger Boo in World 1-6

Special Abilities include

Flashlight, Dual Scream, Poltergust 5000(super), F.L.U.D.D(ultra).

Princess Daisy is Peach's Partner and is unlocked after defeating Wart in World 2's Castle

Special Abilities include

Superstar Bat, Striker Ball, Golf Club (Super) Party Dice (Ultra),

Waluigi is Wario's Partner and is unlocked fter defeating Wendy O, Koopa in World 3-8

Special Abilities include

Tennis Racket, Bob-omb, Dance Dance (Super), Waluigi Racer (Ultra)

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's Partner and is unlocked after defeating King K, Rool in World 4's Castle

Special Abilities include

Peanut Popgun, Banana Peel, Monkey Flip (Super), Rocketbarrel Boost (Ultra)

The Stork is Yoshi's Partner and is unlocked after
Bowser the Orange Dragon

Bowser the Orange Dragon

defeating Boshi and Washi in World 6's Castle

Special Abilities include

Fly, Pick up & Drop, Beak Barrage (Super), Surprise Bundle (Ultra)

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's Partner and is unlocked after defeating Giga Bowser in World 8 after defeating all of the Secret Bosses

Special abilities include

Shell Toss, Fire Ball, Shell Slam (Super), SpikeBall (Ultra)
Blue Toad Mario's Partner

Toad Mario's Partner

E Gadd

E Gadd Luigi's Partner

File:Daisy Peach's Partner.png
Waluigi Wario's Partner

Waluigi Wario's Partner

Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's Partner

Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's Partner

The Stork Yoshi's Partner

The Stork Yoshi's Partner

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. Bowser's Partner

Ella eeria

ella eeria the Debug Character (In Small Form she looks more like a Regular eerie) This was drawn by my Brother whom made up a Large ammount of Super Mario Finale by the name of Super Mario Kingdom (I have complete Permission to use his works and this drawing however) (And I changed the name of the game just for this Wiki since i'm sure the name has been used by many people before) This is my Brother's Deviantart

Nabbit is ella eeria's Partner and like her is unlocked after defeating World e unlike his Gameplay in New Super Luigi U appearance he may use Power Ups but it's ok he's Over Powered because he's ridiculously hard to unlock 

Special abilities include

Invincibiltiy? and other stuff.. more abilities coming soon

Cosmic Rosalina is the Super Guide Character she has the same stats as Mario but no Special Abilties much like Mii though she can only be used in 1 Player Mode

She is similar to her appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2 except this time you physically play as her


Level Design the Levels are much like 3D World with their being a large Overworld map each world (Minus the Minus World and Prologue) Containing 6 Regular Levels and 1 Fort 1 Ghost House 1 Tower and 1 Castle

If you beat the Tower the boss of that tower (Usually a Koopaling) will fly off in the Airship which will fly across the world visit the Airship and you must fight that boss Again the Airship will then crash next to the tower beating the tower again will cause the Airship will get up and start roaming the World again

At The End of The Level the first time you beat it is a Star Block much like Super Paper Mario however it refers to the Star Block as the Power Star however in Castle Levels it is a Grand Star  if you go back to complete the Level again it will replace it with a Flag you may get a Golden Flag like in Super Mario 3D World and 3D Land

Each Level has 1 Red Coin (Or more) Hidden as a Regular Coin like Yoshi's Island collect all the Red Coins in a world and you will get a Red Star

They're are 160 Blue Coins hidden throughout Various Levels of the game like Super Mario Sunshine these are used to Buy Shines which may Upgrade the Partners like in Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door

Obtaining 100 Coins in a Level will Reward the Character with a Purple Star if you get the Purple Star in a Level all the Coins in that Level will revert to Purple Coins

Green Stars There are one of these hidden in each Level of the game

Green Coins work like they do in previous games similar to how Red Coins work in most Mario Games

They're are 3 Star Coins hidden in each level of the game like the New Super Mario bros games

Star Medals are obtained after completing an airship level

There are many Worlds in the game

Prologue is Basically World 0 Only Playable once however

World 0-1 (Grasslands, Day), World 0-2 (Underground), World 0-3 (Castle Sewers), World 0-F (Mushroom Castle, Grand Hall)

Mushroom Kingdom   

World 1-1 (Grasslands, Day) World 1-2 (Underground) In this Level if you Perform the Classic Glitch from the Original Super Mario Bros you may enter the minus World World 1-3 (Mushroom Gorge, Day) World 1-4 (Fort Goomba) World 1-5 (Grasslands, Night) World 1-6 (Boo's Mansion) World 1-7 (Cheep Cheep Bridge, Day) World 1-8 (Larry's Tower) World 1-9 (Castle Sewers) World 1-F (Princess Peach's Castle)


