Image World Name

Boss of the...

Larry Koopa 3D

Dinosaur Land (World 1) Larry Koopa Fortress
Boom Boom SMWWii Dinosaur Land (World 1) Boom Boom Castle
Roy Koopa 3D Pokey Plateau (World 2) Roy Koopa Fortress
Pokeyyy Pokey Plateau (World 2) Mummipokey Castle
King Boo MMWii Pokey Plateau (World 2) King Boo Plateau Secret House (secret boss)
Lemmy Koopa SMEv Icy Cave (World 3) Lemmy Koopa Fortress
Iceoshi Icy Cave (World 3) Yoshice Castle
Goomboss3D Icy Cave (World 3) Goomboss Cave Secret-2 (secret boss)
Wendy O Koopa 3D Sunny Island (World 4) Wendy O. Koopa Fortress
King-Puffer Sunny Island (World 4) King-Puffer Castle
Bowser Jr NSMBW Sunny Island (World 4) Bowser Jr. Airship
Iggy Koopa 3D Forest of Illusion (World 5) Iggy Koopa Castle
Morton Koopa Jr 3D Hight Mountain (World 6) Morton Koopa Jr. Fortress

Big Bob-omb NSMBVR

Hight Mountain (World 6) Big Bob-omb Castle
Bowser Jr NSMBW Hight Moutain (World 6) Bowser Jr. Airship
Lakithunder NSMBDIY Trapped Clouds (World 7) Lakithunder First Fortress

199px-Huff 'n PuffSMWWii

Trapped Clouds (World 7) Huff N. Puff Second Fortress
Ludwig Von Koopa 3D Trapped Clouds (World 7) Ludwig Von Koopa Fortress tower
KamekNSMBW Valley of Bowser (World 8) Kamek First Tower
Bowser Jr NSMBW Valley of Bowser (World 8) Bowser Jr. Second Tower
Bowser SMEv Valley of Bowser (World 8) Bowser Neon Castle

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