This page regroups the Mario's transformations in the game Super Mario Evolution. To see the items and Power-Ups, go here.
Image Name Description Rarity Item Needed
SmallMario Small Mario This is the small form of Mario. Smal Mario can't break Brick Blocks and dies at the first attack of an enemy. NA None
SuperMario Super Mario This is Mario's normal size. He can break the Bricks Blocks. He will turn into Small Mario if an enemy hurts him. Very common Mushroom
Firemario Fire Mario Fire Mario can throw Fireballs. Common Fire Flower
Ice Mario Ice Mario Ice Mario can throw Iceballs. Common Ice Flower
ThunderMario Thunder Mario Thunder Mario can throw Thunder Balls. Common Thunder Flower
Spike Mario NSMBDIY Spike Mario Spike Mario can throw Spike Balls Uncommon Spike Mushroom
Starmanmario Invincible Mario Invincible Mario is faster than Super Mario, and defeats all the enemies he touchs. Rare Starman
Cape MarioSMWWii Cape Mario Cape Mario can fly during a short time. Common Cape Feather
ShellMario Shell Mario Shell Mario can slide on the ground by running enought fast, and defeat the enemies he touches. He also can protect himself of some attacks by going in his shell. Uncommon Blue Shell
Para Shell Mario Para-Shell Mario Para-Shell Mario possesses the same abilities as Shell Mario, and can, in addition, fly during a short time, while sliding. Rare Para-Shell
BowserMario Bowser Mario Bowser Mario possesses the same abilities as Shell Mario and can, in addition, spit big fireballs. His ground pounds are also more powerful. Very Rare Bowser Mushroom
BulletMario Bullet Mario Bullet Mario can transform himself into a Bullet Bill, allowing him to break Used Blocks and Solid Blocks. Uncommon Bullet Suit
HammerMarioSMF Hammer Mario Hammer Mario can throw hammers, and protect himself of some attacks by going in his shell. Rare Hammer Suit
BoomerangMarioSM3DL Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario can throw boomerangs, and protect himself of some attacks by going in his shell. Rare Boomerang Suit
BalloonMario Balloon Mario Balloon Mario can float during a short time, and reach very hight places ! Rare P-Balloon
Goomba's Shoe Mario NSMBDIY Shoe Mario Shoe Mario can kill lots of enemies by jumping in them, included spiky and powerfull enemies, like Spinies and Koopas. Uncommon Kuribo's Shoe

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