World 2-1 (Desert, Day) World 2-2 (Underground) World 2-3 (Oasis, Day) World 2-4 (Fort Birdo) World 2-5 (Desert, Night) World 2-6 (Birabuto Pyramid) Major Boss: Tutankoopa World 2-7 (Underwater) World 2-8 (Morton's Tower) World 2-9 (Islands, Day) World 2-F (Sarasaland Palace)

The Seven Seas            World 3-1 (Underwater) World 3-2 (Keelhaul Key, Day) World 3-3 (Underground River) World 3-4 (Fort Blooper) World 3-5 (Marshlands, Night) World 3-6 (Sunken Ghost Ship) World 3-7 (Rogueport Sewers) World 3-8 (Wendy's Tower) World 3-9 (Diamond City Docks, Day) World 3-F (WarioWare Inc. Headquarters)

BeanBean Kingdom         World 4-1 (Mountains, Night) World 4-2 (Underground) World 4-3 (Cheep Cheep Bridge, Day) World 4-4 (Fort Piranha) World 4-5 (Grasslands, Sunset) World 4-6 (Yoshi Theatre) World 4-7 (Dense Forest) World 4-8 (Iggy's Tower) World 4-9 (Grasslands, Day) World 4-F (BeanBean Castle)

Nimbus Land            World 5-1 (Mountains, Day)

World 5-2 (Cloud
Nabbit eeria's Partner

Nabbit eeria's Partner

Land, Day)

World 5-3 (Cloud Land, Sunset) World 5-4 (Fort Blade) World 5-5 (Thunderclouds) World 5-6 (Barrel Volcano) World 5-7 (Star Haven) If you go through the alternate Exit here you unlock World S World 5-8 (Roy's Tower) World 5-9 (Factory Dimension) World 5-F (Smithy's Factory)

Yoshi's Island        World 6-1 (Grasslands, Day) World 6-2 (Underground) World 6-3 (Jungle, Day) World 6-4 (Fort Chilly) World 6-5 (Marshlands, Sunset) World 6-6 (Eerie Castle) Find the alternate exit in this level and you unlock World e World 6-7 (Jungle, Night) World 6-8 (Lemmy's Tower) World 6-9 (Yoshi Village) World 6-Final (Yoshi's House)

Outer Space            World 7-1 (Outer Atmosphere) World 7-2 (The Moon) World 7-3 (Outer Space) World 7-4 (Whomp Fortress) World 7-5 (Rainbow Road) World 7-6 (Ghostly Asteroid Belt) World 7-7 (Small Planets) World 7-8 (Ludwig's Tower) World 7-9 (The Gateway) World 7-F(Comet Observatory)

Dark Land the Valley of Bowser

World 8-1 (The Badlands) World 8-2 (The Black Sea) World 8-3 (Starless Skies) World 8-4 (Fort Koopa) World 8-5 (Temple of the Magikoopa Order) World 8-6 (King Boo's Treacherous  Mansion) World 8-7 (Dragon's Breath Volcano) If you go through the Secret Entrance you unlock the Pit of 100 Trials World 8-8 (Bowser's Jr.'s Tower) World 8-9 (The Great Bridge) World 8-F(Bowser's Castle)

Dark World Merlevo's New Empire This is World 9 unlocked only after defeating each of the Secret Bosses and then battling Bowser at the end of World 8 once more

World 9-1 (Collapsing Bridge) World 9-2 (Falling Tower) World 9-3 (Crumbling Volcano) World 9-4 (Dry Bowser's Fortress of Terror) World 9-5 (Underground) World 9-6 (Ancient Shrine) New Player: Bowser Koopa        World 9-7 (Dark Hurricane) World 9-8 (Tower Gate) World 9-9 (Castle Courtyard) Major Boss: Dark Star Heroes FINAL STAGE: MERLEVO'S CITADEL

Crystal Star Road World S-1(StarLand) World S-2(Sandmaargh Caverns) World S-3(The Star Sea) World S-4(Invincible Fortress) World S-5(Star Filled Skys)   World S-6(Grimension X) World S-7(Road to Star Tower) World S-8 (Perishing Star Tower)                                                                                                                       World S-9(Crystal Caverns) World S-Final(Crystal Palace)

The Mystery of the Minus World

World -1 (???)

The World is a mixture of all of the Minus World Levels both hacked and Glitches from America and Japan even going so far as to be 8-Bit though the Characters remains the same the level appears to be an endless maze until you make it into a Black Nothingness where you must find and defeat the boss

Dinosaur Land

World e-1 (Donut Plains) World e-2 (Vanilla Dome) World e-3 (Twin Bridges) World e-4 (Reznor's Fort) World e-5 (Forest of Illusion) World e-6 (House of Boohemoth) World e-7 (Chocolate Island) World e-8 (The Hisstrocrat's Regal Tower) World e-9 (Masked Koopa Club) World e-F (Shadow Yoshi's Castle)

The Pit of 100 Trials is as it's name Implies a Pit of 100 Trials it is similar to the one Featured in Super Paper Mario however this time a Boss is fought in every 10 rooms

