In Super Mario Epic World, Mario blasts into a mysterious world with new and old twists on many of his popular characters, enemies, and power-ups. In the story, of course Peach is stolen by Bowser. But in the process Peach's crown is broken and the magic of Mushroom Kingdom is unleashed into the world, making none of the enemies and some of the characters not normal. Mario is befriended by Roze, a luma-like figure. Roze travels with Mario and sometimes assists him. Every time you beat Bowser you retrieve a piece of Peach's crown. When (and if) you beat the game you fix Peach's crown, and of course rescue Peach.


This is a list of characters in Super Mario Epic World.

  • Mario
  • Peach
  • Bowser
  • Roze
  • Para-Yoshi
  • Penguin Kong
  • Bit Buddy
  • Zoom Toad
  • Neon Birdo

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