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Developer(s) Keyhole Gaming
Publisher(s) Keyhole Gaming
Platform(s) EXGamer
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Boss Rush, Options.
Age Rating(s)
Media Included EXGamer Cartidge

Super Mario EX is a upcoming Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is a 3D platformer,  based on Super Mario 64. The game features old and new enemies, like the Egg Bro. The game is in development by Shooting Star Studios (formerly Keyhole Gaming) and was revealed in E3 2013.

The game features MarioLuigiToad and Yoshi as the main playable characters. For the first time in 3D, the Koopalings appears as the main villians along Bowser.


On a bright day in the peaceful land of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad were on Peach's Castle, when suddenly, a bunch of airships appeared, strangely none of them pass over Peach's Castle, instead, all Airships appeared on the Toad Town, the Koopalings transformed every location in the Mushroom Kingdom into paintings. The Koopalings left away the paintings to Bowser's Castle.

Confused, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Toad decided to follow the Koopalings, when they reached Bowser's Castle, they found the paintings, Bowser wants use the power of the stars hiding on each painting to complete his newest mechanical creation, which is a part of his newest plan. It's time to the heroes catch all the stars and defeat Bowser and his minions once for all!


The game works like Super Mario 64. There's the hub world and the player can access levels through paintings. During the game the characters get new moves and sections exclusive for each character appear. Every character have a different gameplay, Mario's gameplay is the same from SM64DS, Luigi is a bit more faster than Mario and can jump higher, Toad is faster than Luigi but his jump is lower than Mario's one. Yoshi has the same speed as Mario and can do the Flutter Jump.

While the Painting's main location is in Bowser's Castle since they are hidden there, levels are accesed through different paintings located in other places, for instance, in Toad Town. Mario must collect a certain amount of Stars to make a painting appear in the hub. This works like dimensions, even though he's in the same kingdom, he can travel through them. Some paintings are even located in levels, but most of them are sub-levels.

Sub-levels are levels that work in a different manner than the main gameplay. Some include sliding on the touch screen, others are about moving stuff and others solving puzzles. A new thing is the Paintbrush Weapon that Mario and co. found when reaching Bowser's Castle. This Paintbrush is able to create different things, it can create bridges, platforms, ladders, etc. to turn into solid, real objects the player can use for their advantage in some missions. However, paintbrushed objects are temporary and thus they will dissolve after a short period of time. The Paintbrush has a Paint meter as well, which can be refilled when finding paint remains on levels.



Character Name Description Main Ability
Mario Running Mario "Mario, everyone's favorite hero in the gaming history. He is the main playable character in the game!" Star Spin: Mario can spin around defeating enemies.
Luigi Jummping Luigi "Luigi, the ghostbuster from the Mushroom Kingdom. He appears in this game as one of the protagonists." Poltergust 300

0: Luigi can suck up enemies and items with this.

Toad Toad "Toad, Peach's minion, he is finally playable and wants discover the mystery of the Koopalings." Toad's Hammer: Replaces his normal attack with a giant hammer.
Yoshi Yoshi "Yoshi, the beloved dinosaur from the Yoshi's Island, always wanting to help, he decides help the heroes in the Koopalings' mystery." Tongue: Yoshi can pick enemies with his tongue and launch Eggs against enemies.


Character Name Description Role
Prinnsess peach Princess Peach "Princess Peach, the main ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom nowadays. Wait what? She has been captured again? Oh not again..." Damsel in Trouble.
Geno2 Geno "He is back! The Hero of the Legend of the Seven Stars is back, he appears on the level and challenges the player for a race." Challenger
3D Lakilester Lakilester "Lakilester, the cool Lakitu dude, who was a partner of Mario on his paper adventure. He has been captured by Lakithunder's army." Captured
MP7 Toadette Toadette "Toadette, the supposed Toad's sister/girlfriend, she was Toad's partner in the Kart games. She has been captured by Lakithunder's Army, when she's free, she becomes the Shop Keeper." Captured/Shop Keeper
160px-Daisy originalDRESS Princess Daisy "Daisy is the princess and ruler of the Sarasaland Kingdom, and Luigi's possible love interest and appears mostly in sports games. This game makes one of the exceptions though, as she is captured by the Reznor's army.She will give some useful tips about certain elements in the adventure. Captured/Helping NPC
Toadofsky 3D Doh Toadofsky "The long famous Toad composer from Melody Bay. He appeared in the Super Mario RPG game, and after almost 20 years of absence he appears in this game as a captured character by Nabbit's army to steal his notes and use them for their advantages. When rescued, he will give Mario musical notes he can play with his Warp Whistle to do various tasks, after giving him Musical Gears.h Captured/Helping NPC


World Name Description Boss
World01LakituPlains Lakitu's Plains

"A nice land where the Lakitu's lives, be careful they will be the main enemies here, they are ruled by Lakithunder."