Power Ups

The Game has Bascially Every Canon Power Up featured in a Mario Game and then some

Some Power Ups however are only accessible by a certain Characters and their Partner while ella eeria and Nabbit can obtain them all Cosmic Mario may not obtain any of these

Healing Items

Super Mushroom Restores Hearts to the Character Similar to the Paper Mario series they're are different Colorations of Super Mushrooms

Dried Mushroom Restores 1 Heart

Red (The Regular) Restores 2

Blue (Super Shroom) Restores 3

White (Green is taken by 1 up but this is basically Ultra Shroom) Restores 4

Yellow (Restores 5 Hearts which would be all)

Mushroom Power Ups Accessible by all

Mini Mushroom in their Mini State the Player cannot KO Enemies with a single jump and can be one hit KOd the Upside is they are Extremely light Unlike Previous Appearances Characters will not wear Caps in this form

Bee Mushroom This makes a character their Bee form in this form they may hover for a limited ammount of time

Spring Mushroom Puts a Spring around The Character granting them a much higher jump

Life Mushroom Doubles The Character's Health

Boo Mushroom makes a character their Boo form they may float above the ground and go through walls

Propellor Mushroom Allows a Character to propellor upward into the air

Blooper Mushroom This allows a Character to transform into a Blooper they may use their Suction Cups to climb walls and allows much better Swimming ability

Rock Mushroom Allows a Character to turn into an enormous Bolder and ram into things and such

Flowers Are accessible by all Players but have a different affect on each player unlike Previous Games

Fire Flower allows a Player to shoot a Fireball in a different pattern and color depending on the Character

Mario/Toad/Cosmic Rosalina/Mii Throws a Small Red Fire Ball that Bounces along the ground

Luigi/E Gadd Throws a Small Green Fire Ball Ball straight through the air

Wario/Waluigi Throws a Large Purple Fire Ball on the ground that creates a Shockwave

Peach/Daisy May Shoot Rapid fire Pink Fre Balls

Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong Rolls Yellow Fire Ball on the ground much like a Barrel

Yoshi/The Stork May Spit a Somewhat Large Blue Fire Ball through the air like Bowser Jr.

Bowser/Bowser Jr. May Breath Orange Fire

ella eeria/Nabbit May Control the Direction of a Cyan Fire Ball

Ice Flower allows a Character to shoot an Iceball in a different pattern depending on the Character

Mario/Toad/Cosmic Rosalina/Mii Throws a Small Snow Ball that Bounces along the ground

Luigi/E Gadd Throws a Small Snow Ball straight through the air

Wario/Waluigi Throws a Large Snow Ball on the ground that creates a Shockwave

Peach/Daisy May Shoot Rapid fire Snow Balls

Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong Rolls a Snow Ball on the ground much like a Barrel

Yoshi/The Stork May Spit a Somewhat Large Snow Ball through the air

ella eeria/Nabbit May Control the Direction of a Snow Ball

Thunder Flower Allows a Character to shoot a Thunderball in a different pattern and color depending on the Character

Mario/Toad/Cosmic Rosalina/Mii Throws a Small Red Thunder Ball that Bounces along the ground

Luigi/E Gadd Throws a Small Green Thunder Ball straight through the air

Wario/Waluigi Throws a Large Purple Thunder Ball on the ground that creates a Shockwave

Peach/Daisy May Shoot Rapid fire Pink Thunder Balls

Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong Rolls a Yellow Thunder Ball on the ground much like a Barrel

Yoshi/The Stork May Spit a Somewhat Large Cyan Thunder Ball through the air

Bowser/Bowser Jr. May Breath Orange Lightning

ella eeria/Nabbit May Control the Direction of a Cyan Thunder Ball

Bro Flower  Similar to the Boomerang Flower this allows a Character to have the Ability of one of the many Hammer Bro Type Enemies it has a Helmet with eyes on it rather than a Boomerang

(Some of these Enemies are Fan Made)

Mario/Toad/Cosmic /Mii -Rosalina Hammer Bro

Luigi/E Gadd - Light Bro (Grants a Character a Constant Flash Light able to destroy Ghosts they may also use it as a Dark Light the Enemies however the enemies use these much like the Search Lighs)

Wario/Waluigi - Sumo Bro

Peach/Daisy - Bullet Bro Allows the Character to shoot Tiny Bullet Bills called Micro Bills

Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong - Boomerang Bro

Yoshi/The Stork - Cannon Bro (Allows a Character to shoot Cannon Balls much like the Cannon Box from Super Mario 3D World)

Bowser/Bowser Jr, - Chomp bro gives the Character a Constant Chain Chomp Companion

ella eeria/Nabbit Sledge Bro

Cloud Flower allows a Character to create a Cloud beneath their feet (This time infinitely) with a differing Weather affect beneath it

