Super Mario Dream is an upcoming title in the Super Mario X series being developed by SuyoGames. It is one of the third games in the series, being the counterpart of Super Mario Nightmare, but having a new story and other different gameplay elements, and being released on the Nintendo 3DS and the Infinity GX.

This game and its sister game are the sequel to Super Mario Sunlight


Relaxing and eating a nice lunch, the Mario Bros and Peach travel to the Starlite World after recieving a call from Stary, Stary tells of the Dyvine World, the world of dreams, and her friend, Bedna, who is known as a "Dream Fairy". Bedna is needed assistance to take down the Nitemores, commanded by dark lord Vangith, the vampire lord.

Mario and Luigi travel into the Dyvine World, but some creepy bat thing follows them...


The gameplay is said to introduce "Constellation Moves", which allow Mario to perform certain tasks like breaking a steel wall or flying through a large gap with walls, and one that involves Mario breaking ice. Another new element is the "Element Spells", which are unknown what they are of use. It is also said that the world map has worlds that act like story books.


Playable Characters




Mario Jump NSMBU


Mario is back in an all new adventure, he is going to defeat this mysterious dark enemy.



Luigi, Mario's brother, helps Mario sometimes in courses, he will be playable later in the game.


Other/Supporting Characters


World 1: Slumbershine Haven

World 2: Alade City


Yoshi's Powers

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