Image Name Type Description
NSMBWiiCoin Coin Collectible One of the most basic item, coins are everywhere. Collecting 100 will give you a 1-Up.
Red CoinSMWWii Red Coin Collectible 8 Red Coins appear for a short time when jumping into a Red Ring. If you collect these eight coins, you will get an item !
Blue Coin SMN Blue Coin Collectible The Blues Coins appear for a short time after jumping on a P-Switch. If you collect all of these coins, you will get an 1-Up.
Silver Coin Silver Coin Collectible If you jump on a Gray P-Switch, all the enemies will turn into Silvers Coins for a short time. Collecting them allows you to win points and 1-Ups !
RedRing Red Ring Object If Mario jumps into this ring, 8 Red Coins wil appear for a short time.
PSwitch P-Switch Object If Mario actives this switch, the Blocks will turn into Coins and the Coins into Blocks. Blue Coins and doors also can appear.
Dragon Coin SMEv Dragon Coin Collectible There are three Dragon Coins in each levels. Collect them will open new paths.
Block ? Block Block These blocks can contain Coins, Power-Ups, Yoshi Eggs and many other items.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block Block These blocks are exactly the same as the ? Blocks; except that they can fly.
FlipBlock Flip Block Block If Mario hits this block, it will flips around during a short time. Mario can go through it, until it stops flipping.
Yellow ! Block ! Block Block These blocks, that exist in four different colours, can contain an item or nothing. After hitting it, it will turn into an Used Block if it was full; or will not change if it was empty.
¿ Block ¿ Block Block These blocks contain enemies instead of items.
SMEv Roulette Block Roulette Block Block This block contains items that scroll. The player will get the item represented on the block when he had hit it.
Brick Brick Block Block This block can be destroyed only if the player isn't small. It also can contains an item.
Used Used Block Block An Used Block is the result of a hit ? Block, ¿ Block, Roulette Block or ! Block. It can't be destroyed.
NoteBlock ♪ Block Block The player will bounce if he jumps on this block.
GrabBlock Grab Block Block Mario can take this block and, throw it.
Flagpole Flagpole Object The Flagpoles are found in almost each levels, and allow the player to close it.
Key Key Object The Keys are found in some levels. They allow the player to unlock a secret level, if he grabs it to the Keyhole.
Keyhole Keyhole Object The Keyholes, hidden in some levels, allow the player to unlock a secret level if he grabs the Key.
MidwayFlag Midway Flag Object If the player dies, he will restart from this flag, and not from the beginning
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalk Object Leads the player to another zone, in the sky.
Lakitu Cloud Lakitu Cloud Object Allows the player to fly, by climbing in it, until it dissapears.
SuperMushroom Mushroom Power-Up The most basic Power-Up. The Mushroom transforms Mario into Super Mario, if he is small.
FireFlower Fire Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Fire Mario.
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Collectible Gives Mario one extra live.
1-Down Mushroom 1-Down Mushroom Object Takse away one of Mario's life but, without killing him.
3-UpMoon 3-Up Moon Collectible Give Mario three extra lives.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Ice Mario.
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Thunder Mario
Star Super Star Power-Up Transforms Mario into Invincible Mario.
Cape FeatherSMWWii Cape Feather Power-Up Transforms Mario into Cape Mario.
BlueShell Blue Shell Power-Up Transforms Mario into Shell Mario.
Parashell Paratroopa Shell Power-Up Transforms Mario into Para-Shell Mario.
BowserMushroom Bowser Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Bowser Mario.
Hammer Flower SMEv Hammer Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Hammer Mario.
Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower Power-Up Transforms Mario into Boomerang Mario.
P-Balloon P-Balloon Power-Up Transforms Mario into Balloon Mario.
BulletSuit Bullet Suit Power-Up Transforms Mario into Bullet Mario.
Spike Mushroom NSMBDIY Spike Mushroom Power-Up Transforms Mario into Spike Mario.
Goomba's Shoe NSMBDIY Kuribo's Shoe Object + Power-Up Transforms Mario into Shoe Mario.
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg Object A Yoshi will pop out of this egg. It exists in differents colours.
Rainbow Eggs Rainbow Egg Object They are Rainbow Yoshi's Eggs. Except the colour, these eggs haven't go any differences with the normal one.
Green Shell Koopa Shell Object After jumping on a Koopa, this one will go in his shell. Mario can throw this shell. Exists in 3 differents colours: red, green and yellow.

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