Mario's Cloud Occasioanlly has Fire Balls fall beneath it

Luigi's Cloud Occasioanlly has Lightning Strike beneath it

Yoshi's Cloud is constantly Raining

Peach's Cloud is Snowing

Donkey Kong's Cloud is Hailing

Wario's Cloud has a Twister Beneath it

Bowser's Cloud has a Stream of Fire pouring beneath it

ella eeria's Cloud has a Large Blue Fire Ball falling beneath it

Gold Flower Allows a Character to shoot a Gold ball which will turn enemies into Coins

Mario/Toad/Cosmic Rosalina/Mii Throws a Small Gold Ball that Bounces along the ground

Luigi/E Gadd Throws a Small Gold Ball straight through the air

Wario/Waluigi Throws a Large Gold Ball on the ground that creates a Shockwave

Peach/Daisy May Shoot Rapid fire Gold Balls

Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong Rolls a Gold Ball on the ground much like a Barrel

Yoshi/The Stork May Spit a Somewhat Large Gold Ball through the air

Bowser/Bowser Jr. May Breath Gold Fire

ella eeria/Nabbit May Control the Direction of a Gold Ball

Crystal Flower Has the effect Ice Flower had in Super Mario Galaxy allowing a Player to skate on Ice this is the only Flower which does not give a differing effect depending on the Player however Some Players are better at skating than others

ella eeria/Nabbit 1

Peach/Daisy are 2

Luigi/E Gadd are 3

Yoshi/The Stork are 4

Mario/Toad/Cosmic Mario/Mii are 5

Wario/Waluigi are 6

Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong are 7

Bowser/Bowser Jr, are 8

Suits put the Character in a Suit and have the same effect on each Character

Frog Suit Allows the Character to swim much better underwater but can only hop on land

Penquin Allows the Character to swim slightly better underwater but waddles like a penguin on land but they can also do a Belly Slide (Can no longer throw Snow Balls)

Chicken Suit Allows the Character to lay Eggs and use them as Projectiles similar to Yoshi's Abilities from Yoshi's Island

Bat Suit Allows the Character to fly for a Short ammount of time

Ninja Suit Allows the Character to throw Kunai

Various Other Power Ups These Power Ups are all associated with the name super (Though the Feather wasn't in Previous Games) All Characters may use them though the Color varies Upon Character in this game They usually become their signifigant Color though Donkey Kong (Aside from Tanooki and Kitsune) Becomes Brown in Color rather than Yellow and Luigi becomes a Light Brown Tanook or Kitsune rather than Green ella eeria and Nabbit become White in Coloration for Everything except Rabbit in which they become Black and Cat in which they become Black and White similar to Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World

Mario becomes the Normal Color for the Power Ups which is brown Yellow or White

Super Leaf Makes a Character their Tanooki Form (This no longer makes Luigi a Kitsune) Tanooki may now become a Statue in it's Regular form

Super Carrot (Simply Carrot in Super Mario Land 2) Makes a Character their Rabbit Form They may jump much higher and Continuously hop as they walk around

Super Acorn Makes a Character their Flying Squirrel Form they may glide slowly down to the ground and cling to Walls

Super Branch (hmm still Might think of something better later) Transforms a Character into their Kitsune Form Which has the Abilities of Tanooki but when Ground Pounding instead of becoming a Statue they become a Goomba with a Fox Tail Giving the Player a Similar ability to the Goomba Mask Ground Pounding again will revert them to their Original Form

Super Feather (Cape Feather in super Mario World) Gives a Character a Cape allowing them to jump higher and then Glide down they may use the Cape to kill even Dry Bones

Super Bell Transforms a Character into their Cat Form they may climb up Walls and Claw Enemies

Super Bone Transforms a Character into their Dog Form They may grab Enemies in their Mouths and bite them

Fruits These Power Ups Exclusive to Yoshi and The Stork

Water Melon Makes Yoshi Pink and Allows him to spit seeds Continuously

Blimp Fruit Makes Yoshi Light Blue and Inflates him like a Balloon

Bulb Berry Makes Yoshi Yellow and Allows him to Light up Pathways that are otherwise inaccessible

Dash Pepper Makes Yoshi Orange and Allows him to run Continuously

Poison Apple Allows Yoshi to Spit Toxic Sludge that is Poisonous to Enemies

Pots These are used by Wario and Waluigi

Bull Pot Transforms Wario into Bull Wario Allowing him to ram into Enemies at High Speeds

Dragon Pot Transforms Wario into Dragon Wario allowing him to Breath from above his head... Weird huh?