World02BooTrapHouse Boo's Trap House "Oh oh... I think the Boos trapped the heroes in their haunted house! Be careful, the Boos likes to make pranks with you!" King Boo
World03MonkeyJungle Monkey Jungle "The nice land where the nice and not-so-nice monkeys live. Unfortunaly, the evil Sumo Kong is trying to conquer the jungle." Sumo Kong
World04LarryLavaLand Larry's Lava Land "Larry's gift on his birthday, his own Land! The Lava Land, as the name says, have lethal lava so be careful with it!" Larry Koopa
World05WaddlewingClouds Waddlewing Clouds "The place where the Waddlewings born and lives, the Waddlewing Clouds is ruled by King Waddlewing." King Waddlewing
World06SumoBroRuins Sumo Bro. Ruins "The old ruins, created by the first Sumo Bros. on the existence, most of the Sumo Bros. live there now, the land is ruled by Boss Sumo Bro." Boss Sumo Bro.
World07NabbitLand Nabbit Land "This land is well known for the fact is where of most of the Nabbits learn how to steal, it's ruled by Commander Nabbit." Commander Nabbit
World08MortonWoods Morton's Woods "As a birthday gift, Morton won the originally known Koopa Woods, now he owns it." Morton Koopa Jr.
World09ReznorPyramid Reznor's Pyramid "Reznors are the first known specie from the Mushroom Kingdom, and this is one of the early creations my them. It's created by Gold Reznor." Gold Reznor



Item Name Description Form
Poison Mushroom SMW3D Poison Mushroom An evil and dangerous Mushroom, stay away from it! It turns you into your weakest form, if you are already small, you get a game over! Small Mario NSMBU
MushroomMK8 Super Mushroom The series trademark, the Mushroom re-appears! It is simple, while the heroes are on their small form, they become Super with this Power-Up! MP8Mario
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Mario's classic power up is back, the heroes can shoot fireballs by pressing BbuttonWiiU, and the player can also charge up the fireballs, by holding BbuttonWiiU and shoot a bigger fireball. NSMB2 Fire Mario
FrostMushroomSMLTLT Frozen Mushroom The Ice ability in this game. Unlike other installments, it is not obtained with an Ice Flower, but a Frozen Mushroom turning Mario into his ice form from Super Mario Galaxy, now called Frozen Mario. Mario is able to shoot iceballs in the same manner as Fire Mario, but he is not able to charge and shoot bigger ones. He can skate on ice above water, lava and other hazards though. IceMarioArtwork1
CatBell - SuperMario3DWorld Cat Bell The new power-up from Super Mario 3D World, it turns the heroes into a cat, allowing them to run up walls and lunge against the enemies! It can also be used to attack enemies scratching them, and digging holes to find new items. CatMario - SuperMario3DWorld
Bomb Flower NSMBDIY Bomb Flower (NEW) Somebody has set up the bomb! Now the heroes are living bombs! Press BbuttonWiiU to start up the bomb, and few seconds BOOM! (Mario and co. will respawn inmediately, but they'll have to charge their fuses once again, and it can be used only 4 times.) SMEXBombMario
Yoshi Wings SMWU Parawings (NEW) The new flying power-up in the Mario series, this one, makes the character flies for unlimited time. Jump and press BbuttonWiiU to start flying, to control the character, tilt the NINTENDO3DS to either left or right, press BbuttonWiiU again to fly higher or press AButton to stop flying. SMEXMarioFlyingSuit
SuperleafNSMB2 Super Leaf The Super Leaf is back from Super Mario Bros. 3, the gameplay is almost the same as in Super Mario 3D Land, however Mario can also attack while he is flying! SMEXRaccooonMario


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