Super Mario Earth: Wii is a new and extremely comprehensive game with Mario and his friends.


has suffered as Mario in his last fight against one defeat Bowser .

Bowser took in prisoners and threw in in his dungeon.

Mario was there for close to an eternity trapped until one day a letter was pushed under his door.

Mario immediately leave the letter on which was

"Who do you come out here ever again want dan you must eat this mega mushroom "

That was Mario and he was huge. Sun break out as he could.

But when he was free at last he saw the Bowser had to rule the world.

and now it was up to Mario to set up a team. around the world from Bowser exempt.


Image Name Unlockable
NsmbMario Mario Playable
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Unlockable
NSMBΩWario Wario Unlockable
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi Umlockable
Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Mario Unlockable
Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Luigi Unlockable
Baby Wario SMEW Baby Wario Unlockable
Baby Waluigi SMEW Baby Waluigi Unlockable


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In this game there are

Australia Flag

all countries in the world.

the farther you get

the more countries are unlocked.


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great many enemies. old and new


King Koopaleon

Main article: this exist in every country there are one or more bosses.