Jet Pot Transforms Wario into Jet Wario allowing him to fky through the air for a limited time

Zombie Pot Transforms Wario into Zombie Wario He is Impervious to all Attacks but cannot Jump walking into Light will restore him to Normal

Artsy Pot Transforms Wario into Artsy Wario  Allowing him to draw Doors Super Mushrooms and Stone Blocks

Hearts These are used by both Peach and Daisy

Calm Heart When this is acquired Peach's HP Slowly Regenerates but she cannot jump as high and is unable to use Special abilities

Gloom heart When this is acquired Peach continuously Cries which can make Plants grow

Rage Heart Peach can ram into enemies at a high speed

Joy Heart This allows Peach to float into the air

Weary Heart This makes Peach much faster but slowly Drains her hearts

Shells These are used by both Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Strikers Shell Transforms Bowser into his form seen in Mario Strikers Charged giving him enormous Claws

Para Shell Grants Bowser Wings enabling him to fly

Bullet Shell Similar to the effects of the Bro Flower on Peach/Daisy except the Bullet Bills are normal sized if Bowser holds down the Button he may shoot a Banzai Bill... Somehow or another

Piranha Shell This Shell has a Piranha on it's back giving Bowser similar abilities to the Potted Piranha Plant in Super Mario 3D World

Round Shell This Shell is round and gives Bowser the abilities of the Spike Ball from Super Mario Galaxy Bowser's inside story and other games simply jumping turns Bowser back to normal

Barrels are Power Ups that can only be used by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

Buddy Barrels are brown similar to how Diddy Kong Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong you get out of Barrels in the Donkey Kong Country Games the Buddy Barrel gives you a Small Ape who looks similar to Baby Donkey Kong but doesn't wear the Bib if you or the Buddy gets attacked he will disappear

Firworks Barrels are White This allows Donkey Kong to Shoot Fireworks into the air similar to the Fireworks in the Super Smash Bros Series

Boost Barrels are green the Boost Barrel is a Jet Donkey Kong holds it with Both Arms and it makes him much faster for a limited ammount of time

Animal Barrels are Gray Barrel similar to the Animal Crates in the Donkey Kong Country Series They Spawn a Random Animal Friend of Donkey Kong's

Rocket Barrels are Red Donkey Kong may put this on his back and Rocket into the air

Boxes are used by Mario & Toad

Metal  Box  Transforms the Character into Metal Mario making him much heavier

Vanish Box Makes the Character Transperant

Wing Box  Gives the Character limited Flight Abilitiy

Bomb Box a Short ammount of time after obtaining this the Character Explodes and loses one Heart But some Doorways can only be opened this way

Drill Box Transforms Mario into Digging Mario which can do the same as the Spin Drill in Super Mario Galaxy 2

Moons These are Power Ups used by Luigi and E Gadd

Greenie Moon This Transforms Luigi into a Greenie

Slammer Moon This Transforms Luigi into a Slammer

Hider Moon This Transforms Luigi into a Hider

Sneaker Moon This Transforms Luigi into a Sneaker

Gobber Moon This Transforms Luigi into a Gobber

Stars are obtainable by all Characters and are used the same

Rainbow Star Makes the Player tempoarily invincible lke the Starman

Flying Red Star In this game it will be similar to the P-Wing  and P-Acorn being able to fly infinitely whereas in this game Wing Cap Mario cannot

Gravity Green Star Transforms The Character into their Gravity Form if they do a Spin then they switch Gravity

Speed Purple Star Has the same effect as the Speed Flower from Super Paper Mario

Slow Blue Star Has the same effect as the Slow Flower from Super Paper mario

Extra Lives in this game Each Partners have infinite lives and Each Character has one getting an extra life revives if one Character if all Characters are Kod then it's Game Over

The Extra Life Items include

1-Up Mushroom

2-Up Heart

3-Up Flower

4-Up shine

5-Up Star (These are the Green Stars hidden in each level)

6-Up Moon

7-Up Sun

Double Cherries also make an appearance

Last but certainly least we have the Mega Power Ups

Mega Mushroom returns and has the same effect as Previous Games

Mega Flower Allows the Character to do a Fire Blast similar to the Mario Finale it's coloration is like Fire Mario in Super Mario bros 3 and it only last a short time

Mega Star Is an Enormous Gold Star (No Connection to the Mega Star from Super Paper Mario)

It makes the Character a Slightly larger and MUCH Faster version of Rainbow Mario that lasts longer

Baby Yoshi's Appear in the game however tbeir are only Green Ones which have the Ability of the Bubble Baby Yoshi from New Super Mario Bros U

Baby Plessie Since Yoshi is Playable in the game a Baby Plessie (Which is Roughly the size of a Regular Yoshi) Replaces Yoshi as a Rideable Character in the game

Full Grown Plessie All 5 Playable Characters may ride this Plessie


The Bosses in the game are many Though most bosses appear in a Fort Ghost House Airship or Castle there are many Bosses hidden throughout Other Levels of the game  as well including the Elusive "Secret Bosses"

False Bowser Perhaps the easiest bosses in the game and the first featured are the False Bowsers as their name implies they are false incarnations of Bowser they are featured as the first boss in virtuallly every Fort Level

And they are each fought on a Bridge like in Super Mario Bros Super Mario 3D Land & The Lost Levels Unlike Previous Games however each Individual one are very different in Appearance

Tanoomba Bowser is the first boss fought in World 1-4 he is like the one featured in Super Mario 3D Land

Bowser's Shadow is a Solid Black Shadow of Bowser Fought in World 2-4

Bowthulhu is a Squid like Version of Bowser Similar to the Creature Cthulhu it is featured in World 3-4

Venom Bowser is a Sludge Monster with Similarities to Bowser it is featured in World 4-4

Mecha Bowser makes an appearance in World 5-4 he looks like he does in Super Mario Sunshine but in this appearance he is only roughly the size of Bowser (And i'm not talking Bowser's size in Sunshine I mean REGULAR Bowser)

Bowser Snow Statue makes an appearance  however instead of being a Transformed version of Mizzter Blizzard he is simply a Statue of Bowser made out of snow he is fought in World 6-4

Cosmic Bowser is a Cosmic Version of Bowser similar to Cosmic Mario seen in Super Mario Galaxy He is fought in World 7-4

Metal Bowser is a version of Bowser similar to Metal Mario he is fought in World 8-4

Dry Bowser though not technically a False Bowser Dry Bowser takes the place of one in World 9-4 though he can only be fought by Luigi the first time

Golem Bowser is an incarnation of Bowser much like a Golem he is fought in World S-4

Puppet Bowser is a Puppet like Version of Bowser fought in World e-4

(Possibly more False Bowser's coming soon)

Fort Bosses

These Bosses are fought right after defeating the False Bowser

Goomboss the King of the Goombas is fought in World 1-4 Fort Goomba

Big Birdo is a Enormous Birdo fought in World 2-4 Fort Birdo

Gooper Blooper from Super Mario Sunshine! Is fought in World 3-4 Fort Blooper

Petey Piranha is fought in World 4-4 Fort Piranha

The Axems Rangers and The Blade yup from Super Mario RPG! are fought in World 5-4 Fort Blade

Chief Chilly from Super Mario 64 DS is fought in World 6-4 Fort Chilly

Whomp King is fought in a Similar battle to the one in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in World 7-4 (Yup you called it)

Whomp Fortress

The Koopa Kids and Junior Troopa from Paper Mario are fought in World 8-4 Fort Koopa

The Remains of Fawful from The Mario & Luigi RPG Series are fought in World 9-4 Dry Bowser's Fortress of Terror after defeating Dry Bowser Only Bowser can fight this boss the first time

Reznor is fought in World e-4 Reznor's Fort

Spike Topped Rex a Rex covered with Spike Tops is fought in World S-6 Invincible Fortress

Ghost House Bosses Unlike Previous Mario Games each Ghost House has Boss in this Game

Bigger Boo from Yoshi's Island is fought in world 1-6 Boo's Mansion

Tutankoopa from Paper Mario is fought in World 2-6 Birabuto Pyramid

Kingfin from Super Mario Galaxy is fought in World 3-6 The Sunken Ghost Ship

Doopliss from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is fought in World 4-6 Yoshi Theatre

Czar Dragon and Zombone are fought in World 5-6 Barrel Volcano

Doom Bones is a Dry Bones with a very similar appearance to the alternate skin of Dry Bones in the Mario Sports Games he is fought in World 6-6 Eerie Castle

Bouldergeist from Super Mario Galaxy is fought in World 7-6 The Ghostly Asteroid Belt

King Boo is fought alongside a Big Boo Brigade in World 8-6 King Boo's Mystic Mansion

The Four Cursed Heroes now back in their Original Forms (Though Cursed) are fought in World 9-6 The Ancient Shrine

Boohemoth Now a Boss is fought in World e-6 House of Boohemoth

Grand Grim Leacher is fought in World S-6 Grimension X

Tower & Airship Bosses Tower Bosses are fought once and then again in a Tougher Boss Fight on an Airship

The First 8 are the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. who are first fought in a Regular Battle using their Wanda and are fought in a Uniche Battle

Tennis Player Larry Koopa World 1

Morton Koopa Jr. using his Hammer World 2

Ice Skater Wendy O, Koopa World 3

Doctor Iggy Koopa World 4

Bullet Roy Koopa World 5

Bombadier Lemmy Koopa World 6

Great Musician Ludwig Von Koopa World 7

Big Bad Bowser Jr. Similar to the Yoshi's Island Big Bad Baby Bowser Fought in World 8

Bowser Jr. is not chased in an Airship but rather the Koopa Cruiser

Dimentio the Apprentice of Merlevo is fought in World 9's Tower he is chased around in a Aircraft similar to the one Hisstrocrat and Motley Bossblob are fought in Super Mario 3D World you then fight a Giant Version of him

The Hisstrocrats are fought in the Tower of World e they are not chased in an AIr Craft However You fight the King and Queen Hisstrocrat

Perishing Star Tower is the Tower itself it's falling apart and furniture and the Walls themselves are flying at you aall throughout the Level it is fought in World S

Castle Bosses Are the Final Bosses of a World

Fake Bowser & The Koopa Bros Similar to their Battle in Paper Mario except the Koopa Bros are now wearing Outfits identical to Mario Luigi Wario & Waluigi have SImilar Heights and Weights and they have Mustaches They are fought in World 1

Wart & The 8-Bits are fought in World 2 in a very similar battle to Super Mario Bros 2

Wario Ware Inc. is fought in the Castle of  World 3 This includes Young Cricket Master Mantis Dribble Spitz Mike Ashley Red Orbulon 9-Volt 18-Volt Dr. Crygor Penny Jimmy T. Mona Wario then Biker Wario and Finally Wario Man

The Following Bosses are fought in World 4's Castle

KAOS Baron K. Roolenstein Kaptain K. Rool & King K. Rool

Smithy & Smelter are fought in World 5 in both Forms from Super Mario RPG

Boshi & his (Fan) Counterpart Washi are fought in World 6

The Following Bosses are fought iN World 7's Castle

Magikoopa Trinity (Kammy Kamek Kamella) Brobot L-33T Mr. L

World 8 (See Bowser Boss Fight)

World 9 (See Final boss fight)

Shadow Yoshi a Black and Red Yoshi with WIngs a  Scar on one arm and Spikes running his Neck Back and Shell is fought in World e's Castle

Other Bosses These Bosses are fought in Regular Levels and are Considered Sub Bosses

Army Bro is briefly fought in World 0

Donkey Kong is briefly fought in World 4-7 afterwards you unlock him

Exor is fought in World 5-9

Cosmic Clones are fought as Bosses in World 7-3

Fiery Dino Piranha is fought in World 7-7

The Koopa Army Assault and then Army Bro are fought in World  8-1 The Badlands

The Koopa Navy Assault  and then the new Navy Bro are fought in World 8-2 The Black Sea

The Koopa Air Force Assault and then the new Air Force Bro are fought in World 8-3 Starless Skies

The Mystic Order of the Magikoopas and Kamevo are fought in World 8-5 Temple of the Magikoopa Order

Boom Boom Pom Pom and Blaargh are fought in World 8-7 Dragon Breath Volcano

Elite Koopa Force Armored Army Bro Armored Navy Bro and Armored Air Force Bro are fought in World 8-9 The Great Bridge

Crystal Star King The Crystal King from Paper Mario is fought! Except now he has Control over ALL of the Crystal Stars

True Bowser Fights

These are the fights with the Real Bowser

he is first fought in the Prologue however you are unable to defeat him when he uses his Star Power in the end he sends you flying out of the Castle

he is fought in World 8's Castle Multiple Times in what he wants to be his and Mario's Final battle (Of course it never will be XD)

First a Similar battle to Super Mario 3D World with Meowser

Then you fight him using his Exclusive Power Ups these Include the Strikers Shell the Para Shell the Bullet Shell and the Piranha Shell

You then chase him down in an Epic battle while he is in his Spike Ball Form after obtaining a Round Shell

You then fight him in a Similar fight to the ones in Super Mario 3D World where he has his Car however he uses  Regular Bobombs instead of Soccer Bombs (Or whatever they are Soccers Bombs will be in the game I just don't see why Bowser would be using Soccer Balls)

You then fight him in his Koopa Copter in a 3D Version of the battle in Super Mario World (Except no Peach to help you out and Other Stuff)

You then fight him in a battle Similar to the Final battle of Super Mario 3D Land whereas he's using Sledge Hammers instead of Barrels

At the end of this battle instead of arriving to a Big Button you arrive at one Final Enormous Bridge

(This Battle may only be fought as Mario the First time) you fight in a Traditional Bridge Battle Whereas he is at Maximum Power and the Bridge is ENORMOUS and he is using Double Cherries all throughout the fight

If you have not defeated all of the Secret Bosses this serves as the Final Battle

If you have defeated all of them after he falls in the Lava he comes back up encased in stone and Transforms into Giga Bowser in a Sequence similar to the one in Melee you then fight Giga Bowser on Small Platforms that are all that remains of the Bridge if you finish this battle you unlock World 9

And so if this were Canon it would serve as the Longest Bowser Boss Fight (And Longest Boss Fight of all time possibly)

Secret Bosses These Bosses are actually Merlevo Kamevo in disguise as different Enemies as their name implies they are hidden within Various Levels if you defeat them all then fight Bowser once again you may  fight GIGA BOWSER defeat him  and you can pass on to World 9

Blade Goomba (A Goomba with a Blade on his head) World 1-5

Lance Guy (A Shy Guy Wielding a Lance) World 2-9

Sword Bro (A Hammer Bro wielding a Sword) World 3-7

Krizzerd (a Wizard like Kritter from the Donkey Kong Country Games wielding a Dark Star Rod) World 4-7

Magiktu (A Wizard like Lakitu Wielding a Dark Star Rod) World 5-5

Bumpty Mystic (A Wizard like Bumpty Wielding a Dark Star Rod) World 6-4

Shaymin Koopa as he calls himself in this battle (This is a battle with Kamevo) World 7-F

Koopa Vanguard Kamevo leaps in Armor and uses A Sword and Shield (In this form he looks much like a Koopatrol)


In the Final Level Merlevo's Citadel the Following Bosses are fought in this Order

Dark Bowser(From Bowser's inside story) Dark Luigi Dark Yoshi Dark Donkey Kong Dark Wario Dark Peach and Dark Mario (These are Versions similar to Dark Bowser not forms like the enemies Shadoo transforms into)


Mystery Boss

The Boss fought at the end of the Minus World Maze is The Weegee

Dark Land Pit Bosses These are the Bosses fought in the Pit of 100 Trials every 10 Rooms

Mega Goomba (From New Super Mario Bros) Room 10

Kent C, Hookbill (Kent C, Koopa from Paper Mario who I believe to be Hookbill Koopa from Yoshi's Island) Room 20

Naval Piranha from Yoshi's Island (Hwoever he's in a Sand Pit and looks much more like the creature in Mario Kart Double Dash) Room 30

Giga :Lakitu From Super Mario Galaxy 2 Room 40

Bessie Bass from Yoshi's Island DS Room 50

Bombad Beetle an Enormous Buzzy Beetle whose Shell has caught Fire Room 60

Big Blooper from Super Paper Mario Room 70

Super Podoboom an Enormous Podoboo boss Room 80

King Bill Blaster the Blaster in which shoots King Bills Room 90

ROOM 100 "MORTHOPHELIUS" MORTON KOOPA SR. The Father of Bowser he is in a Skeletal Form has a Mohawk like hair a Black Star around like Morton jr. he is much darker colored than Dry Bowser has 3 Horns and an axe with a "Dry Chomp" Attached to the end by a Chain (Yeah I know Nintendo said Morton Jr. isn't his son but... I don't care)

Super Luigi Bros

The Game features an unlockable  Bonus Game entitled "Super Luigi Bros" To celebrate the Year of Luigi (Yeah I know it'd be over by now but what the heck) Player 1 Plays as Luigi in his new Colors while Player 2 Plays as his Classic Colors Unlike Luigi Bros it features new Content each of the Levels are new while it still runs on the Super Mario Bros Engine If the game is beaten twice Once with Goombas and once with Buzzy Beetles you will unlock "World L" a Bonus World in the Main Game

(More to World L coming soon)

Super Wario Man The Rise of Bowser Nega

Super Wario Man The Rise of Bowser Nega is an Expansion Pack of 4 Worlds A B C & D

The Worlds take place in another dimension which is revealed to be Wario's home

And that Wario is not his Cousin but an Other Dimension Counterpart whereas he was raised in the Mushroom Kingdom (Thus his appearance in Yoshi's Island DS) While Waluigi remained in his dimension (Thus Waluigi's Absence until Later Games) Due to their World not having it's Mario to stick around and protect it it's Bowser (Bowser Nega)  Easily Conquered it creating Neo Bowser City (Similar to the course in Mario Kart 7)

Level name's coming soon

Dead Plains (More to this World coming soon)

World A-1 (Dead Grasslands) World A-2 () A-3 () World A-4 () World A-5 () World A-6 () World A-7 () World A-8 () World A-9 () World A-F ()

Burning Woods (More to this World coming soon)

World B-1 () World B-2 () World B-3 () World B-4 () World B-5 () World B-6 () World B-7 () World B-8 () World B-9 () World B-F ()

Snow Peak (More to this world coming soon)

World C-1 () World C-2 () World C-3 () World C-4 () World C-5 () World C-6 () World C-7 () World C-8 () World C-9 () World C-F ()

Neo Bowser City Is the Koopa Kingdom of Wario's World based on the Mario Kart 7 Course

It is ruled with an Iron Fist by Bowser Nega this World has a Mechanical theme to it while also being a homage to Levels in Dark Land from Previous Games

World D-1 (Koopa City) World D-2 (Rising Lava Tides) World D-3 (Meteor Street) World D-4 (Scientist Bro's Flying Fortress) World D-5 (Magma Mall) World D-6 (Dark King Boo's Mechanical Mansion) World D-7 (Red Hot Elevator Ride) World D-8 (Mecha Koopaling's Skyscraper) World D-9 (Firefall Cliffs) World D-F (Bowser Nega's Labratory)

Game Links

The Game has a bit of extra content obtained by linking the main game and Count Blumiere's Sidequest

It allows the transferance of Power Ups and Items (Since the other game is an RPG they have Verying affects in both Games)

World F Is another Bonus World in the game (F For Final)  Which is only accessible by linking the 3DS and Wii U and verifying that you have defeated Both the Dark Land Pit of 100 Trials in the main game and the Subcon Pit (In Count Blumiere's Sidequest

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